The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 449 I Only Believe in Myself

In Guanling. After Scott left the villa of Annabel, he was walking alone on the road of Guanling, thinking of the information Annabel had told him.

Although Scott was shocked that Terence was Percy and became the boss of Guanling, he was more pleasantly surprised.
Because it meant that Terence was not dead, and he seemed to be living well here.

Scott had been wondering how he could get to the artificial island to see Terence. After all, there were too many dangers lurking around the artificial island. If he was not allowed, he couldn’t go there by himself.

But soon he figured it out. He wanted to see Terence and Terence would definitely want to see him. Although he didn’t know why Terence hadn’t left Guanling in these years, or why he became bloodthirsty and murderous, Scott was sure that Terence was still the father who loved him.

If Terence knew that Scott was in Guanling, he would definitely find a way to meet Scott. So Scott didn’t have to go to the artificial island. He just needed to find a way to let Terence know that he was here.

Before, Scott also made a lot of movement when he participated the ring matches. Maybe it did not reach Terence’s ears yet.
After all, the small stuffs was not worthy of Guanling’s boss to care about.

However, Terence might know about Scott’s fight with Kacper in the bar today. On the way, Scott just heard a lot of people discussing this matter. There was a person in Guanling who could get a tie with Kacper, which was a relatively important matter.
Those staffs would definitely tell Terence about it.

That also meant that Terence should soon let his men come to Scott and bring him to the artificial island.

Thinking of this, Scott became a little excited. He hadn’t seen his father for many years. He didn’t know what kind of emotion he would have when he met his father again.

As he was walking toward the front, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Scott raised his head and found that it was Montgomery.

“Bro, you just get freedom in Guanling not long ago. Why have you caused such a big trouble again? In terms of your ability to cause trouble, you’re the top.” Montgomery said anxiously.

Scott glanced at him suspiciously, and asked, “What do you mean? What happened?” Seeing Scott’s unknowing look, Montgomery became even more helpless and said, “Two days later, in Guanling, there will be competition about climbing high ladder. This competition has not been held for nearly five years. Guess who will be participating in this competition?”

“Who?” Scott was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect someone to challenge to climb high ladder. He had learned about the strength of Kacper just now. Even if the top ten on List of the Ares were not as strong as Kacper, the key was that participants must challenge them one by one within a day. This was much more difficult than simply fighting Kacper. Even if the person was so strong, when he reached the last challenge, he had to face heyday Kacper. The challenger at that time was probably already exhausted. So everyone could imagine how difficult climbing high ladder was.

“It’s you!” Montgomery didn’t expect that Scott actually didn’t know. He showed a speechless expression on his face, “Whom did you provoke? He actually arranged for you to climb high ladder. It has to take three billion once to arrange to climb high ladder.”

Scott frowned. He didn’t expect that someone would arrange for him to climb high ladder.

At this time, the cell phone Hamish gave him rang. He took it out to check it, saying that he had to participate in climbing high ladder in two days and let him prepare well. Scott thought for a while. Then he guessed that this should be arranged by Nate who was in order to retaliate against him. According to the character and family power of Nate, he was very likely to spend 3 billion getting back at Scott.

Scott frowned immediately. He didn’t expect that he would have such troubles when he had just found Terence’s clue. He might even see Terence soon. It seemed that he underestimated Nate.

“Can I not participate?” Scott asked, thinking that if Terence was the boss of Guanling, then as his son, Scott should be able to refuse to participate.

“Of course not. Even if you are the son of the boss of Guanling, if someone spends money arranging this competition for you, you must participate. This is the rule in Guanling. Of course, the son of the boss of Guanling can’t be on List of the Ares.” Montgomery said. He was just making an analogy, but he didn’t expect to what he said was the real fact.

Scott showed a face of helplessness. He thought, ‘You guessed wrong. The son of the boss of Guanling is already on List of the Ares. He is standing in front of you now.’

“You tell me what the hell is going on. Why suddenly someone arranges for you to climb high ladder?” Montgomery stared at Scott and asked.

Scott briefly told Montgomery about the conflict between himself and Nate in the bar. After hearing this, Montgomery immediately got it.

