The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 444 Percy

“What are you talking about! Percy is my father… Terence?!” Scott said in astonishment.
When Scott heard what Annabel said, he almost lost his manner and directly said that Terence was his father.

Annabel stared at Scott in a little fear, wondering what happened to him and why he would be so gaffe after knowing that Percy was Terence.

After all, if it was someone else, he would not be interested in Percy’s past name at all.
“Yes, Terence who you are looking for is Percy.” Annabel gave Scott an affirmative answer.

Scott also noticed that he himself was a little gaffe. He sat down on the sofa and adjusted his state. He cleared his throat and said, “Sorry, go on.”

“Before Percy entered Guanling, his name was Terence. This is what I heard from my father. He told me this incident was also known to him by accident. This incident can be regarded as a secret of Percy. He told me that I can’t tell others it, because it involves the origin of Percy. Once someone else knows about this matter and cause Percy some trouble, there is only one thing waiting for me, which is to be killed by Percy.”

Annabel did not lie. She really heard it from her father. Percy was so ruthless. He would indeed kill everyone who caused him trouble, no matter what the person’s identity was.

“Where is Percy now?” Scott asked.

Annabel shook her head quickly and said, “I don’t know. After successfully climbing high ladder, he can leave Guanling. He… he may have already left here.”

Scott frowned again. What Annabel said wasn’t impossible. If Percy was really Terence, he might indeed have left Guanling

after successfully climbing high ladder.

It was just that Scott had a lot of doubts. He didn’t understand why Terence, who had always been serious with a trace of gentleness, would become a bloodthirsty executioner after entering Guanling. He killed all his opponents. He even killed everyone in the same room as him on the first day when he entered Guanling.

Even if the people in the dungeon were desperadoes outside, Terence didn’t have to kill them all. After all, they were locked in the dungeon of Guanling, which was equivalent to punishment for them.

If Terence really left Guanling after climbing high ladder successfully, what was the purpose of his entry here? What had he done here?

Another thing that puzzled Scott was that if Terence really left Guanling and returned to the outside world, why had Terence not come to him in the past few years?

Even if Davies family was controlled by Sasha and Margaret, Terence would have ways to find Scott. Based on Scott’s understanding of Terence, Terence would definitely find Scott after he left Guanling.

However, for so many years, Scott had not seen Terence. Even there was no news about Terence in the outside world.

If Terence had really returned to the outside world, unless he hid in a deep mountain or a forest, Scott, who had been working to find Terence, would definitely get some clues.

Scott frowned and was troubled by these doubts. If he wanted to figure out these doubts, he would have to see Terence himself.

“That… that’s all I know. Now can you tell me what is the relationship between you and Terence?” Annabel asked tentatively.
Scott sighed and was about to tell Annabel about his relationship with Terence. But at this time, he suddenly realized that if it was really just like what Annabel said, she shouldn’t have such a big reaction when she heard Terence’s name.

If Percy really left Guanling, Annabel didn’t need to be so vigilant, and went to close the windows.

No matter how powerful Percy was, it would never be possible to let the Thompson family, a world-class family, was so scared.
Even Annabe’s father told her not to tell others about it.

In terms of the power of a top-level family, no matter how strong Percy was, it was absolutely impossible to pose any threat to them.

So Scott felt that Annabel was lying.
He stared closely at Annabel’s eyes. He noticed that Annabel didn’t dare to look into his eyes. Obviously, she was a little guilty.

He stretched out his hand again and grabbed Annabel’s feet, and said, “You still have something to hide from me. Tell me all the information you know, otherwise I will torture you like I did just now, and I will spread your photos.”

Annabel seemed to be ready to be exposed by Scott, so she did not resist too much. She just said, “Okay, okay, I will tell you.
Anyway, I have already told you some. Even if I tell you everything, it doesn’t matter.”

The reason why she didn’t finish it at that time was because she was afraid of telling Scott too much would cause some trouble to herself. Now that Scott had seen through her, she could only tell him truthfully.

“What I know is that Percy didn’t leave here.” Annabel said.

Scott was excited. If this was the case, he had great hopes of finding Terence’s whereabouts.

“Where is he now?” Scott asked urgently.

“Even if he is in Guanling, it is not so easy for you to find him, because he is in the safest place in Guanling now. Except for a few people, even if you are as strong as Kacper, you’re not allowed getting there.” Annabel said.

“You mean that Percy is now in the core area of Guanling, where the boss of Guanling is?” Scott asked.

During this period of time, Scott did some explorations on Guanling. He also had some understanding of some places in Guanling. Among them, the place where he felt the most dangerous was the place where the boss of Guanling was.

That place was in the center of the artificial lake in Guanling. It was a large island. There are several buildings on the island. The boss of Guanling and some people who got close to him were on that island.

Scott once watched by the artificial lake. Just standing there, he felt a creepy danger, so he did not dare to explore the island.

At that time, he still felt that no matter what Terence did, it was impossible that Terence lived on that island. Now it seemed that he was really wrong.

Annabel nodded to Scott and said, “Yes, Percy is now on that island.”

“Or you can say that Percy is the current boss of Guanling.”


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