The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 442 How Did You Know This Name

In the bar.
After Nate left, Kacper looked Scott up and down seriously. There were strong interest looks in his eyes.

Scott didn’t relax his vigilance. He didn’t know if Kacper would fight with him again. Such a master like Kacper would generally not let the man who had comparable strength of him go easily.

“Today, here is not suitable. I am looking forward to playing against you in the ring next time. You are so great, but I will defeat you.” Kacper said.

After speaking, he left the bar without any hesitation. The people around him immediately gave him a way. No one dared to stop him.

Seeing Kacper leaving, Scott was also relieved. Although he was also eager to have a strong opponent, but now, it was not the time for fighting. His main purpose now was to find Terence. Before that, he didn’t want to cause many troubles.

“I didn’t expect you to be so strong that you could even get a tie with Kacper.” Annabel stared at Scott with complicated looks in her eyes.

Scott said with a smile, “Thank you.”

An arrogant expression suddenly appeared on Annabel’s face. She didn’t expect that Scott who was stupid in relationship would also say thank you to others, which was really surprised her.

The people around were in shock. They thought that it was just Scott’s luck that he could become the thirteenth master on List of the Ares. But now no one thought like that. They only knew that Scott was a bit wronged to be ranked at the thirteenth. This guy definitely had the strength to become the top three.

No wonder Montgomery would directly admit defeat at that time. It turned out that Montgomery knew how strong Scott was. If he really fought with Scott, there would be no Montgomery on List of the Ares anymore.

Now seeing Annabel come forward for Scott and also show Scott the kind of arrogant expression that only a little girl could have, it made these people who had been longing for this young lady full of envy.

“Miss Thompson actually acted like a little girl in front of Scott. My God, this is the first time I have seen Miss Thompson show such an expression in front of others.”

“So jealous. I don’t even have a chance to talk to Miss Thompson, but Miss Thompson directly came forward for Scott and turn against Nate for Scott. When will I enjoy this kind of treatment? ” “I heard that Miss Thompson has not been interested in the young masters of those big families. On the contrary, she is very

interested in those who come from ordinary family but have special personalities. Does Miss Thompson like Scott?”

“Even if this is the case, you have nothing to be jealous. Scott can get a tie with Kacper. Even among those top families and consortia, there isn’t such a master. ”

“But you don’t think that I will return the phone to you because of this. You need to answer some of my questions before I return that phone to you.” Scott continued.

Annabel suddenly became anxious again. This guy was really stupid. No, he was just a fool!

Annabel clenched her small fist and wanted to shout a few words at Scott. But there were so many people watching, so she didn’t want others to say behind her back that she even couldn’t control her emotions because of Scott. She was trying to suppress the anger.

“Come with me.” Annabel said irritably, then turned and walked out of the bar.

Scott didn’t say anything. He hurried to follow her. Here was not convenient to talk. He knew that Annabel also had her own concerns, so she wanted to go to a relatively safe place to answer Scott’s questions.

After the two people got out of the bar, the rest of the people in the bar were immediately in uproar. What happened here today would probably spread throughout Guanling at an astonishing speed. At that time, Scott would be all well known by everyone.

In front of Annabe”s villa, Scott watched Annabel walking in, so he followed.

Annabel’s bodyguard stood at the door, staring at Scott angrily. When Scott was about to enter the villa, he directly reached out and stopped Scott.

“You can’t enter our young lady’s villa. If you continue to move forward, don’t blame me for being rude!” the bodyguard said coldly.

Hearing what the bodyguard said, Annabel turned around and said with frown, “Let him in. You are not his match. I don’t want to watch you be sent to the hospital.”

“Miss, you think too highly on this brat. His strength is not enough to even resist my two punches. He can only deal with some wimps. I can knock him down with one hand.” The bodyguard immediately said confidently.
“You don’t listen to my order, right? Do you think that being my Thompson family’s bodyguard wronged you? If that’s the case, I

don’t mind if you go to find another job.” Annabel’s voice became cold and merciless.

When the bodyguard heard what Annabel said, he quickly took his hand back in fright, lowered his head, and said, “Miss, I didn’t mean this. I’m sorry.”

With a cold snort, Annabel continued to walk into the villa.

Scott smiled. He knew that this bodyguard regarded himself as a rival in love, but he was not interested in Annabel. This bodyguard really thought too much.

Scott followed and walked in. This time the bodyguard did not stop Scott. But when Scott passed him, he showed a vicious look.

“Hmph, no matter what, you are just a small person in Guanling. When I find a right chance, I’ll kill you, which is so common in Guanling.” The bodyguard said to himself.

At this time, he noticed that several people walked past the villa quickly. Two of them were his friends in Guanling. Both of them were masters on List of the Ares.

He saw them walking in a hurry, with excitement on their face. He didn’t know what happened, so he stepped forward and greeted them.

“What’s wrong with you guys? What happened to you guys? Why are you in such a hurry?” the bodyguard asked.

One of them smiled at the bodyguard, and said, “Something big happened. At the bar, Kacper and Scott fought against each other, but Scott got a tie with Kacper. Not long ago, Scott, who became the thirteenth on List of the Ares because King of Hell gave up the battle, actually got a tie with Kacper. We have to tell others about this quickly.”

“Yes, your lady was there at the time. She seemed to be very interested in Scott.” Another person added.

Then a few people continued to walk towards the front. They were about to tell others about the matter.

After they left, the bodyguard froze in place. His face was full of deep consternation.

“Scott… got a tie with Kacper?” the bodyguard muttered to himself what the few people said just now, only feeling that something got stuck in his throat, which was quite uncomfortable.

He turned his head and glanced at the door of the villa, the looks in his eyes immediately becoming quite complicated.

He was very clear about Kacper’s strength. Kacper was the top one on List of the Ares and had unmatched strength. Even if there were ten of him, he would not be necessarily Kacper’s match.

But Scott, whom he looked down on, even got a tie with Kacper, which meant that he was not Scott’s match at all.

It wasn’t until this time that he realized why Annabel said he was not Scott’s match, because Annabel saw Scott and Kacper’s fight with her own eyes.

He swallowed. The thought that he originally wanted to find a chance to kill Scott disappeared without a trace in an instant. He was even a little scared.

After a long time, he sighed helplessly, knowing that facing Scott, he had no advantage at all. His illusion about Annabel might only become a bubble in the end.

In the villa.

Scott sat opposite Annabel. Annabel looked at Scott uncomfortably. She was able to behave very naturally in front of many big shots. Now she was at a loss in front of Scott.

“Come on, what do you want to ask?” Annabel said.
Scott stared at Annabel for a while, and then said, “Have you ever heard of a person named Terence in Guanling?”

Annabel was calm just now. But when she heard Scott say the name, her body instantly became as rigid as a puppet, and her small mouth became 0-shaped in surprise.

“How… how did you know this name?!!!” After a while, Annabel shouted at Scott in a shocked voice.


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