“It’s really like Nate’s style. What do you plan to do next? If you participate in climbing high ladder, you will die. I don’t think you are not strong enough, but it’s too difficult. You have to fight with ten people in one day. It’s impossible to hold on.” Montgomery frowned and said.

Scott said with a smile, “If there is no way to escape, I can only bite the bullet and go on.” “You are really not anxious at all. I am more anxious than you.” Montgomery rolled his eyes at Scott.
“If being anxious is useful, I might also be like you.” Scott said.

At this time, several people not far away came towards Scott and Montgomery. Scott looked up and found that it was Nate and his men. The ones who followed Nate was those masters on List of the Ares.

With a sneer on Nate’s face, he walked in front of Scott. Then he said in a gloating tone, “Do you like the gift I prepared for you?”

The masters on List of the Ares behind him were also full of ridicule. Although Scott’s strength had shocked them, after knowing that Scott was about to climb high ladder, they didn’t have any fear to Scott.

In their opinion, for most people, climbing high ladder was no different from going to die.

In their eyes, Scott was nothing more than a poor worm who would die in two days. No matter how powerful he was, there was no need to be afraid.

“Bother you.” Scott said calmly.
Hearing what Scott said, Nate was speechless. He was almost choked by his saliva. He originally wanted to see Scott embarrassed, but he didn’t expect this guy would actually dare to answer him.

Nate snorted and said, “You’re so f*cking stopping pretending to be calm here. You should know very well what climbing high ladder means. What if your strength is as strong as Kacper? Two days later, you still have to die!”

Those men who were behind Nate immediately ridiculed Scott.

“It’s so pitiful. I thought there was finally a man who could be at the same level as Kacper’s. He will definitely shine in Guanling.
But he has to die so soon.”

“He deserves it. Who let him provoke Mr. Nate? This kind of brainless guy, no matter how strong he is, it’s useless.”

“I really hope to that day comes quickly. No one has participated in this challenge for many years. I’m wondering how many levels Scott can reach.”

After a group of people mocked Scott fiercely, they left here with Nate.

Scott didn’t say anything. He didn’t even bother to argue with these people.

Montgomery sighed helplessly, and said, “Maybe only God can help you defeat the catastrophe this time.” “I only believe in myself.” Scott said with a smile.

After that, Scott asked Montgomery to do his own thing. Although Scott didn’t know whether he could climb high ladder successfully two days later, he was not afraid of it. He also had his own trump cards. If he tried his best, maybe he could pass the challenge.

After all, Terence succeeded that year. As his son, how could Scott be afraid of it?

Scott walked back to the villa where he lived. When he reached the door of the villa, he just opened the door and then he saw a middle-aged man wearing a black suit with a serious face sitting on the sofa inside.

Seeing Scott’s return, the middle-aged man immediately stood up and walked to Scott.

“Come with me, our boss wants to see you.”

At CZ Community in J City.

Because of the victory in the competition with Wonhu Company, Edith was a little happy. She went to the kitchen to make some dishes by herself.

After she finished cooking, when she went out to put it on the table, Amara walked over with a large stack of papers.
“Edith, Mom bought some insurance recently. I want you to be the insured person. Sign it.” Amara said to Edith with a smile.
Edith didn’t expect Amara to buy insurance by herself. She remembered Amara thought that insurance was a lie.

But Edith didn’t think too much. It was a good thing that Amara bought insurance, at least it could support her life wnen she got old.

Edith took the documents in Amara’s hand, looked through it, and found that it was indeed an insurance contract. After feeling that there was no big problem, she took the pen and began to sign on it.

“Mom, in fact, the insured person can be my Dad. There is no need to write my name down.” Edith said.

Amara immediately said, “Write his name? No way! If something happens to me, he won’t be able to live better.” Edith shook her head helplessly, and signed all the places that needed to be signed.

After signing, Edith went on to cook in the kitchen.

Seeing Edith had gone to the kitchen, Amara immediately pulled out a document from those insurance contracts. After seeing the signed name above, she showed a satisfied smile on her face.

This was the document Albie gave her!


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