The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 446 I’d Rather to Kick You Out

In J City.
Lily was sitting in a black Maybach, looking sideways at the rushing scenery outside the window, feeling a little complicated.
Not far away was the apartment she used to live in. Recalling that Scott slapped her over there, Lily wanted to cry.

She retracted her gaze and stopped staring at the other side. She just passed by here. She thought she could overcome her emotions. But when she really remembered what happened that day, she still couldn’t calm herself down.

That day, Scott sent her from the bar back to the apartment. The next day, when she woke up, she found herself lying on the bed alone, feeling an unspeakable loneliness.

She felt herself very pitiful. She was the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. Everyone treated her as the princess.
No matter what she wanted, someone would help her get it. Butin J City, she couldn’t get what she wanted. She was drunk and wanted to be with the person she liked. However, when she woke up, she found that she was the only one in the entire apartment, only coldness and desperation accompanying her.

So she left J City directly that day. She felt that she couldn’t continue to bear this kind of pain. Maybe she and Scott couldn’t be together in this life.

After returning to B City, she also thought a lot. She felt that she was indeed a bit too paranoid. If she changed her mind, she might not be so painful.

There were many things in the world that she couldn’t get. Although she was the princess in everyone’s eyes, in terms of feelings, it couldn’t be forced. It was not that she liked Scott and then Scott had to like her.

After thinking about it a lot, Lily felt her mood a little lighter, thinking that she had the ability to get rid of Scott’s affairs.

Lily grew up. Natan also wanted to distract Lily’s attention. So Natan wanted to assign a job to Lily, letting her take over some companies which were under the name of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. Besides, he wanted to let her try to manage the company.

Natan specifically asked where Lily wanted to go for an “internship” to take over the business of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. After hesitating for a while, Lily still chose the company in J City.

She wanted to know if she really let go. If she really wanted to get rid of this incident, she knew that she couldn’t get around the people and things in J City.

Seeing Lily insisting on choosing J City, Natan was a little helpless. But in the end, he still agreed to her request.

It was not until Lily returned to J City that she realized that it just a kind of self-comfort that she said to herself she had already figured it out. Even seeing the apartment, she couldn’t control her emotions. How could it be true that she said to herself that she had already let it go?

“Miss, we are going to the company in J City soon. The Chairman has been here once and thought that J City is a worthy investment place, so during this time we increased our investment in J City. We didn’t have much influence here in the past, but we have developed a lot recently. Now we have a powerful export channel for foreign companies in J City. Many companies in J City want to cooperate with us.” The one who was sitting in front and seemed a middle-aged man in his forties introduced the situation to Lily.

Lily nodded and said, “I heard that TY Group is deeply rooted here. Compared with TY Group, are we strong or weak?” “TY Group is equivalent to a local enterprise, and it has a strong influence in the entire Jiangbei. We belong to the Chamber of

Commerce, which has a different focus from TY Group. Therefore, it’s not who is stronger. Our focus is on foreign companies. In terms of output, there is no overlap with them, so there is no competition.” The middle-aged man explained.

Lily naturally understood why Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City did not compete with TY Group. Natan knew that TY Group was Scott’s enterprise. He intended to make friends with Scott, so naturally it was impossible to share Scott’s cake.

“Today, our supplier has a business to discuss, which mainly involves the competition between two companies, the company of Patel family and Wonhu Company. The company of Patel family is a company with long history in J City. Wonhu Company is a new and powerful company. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. I don’t know if the lady has the interest to take a look. In principle, we also have the right to appoint a supplier and choose a manufacturer.” The middle-aged man said again.

At the moment when Lily heard the company of Patel family, she was stunned. She instinctively wanted to refuse.

She knew who was managing the company of Patel family now. If she went to the company, she would see Edith, the woman who robbed her beloved man.

But after a brief struggle, Lily sighed and said, “Okay.”

In Friendships Building, where the supplier company of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was located.
Edith was sitting in the lounge at this time. Her secretary was next to her, looking a little nervous.

This business was a very important market development for the company of Patel family. If it succeeded, the company of Patel family would be upgraded to a new level on the original basis and truly ranked among the first-class companies in J City.

Edith also knew very well who her opponent was this time. Wonhu Company had risen in J City overnight, antagonizing the company of Patel family everywhere, and secretly creating a lot of trouble for Edith.

To this day, Edith had never seen the president of Wonhu Company, but Edith knew that the president of Wonhu Company would come over and compete with her.

After a long time, the door of the lounge was opened. Edith turned her head to look over. After seeing the person who walked in, her eyes widened immediately.

