The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 447 Are You Qualified

Everyone in the lounge looked towards the door. They didn’t expect that someone would come in at this time.

Skylar turned his head and glanced at Lily. Then he found that he didn’t know the girl. Besides, the girl seemed to have just grown up. Obviously, she knew nothing.

Unexpectedly, she dared to say something like that to him, which made Skylar very angry.
He turned to look at Lily, and said coldly, “Who are you? It’s your turn to take care of my business?”

Hearing that Skylar dared to speak to herself like this, Lily felt even more angry. She was upset when she came to J City. Now even a supplier dared to say that words to her. She was thinking about finding a chance to vent her anger. Now, Skylar gave her the chance.

“You say it again!” Lily shouted at Skylar.

“Hey, you are quite arrogant! Girl, do you know whose site this is? If you quickly apologize to me now and sleep with me for one night, I can consider letting you go. By the way, I can give you some benefits. Otherwise, you can’t stand the consequences.” Skylar said wryly.

“Haha, Skylar, such a good thing, you have to count me in. This little girl looks so pretty and pure. She is my type. If she really agrees with you, don’t forget me.” Albie also said.

Edith was a little surprised when she saw Lily walking in, but after hearing the words of Skylar and Albie, although she was angry, she felt more sympathetic to these two people.

She had met Lily before, and knew that this girl was the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. The company Skylar supplied was the branch of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City.

Skylar didn’t even know that this girl was the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, and he dared to say something like that just now. Presumably this girl would definitely not let him go.

Edith didn’t know what happened between Scott and Lily some time ago, and she didn’t know to what extent Lily’s affection for Scott was. Her impression of Lily was that the little girl had some admiration for Scott.

She thought that after Natan sent Lily back last time, Scott never met Lily again. Scott didn’t want Edith to think too much, so he didn’t tell her.

“What do you think? Girl, did you decide how to deal with this matter?” Skylar asked Lily with a smirk on his face.

Albie glanced at Edith, and said, “Edith, it’s you who let the girl come here? You think Skylar would cooperate with you after you give the little girl to him? Don’t be naive. You don’t have the chance anymore.”

“I advise you to watch your mouth. She is not as simple as you think.” Edith said coldly to Albie and Skylar.

Skylar sneered and said, “It’s just a little girl. You use a little girl to scare me. You look down on me too much.”

Albie sneered. His gaze at Edith was full of sarcasm. Edith actually felt that a little girl was not simple. There was nothing special about a little girl of this age, unless she was…

As soon as this idea appeared in his mind, a figure appeared at the entrance of the lounge, standing behind Lily.

This person was the middle-aged man who accompanied Lily. He was the current person in charge of the branch of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City. Skylar didn’t know Lily, but it was impossible for him to not know this person.

Seeing this person appear, Skylar immediately changed the expression on his face. He walked over flatteringly, and dragged Lily to the side with one hand.

“Hurry up and get out of here. Don’t get in the way here.” Skylar yelled, and then he bent over and said to the person in charge, “What brings you here? I’m talking about cooperation. When the talks are over, I can start to supply you.”

Just after Skylar finished speaking, the person in charge raised his hand, slapped Skylar directly, and shouted, “Whom did you ask to get out of here? You dare to drag her? You want to go to the hell?”

Skylar was full of consternation. He reached out his hand to touch his face, and then asked somewhat puzzledly, “This little girl is here to make trouble. I’m afraid she will block you…”

Before Skylar finished talking, the person in charge slapped him again. The entire face of that person in charge was full of anger.
He took the young lady to see the situation here. But at that time, he just went to the toilet. As soon as he came here, he saw that Skylar was so disrespectful to Lily, and even dared to say that she was a little girl. How dare Skylar!

“This is the young lady of our Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. Dare you say that she is a little girl? I think you really want to die!” The person in charge yelled at Skylar.

