The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 445 The Tradition of the Thompson Family

Scott’s eyes widened. He looked at Annabel incredulously. His reaction was much than that of his knowing that Percy was Terence.

Annabel said that Percy was on the artificial lake island just now. Scott had several possibilities in his mind. He felt that Percy might be left to be a bodyguard by the boss of Guanling because he was too strong.

Or Percy became the confidant of the boss of Guanling. He was thought highly by the boss of Guanling, so he was qualified to board the artificial island.

But Scott didn’t expect that Annabel actually said that Percy was the boss of Guanling, which was completely beyond his imagination.

According to Scott’s understanding of Guanling, this was a paradise on earth that was constructed with huge resources and attracted the world’s top family consortia. Such an existence, Davies family in B City couldn’t be comparable with it at all.

Scott did have quite a strong power in B City, but he hadn’t been able to extend his power to the world. The influence of Davies family couldn’t reach everywhere in the world.

Compared with Guanling, Davies family was still far behind, so Scott thought that Terence might die here. After all, with Terence’s strength back then, Scott thought that Terence would not even be able to enter the top ten of List of the Ares.

However, now Annabel not only told Scott that Percy who had smashed Guanling to the extremely weak was Terence, but now she also told Scott that Percy was the boss of Guanling.

This was simply unexpected!

“Didn’t Percy kill many people in Guanling back then? How could he become the boss of Guanling?” Scott held back his shock, staring at Annabel.

“There are many secrets involved. I just heard it from my father, but what I said is indeed the truth. I am also curious about why Percy became the boss of Guanling. It’s said that Percy is the second boss of Guanling. Many people suspect that Percy killed the first boss before sitting in this position.” Annabel said.

Scott nodded thoughtfully, thinking that this possibility was indeed great. After all, Terence had been running Davies Family in the past. It was impossible for him to have the energy to build such a huge project as Guanling. If others said that Terence was the founder of Guanling, Scott wouldn’t believe it.

“How many people know that Percy is the boss of Guanling?” Scott asked again.

“Very few, even those from the top family consortiums who often come to Guanling rarely know this. This is a secret in Guanling, so you’d better not tell others the thing. Once it will be known by others, I can survive because of the relationship between my father and him, but you may not be so lucky.” Annabel said.

Scott smiled. If Terence was the boss of Guanling, he should be the safest person in Guanling.

“So, your family has a very good relationship with the boss of Guanling? Y actually know some secrets of the boss of Guanling.” Scott said with a smile.

“My father have had some cooperation with him. I have told you everything I know. Now it’s your turn to tell me your purpose of looking for Terence and the relationship between you and Terence.” Annabel stared at Scott.

Scott thought for a while. Since there was cooperation between the Thompson family and Guanling, Scott felt Annabel was not the enemy, so it was not a big problem to tell her the relationship between himself and Terence.

“Why don’t you speak? Could it be that you were frightened after you knew Terence’s true identity, so you gave up looking for him?” Annabel stared at Scott jokingly.

Scott smiled, and then said in a calm tone, “Terence is my father. He has been missing for many years. I came here to find his trace.”

After he finished speaking, there was a brief silence in the room. Annabel’s eyes widened quickly, and her mouth opened. The shock on her face was much than Scott’s reaction just now.

“What…what did you say? Terence is your father?” After a while, Annabel asked.
Scott nodded.

The words that Annabel’s father said to her immediately appeared in her mind. Percy always mentioned his son every time he had tea with several heads of families or consortia who had in-depth cooperation with Guanling.

Annabel’s father even wanted to send someone to find where Percy’s son was, but he was warned by Percy once, so he never dared to have any actions anymore.

The reason why Annabel’s father wanted to find Percy’s son was that he wanted to find a boyfriend for his daughter.

Perhaps in the eyes of some people, Guanling couldn’t be compared with those big families, but the Thompson family was one of the families who knew how powerful the boss of Guanling was. Those families were very aware of the horror of Guanling. If their daughter could get married with the son of the boss of Guanling, it would bring their own family immeasurable benefits.

Annabel had always been interested in Percy’s slightly mysterious son. She had always wanted to know what kind of person Percy’s son was.
If he was a fairly interesting person, she didn’t mind marrying him. After all, her marriage would be arranged by her father sooner

or later, so it was better to choose one who she was satisfied.

Hearing Scott’s words now, thinking of Percy’s previous name and Scott’s surname, she was basically certain that the person in front of her was Percy son who Percy often mentioned.

She stood up directly. Obviously, she was unable to conceal her surprise.

The son of the boss of Guanling who she had imagined so many times was actually the nasty stupid guy who was standing in front of her now?

“Are you lying to me? How could you be the son of the boss of Guanling? You don’t look like that kind of person. You look so common. How could you…” Annabel still couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t have the need to lie to you.” Scott stood up directly, “I hope you won’t tell this matter to others.”

Then he was about to leave Annabel’s villa. Now that he knew Terence’s whereabouts, what he needed to do next was to find a way to get to the artificial island and had a look. He had to be sure whether Percy was Terence.

“Wait.” Annabel stopped Scott.
Scott stopped, turned his head to look at her, and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Return the phone to me!” Annabel suddenly became aggrieved. She stretched out a hand to Scott.

Scott smiled. He did not say anything, took out the mobile phone of Annabel from his pocket and returned it to her.
“Did you do anything shameful to my photos?” After taking the phone, Annabel asked angrily.
“What? I haven’t opened this phone since that day.” Scott said.

Annabel’s body suddenly stiffened. She didn’t know whether to praise Scott or to scold him. Was this guy implying that she had no charm?

‘There are so many my naked photos in the phone, but you are not interested in them at all?’ Scott didn’t care about Annabel’s reaction. After giving the phone, he left the villa.
Seeing Scott gone, Annabel stretched out her smooth and fair feet.

She stared at her feet that Scott had touched. After a while, she completely blushed, and then she became a little annoyed.
Finally, all the feelings turned into helplessness. She sighed softly.

There was a picture popping into her mind, which was that her mother washed her feet when she was very young.

“Annabel, you must remember that feet are a very important part of a girl’s body. The Thompson family has an ancient tradition.
We are very particular about this aspect. So when you grow up, don’t let others touch your feet.” Annabel’s mother said.

“Then what if my feet get touched?” The innocent Annabel asked curiously, staring at her mother.

Her mother smiled softly and said, “If a girl touches your feet, it doesn’t matter. If a boy touches your feet, just let him disappear from the world. It is kind of blasphemy to the Thompson family, or you will marry him. ”

“Ah? Do I have to marry him just because he touches my feet?” Annabel was a little surprised.

Her mother put her head against Annabel’s head. Then she said with a smile, “Yes, so you must protect yourself and don’t let others touch your feet easily. If one day you encounter one man that you can trust him for life, you can show yourself to him without reservation.”

“Then what if someone forcibly touches my foot?” Annabel asked.

“Don’t worry. With the power of the Thompson family, no one will have the guts to do it. But if there is such a person, it will definitely happen with your permission. In that case, if you don’t have the idea of killing him right away, … just marry him.”


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