“Albie, why are you here?!” Edith shouted in surprise.

When Albie saw Edith, he didn’t have the slightest surprise on his face. Instead, he still had a trace of gloating.

“I’m here to discuss business and sign the contract today. Is there anyone who says I can’t come here?” Albie said with a sneer.
A few thoughts flashed in Edith’s mind. Her eyes widened unbelievably. Then she asked, “Are you here on behalf of Wonhu Company?”

“Yes, in other words, as the president of Wonhu Company, I need to be here.” Albie sat directly opposite Edith.

Edith was surprised. She did not expect that the president of Wonhu Company, who had been against the company of Patel family, turned out to be Albie.

“You should be surprised, right? You think I’m still doing those shit job, right? Tell you, every dog has its day. My ability is not inferior to you. Naturally, some big shots will appreciate me, but you, a woman who doesn’t know anything, have been the president so long, which is a miracle. If I don’t guess wrong, it must be Scott who gave you money to run the company, right?” Albie sneered.

Edith immediately clenched her fist and gritted her teeth.

“Don’t think that you can attack me with saying these bullshits. I’m here to discuss business today. I rely on strength. I believe that the supplier will not be so stupid that he will choose a guy who sold his family company.” Edith talked back.

Albie suddenly became a little annoyed. Selling the company of Patel family for a dollar had always been a knot in his heart.

“Huh, get over yourself. To tell you the truth, today’s business doesn’t have your share at all. You will get nothing.” Albie said coldly.

Edith didn’t take his words to heart. She just stopped talking and sat on the sofa.

After a while, a middle-aged man pushed open the door of the lounge. This man had a round head and a beer belly. He was not too tall and looked like a shrewd businessman.

This person was the supplier of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City, named Skylar.

After Skylar entered the lounge, Edith immediately showed a smile and was ready to greet him.

However, Skylar only glanced at her, and then greeted Albie enthusiastically with a face full of smile. Albie glanced at Edith triumphantly, his eyes full of mockery.

Seeing this scene, Edith had a bad feeling.

Skylar and Albie exchanged greetings. The two of them seemed to be very close friends.

Edith held back the dissatisfaction. She stood up, and said to Skylar, “Skylar, I’m here to discuss business today. You two can continue to chat after today’s business is over.”

Skylar turned his head and glanced at Edith. He said coldly, “I am indeed here to discuss business today, but I am here to talk about it with Albie. What does it have to do with you?”

Edith’s face sank. Then she said, “Didn’t you inform my company to come here to compete with Wonhu Company?”

Skylar looked like he thought of something. Then he said with a smile, “You are right, but I’m really sorry. I have already chosen Wonhu Company, so I won’t consider your company. If nothing else, you can leave now.”

Albie looked at Edith with a sneer. What he wanted to see was Edith’s angry face.

A few days ago, according to Skylar’s preferences, Albie sent Skylar a pair of beautiful twins. By the way, he mentioned about the cooperation. He asked Skylar to act with him to fool around Edith together.

Skylar and Albie were the same kind of person. Naturally, he agreed to Albie’s request. After all, it was the same for him to choose anyone. It would be better to choose the one who would bring him additional benefits.

“Edith, I told you a long time ago that you are not qualified to fight with me. Who do you think you are? To be honest, letting you come here today is what I meant. I just want to see you look so aggrieved but could only be helpless. I will make you return what you owed me bit by bit.” Albie said.

Edith was so mad. Looking at the two gloating men in front of her, she really felt like she was being tricked.
She fixed her eyes on Albie, and said, “Albie, you bastard!”

Immediately afterwards, she looked at Skylar and said, “If you only have this credibility, I don’t think you can go far. I don’t bother to cooperate with people like you!”

Skylar curled his lips and said, “Stop arguing. In the entire J City, I am the only supplier approved by Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. I have the right to choose the one who I want to cooperate with. Compared with Albie, you are really ignorant. If you take the initiative, maybe I will cooperate with you.”

“It’s a pity. People like you never know how to survive in the business world.”

Albie immediately yelled, “She only knows to be with her waste husband. If you cooperate with this kind of person, it will be so boring.”

Skylar laughed and said, “Yeah. I didn’t know what kind of shit luck Scott has. He is even able to get involved with Davies family in B City. But matter how good he is, his wife’s business still has to listen to me! If you don’t know how to please me, don’t want to make a cent from me!”

Edith was full of anger and was about to leave here with the secretary. At this moment, the door of the lounge was pushed open again. Lily with a gloomy face walked in.

“Unexpectedly, your business depends on flattering. Such a supplier like you, I’d rather to kick you out!”


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