Skylar was dumbfounded at once. Looking at Lily whose face was gloomy at this time, he was in disbelief. He never thought that this innocent-looking girl would turn out to be the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

The most important thing was that he had never received any news from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce that the young lady would come over.

Standing by, Albie was still wondering what happened just now and why this person started to slap Skylar’s as soon as he came in. After he heard what the man said, Albie was also shocked. He was so scared.

If this girl was really the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, according to the attitude of him and Skylar just now, he

was afraid that both of them would be screwed up today.

Although he was not a member of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, just because of his previous attitude, this cooperation would definitely be over. He angered the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. She would definitely not care who he was.
After all, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce could compete with Davies Family in B City!

Albie immediately began to feel anxious. At the same time, he stared at Edith with resentment. He didn’t understand why this woman had such good luck every time. He was about to embarrass Edith successfully. Besides, it happened that Scott was not here. But suddenly a young lady from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce appeared.

“,..Miss, I… I didn’t know. Miss, calm down, those things I said before are all shit. I was kidding just now. Please don’t take it seriously.” After realizing the seriousness of the matter, Skylar quickly begged Lily for mercy.

Lily snorted and said, “Just kidding? Do you have the qualifications?” Skylar looked desperate. He knew that there was no way to save himself. He regretted it, but it was too later.

The person in charge turned his head to look at Lily. He was full of guilt, and asked, “Miss, what did this guy do to you just now? Please tell me. I will definitely not let him go.”

“You can ask him.” Lily said impatiently.

The person in charge immediately glared at Skylar and said, “Tell me what you said to the young lady just now. If there is one word wrong, I will find someone to cut off your tongue!”

Skylar was so frightened that he shivered. He glanced at Lily and repeated what he had said to Lily just now.

The face of the person in charge darkened when he heard that. He just raised his hand and slapped Skylar hard. Skylar’s face became swollen and purple.

.. [was wrong. I know I was wrong. Please, please forgive me. I will never dare to do it again.” Skylar said.

“Again? You have no future. From now on, you will not be the supplier of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City. I advise you to stop appearing in J City again, otherwise I can’t guarantee whether you will not be hit to death by the car when you go out some day!” The person in charge said coldly.

Skylar still wanted to save himself again. But seeing the angry face of the person in charge, he knew that there was no room to beg for mercy. If he said more, he might cause himself more disaster.

So he could only nod and said helplessly, “I got it. I will leave J City now. I will never come back here again.” After speaking, Skylar left the lounge in embarrassment.
After dealing with Skylar, the person in charge looked at Albie again. Just now, Skylar had told him everything.

“You belong to Wonhu Company. Even if you are not from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, you still have no right to insult our lady. Now kneel down and apologize to our lady. Slap yourself ten times. I will let you get out of here alive. Otherwise, you will accept the anger from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.” The person in charge said without any emotions.

Albie gritted his teeth. He knew that his cooperation was gone, but he didn’t expect to have to kneel down to apologize to Lily.
The most important thing was that he had to do these in front of Edith.

Of course he didn’t want to do these. He just had comeback and became the president of Wonhu Company. There was no reason for him to kneel down and apologize.

But what he faced now was the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. If he did not do it, he himself knew very well what would happen.

He had no guts to openly challenge Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. So even if Edith got this cooperation, he still had other ways to deal with Edith.

But he had to be alive. Albie comforted himself. Then he walked to Lily, knelt down, and said, “I’m sorry.”

Immediately afterwards, the sound that he slapped himself sounded in the lounge. A few overlapping handprints appeared on Albie’s face.

“Get out.” Lily said coldly.
Albie quickly got up and went out of the lounge. Outside Friendships Building.

He glanced at the building behind him, his eyes full of sullenness.

“Edith, you damn b*tch. You escape again. I really don’t know how long your luck can last. That’s not over. You will soon regret i

After gritting his teeth, Albie took out his mobile phone and dialed Amara’s number.


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