The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 443 The Secrets Behind the Scene

Scott didn’t expect Annabel to have such a big reaction. But since Annabel knew the name, Scott was a little excited. Because it meant that he might get Terence’s news from Annabel.

“You should know something about this name, right? Can you tell me?” Scott asked sincerely.

Annabel stood up directly. She looked around with a vigilant face, then walked to the window, and took a closer look outside, as if she was sure whether there was someone overhearing them.

Scott was overwhelmed by Annabel’s reaction. He didn’t understand why she suddenly became so cautious. Logically, even if Terence really became a senior official in Guanling, he could be talked about, couldn’t he?

Some time ago, when Scott asked Montgomery to help him find clues, he said out the name directly. None of those people showed the same reaction as Annabel’s.

Those people Montgomery knew still had some understanding of the senior officials in Guanling. They had no impression of the name, so at that time, Scott felt that Terence might not be among the senior officials of Guanling.

Excluding all possibilities, Scott even believed to a large extent that Terence was dead.

However, Annabel’s reaction gave him a glimmer of hope. But he didn’t understand why Annabel had such a big reaction. Why did the name make a young lady of the world’s top family become so flustered?

After confirming that there was no risk in this room, Annabel closed the window, took out her mobile phone and turned it off. Then she looked at Scott seriously and asked, “How did you know this name? What do you want to do?”

Scott smiled at Annabel, and said, “The purpose of my visit to Guanling is to find this person. Is he special? Why do you have such a big reaction?”

Annabel stared at Scott for a while, and then cautiously said to Scott, “No, this name is not special at all in Guanling. Basically, no one knows what this name represents.”

Hearing what Annabel said, Scott was a little confused. Since no one knew what the name represented, why did Annabel have such a big reaction? “Then why were you so shocked when you heard the name just now?” Scott asked.

“I said that this name is not special in Guanling, because those people don’t know what the name represents. In the whole Guanling, there should be no more than three people who know the things behind this name. I am the one of them.” Annabel said seriously.

Scott frowned. He realized that Terence’s affairs might be more complicated than he thought. He stared at Annabel and asked, “What’s behind it?”

Annabel glanced at Scott and said, “Why should I tell you? Who knows what your purpose? This name involves some secrets in Guanling. You tell me first why you want to find Terence and who you are.”

Scott was a little annoyed. It was like looking for a treasure. He could find the most important clues soon. Then he asked one person if he knew where the treasure was. The person said he knew. Then Scott asked him where the treasure was. But the person said he didn’t want to tell Scott.

It was very annoyed. Annabel had completely aroused the curiosity in Scott’s heart. If Scott couldn’t get the answer from Annabel today, he would definitely not let her go.

Besides, it involved Terence’s whereabouts. Even if Annabel was the young lady of the world’s top family, if she refused to say, Scott didn’t mind using some tricks on her.

Scott stood up directly, walked to the front of Annabel, looked down at her, and said, “You have seen my strength. Terence’s affairs are very important to me. I can assure you that I don’t have any mean thoughts. I hope you can tell me the information about him, otherwise, I can only take some extreme measures.”

Annabel looked at the aggressive man in front of her. When she thought of the scene where he smashed the booth with one kick in the bar, she suddenly felt a little frightened.

If Scott really wanted to hurt her, she might die quickly.

However, as the young lady of the Thompson family, she had been around a lot. The oppression Scott gave her was not enough to make her succumb.

“Are you threatening me? Don’t think that this method can scare me. If you really do something to me, you will die miserably.
This is Guanling. You can’t go out. If lam dead here, the people in Guanling will never let you go. Even if you are as strong as Kacper, it is still impossible to survive. Then you will get nothing.” Annabel said angrily.

Scott hesitated for a while, then grabbed Annabel’s clothes, lifted her up, and pressed her against the wall.

“I don’t have to kill you. If you refuse to tell me, I can try some other methods, as long as you can stand it.” Scott said.

Annabel subconsciously raised her hand to protect her chest, but then she put her hand down again, and said aggressively, “Huh, I’m not afraid of you, even if you do that stuff to me, I, I won’t tell you. Instead, I will still enjoy it. Your trick is of no use to


Scott was stunned. He didn’t expect that Annabel would think of that he would use that method. He hadn’t thought about it just now. All he wanted was to make Annabel suffer.

“If I break your fingers one by one, will you still enjoy it?” Scott frightened Annabel.
Suddenly, Annabel shivered. It seemed that she was really scared.

But the pride of the big family made it impossible for her to show any weakness. She straightened her back and said angrily, “I really didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. I saved you. Not only are you not grateful, but you are threatening me now. You are such a bastard!”

When Scott heard Annabel saying this, he threw Annabel directly on the sofa.

Annabel thought that Scott was going to do something to her. She so was nervous.

At this time, Scott grabbed Annabel’s foot with one hand, took off her high heel, and pulled the silk stockings off by the way.
Annabel fought fiercely and shouted, “Don’t touch my feet! You are a pervert!”

Scott was a little puzzled. It was really strange that a girl who didn’t even care about that other others touched her body would be so afraid of others touching her feet.

But he didn’t think too much. His other hand touched directly the soles of Annabel’s feet. He asked, “Don’t you tell me?” Then he tickled Annabel’s feet. Finally, Annabel couldn’t help laughing immediately. Her body began to tremble slightly.
“You bastard. Let me go!” Annabel shouted while struggling.

“If you don’t tell me, I will keep doing it like this.” Scott said expressionlessly.

After a while, Annabel finally couldn’t stand Scott’s “torture” to her. She shouted, “I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. Bastard, you let me go first!”

Scott stopped immediately. Annabel quickly sat up from the sofa and protected her feet, her face full of grievances. There were some tears on the corners of her eyes because of laughing.

“I can tell you about Terence, but you must promise that you can’t tell anyone about you touching my feet, and you have to tell me why you are looking for Terence.” Annabel said.

Scott thought for a while, then nodded, “Okay.” Only then did Annabel let out a sigh of relief, then she stared at Scott for a few seconds, and asked, “Do you know Percy?” “Yeah.” Scott nodded. A thought popped into his mind, “What does Terence have to do with him?”

“As far as I know, before entering Guanling, Percy’s name was Terence.” Annabel said.


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