The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 441 You’re Great

Everyone’s gaze on Scott became gloat, including those who were knocked down by Scott.

“You’re going to be a dead meant soon. Human King will kick your ass and knock you down. Even if you’re indeed not bad, you can’t get out of this bar alive today!”

“Human King is so great. Such a wimp like you can’t defeat him at all. You’d better give in and let Human King kill you directly.
Otherwise, you will only die miserably!”

“Hurry up and kneel down to apologize to Mr. Nate. You just know to bluff. You deserved to die a hundred times!”

Kacper walked in front of Scott. The people around Scott immediately retreated to the side, for fear that Kacper’s battle with Scott would affect them.

Nate also hurriedly stepped back. Then he sneered at Scott, and said, “Before you kill him, I have to slap him severely. Dare to slap me? I’ll let you taste what it is like!”

Kacper stretched out a hand, made a fighting gesture, and said lightly, “He gave me money te kill you. Sorry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his hand already reached in front of Scott. The speed was so fast that even Scott was a little surprised.

Scott did not take it lightly at all. He could feel that the person in front of him was one of the few people who could make him take seriously. The man’s strength was ten times stronger than all the people he had encountered before.

Kacper was number one on List of the Ares. How could he be weak?

In almost an instant, Scott also lifted up his hands, just blocking Kacper’s fist against his chest. Besides, Scott did not retreat at all, completely taking over the power from Kacper’s fist.

Kacper was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he didn’t expect Scott to be able to catch his punch. Kacper had originally thought that he would solve Scott with one punch, and then he could go to Nate to get the money. He didn’t want to waste too much time.

Seeing Kacper was stunned for a short time, a smile appeared on Scott’s face. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Scott hit to Kacper’s rib from the below.

However, Kacper was just stunned. His movements were only sluggish, but he did not make any serious mistakes.

He blocked Scott’s attack, took a half step back, then quickly stretched out his leg and kicked towards Scott.

Scott dodged Kacper’s leg sideways. Kacper’s leg suddenly changed direction in the air, chasing Scott. Scott quickly bent over, so Kacper’s leg directly kicked on the side pillar.

The pillar was broken in half in an instant. Many rubbles flew towards the distance, smashing a lot of wine bottles on the bar counter.

Scott took the opportunity to hit Kacper with his leg, and slashed directly at Kacper’s forehead.

Kacper also quickly avoided it. So Scott’s leg directly smashed the booth over there.

When everyone saw Scott and Kacper’s fight was so terrible, their eyes widened in surprise.

What surprised them most was that Scott was able to get a tie with Kacper. In their opinion, it was simply unbelievable.
“How could he be so strong? He has played so many rounds with Kacper, besides, he has not failed yet. What is going on?” “Is that really Human King? Maybe he isn’t Human king? How could Human King only get a tie with Scott?”

“What the hell do you guys think? He’s real Kacper. Haven’t you guys found that their battles are terrible? This is not the power that we can reach. This can only show that Scott and Kacper may be at the same level!”

Nate was still waiting for Kacper to knock Scott down, and then he could go over to slap Scott severely before killing Scott.
But the fighting scene between Scott and Kacper directly made him dumbfounded.

The strength that Scott showed was not at all weaker than Kacper. The two fought several rounds, completely different from what Nate thought.

Moreover, one of the rubbles that Kacper kicked out just hit his leg. He almost couldn’t stand firm because of the pain. Only when he felt the power of the rubble did he understand how horrible the fight was.

“Another… Another Kacper? That’s why he doesn’t take me seriously?” Nate was aggrieved and resentful.
Annabel was still sitting on the original booth. She did not get up. At that moment, seeing Kacper coming in, she had a bad feeling.

That Scott slapped Nate made Annabel feel that Scott was more interesting. Although this guy had her photos, it didn’t prevent Annabel from becoming interested in Scott.

She felt that Scott was indeed a little different from the men she had known before.

When Kacper appeared, Annabel thought that Scott could only do that at most. Facing Kacper, Scott would definitely give in. If Scott faced a person many times stronger than himself and he still refused to give in, it would only prove that he was stupid rather than brave.

At that time, Annabel thought if necessary, she could intercede for Scott and save his life. After all, her interest in Scott was growing.

But she still underestimated Scott. This guy actually got a tie with Kacper. The strength he showed was no worse than the top one on List of the Ares!

Seeing Scott smash the booth next to her with one kick, Annabel froze all at once.
She didn’t dare to move randomly, for fear that she would be affected by the battle between the two.

Seeing the two people who were still fighting, Annabel swallowed and was a little scared. She regretted that she hadn’t moved away from this area at first. Now, she didn’t dare to move.

After Kacper determined that Scott’s strength was not bad, he showed an expression of excitement on his face. It seemed that he could finally have a good opponent.

Scott hadn’t encountered such a master who could make him really take it seriously for a long time, so facing Kacper, he had a feeling of appreciation and wanted to have a good fight with Kacper.

As the top masters, they would always feel lonely. So at their level, encountering a well-matched opponent was happier than becoming the master of the world’s top consortium.

At this moment, Annabel plucked up the courage to stand up and shouted at the two people, “You two, stop!”

Scott and Kacper separated quickly. Both of them turned to look at Annabel.

Nate was anxious and said, “Annabel, why are you asking them to stop? It won’t take long for Kacper to kill this brat.”

“I don’t allow you to hurt him.” Annabel turned to look at Nate, and said firmly.

“Why? He is just a slave. Why do you protect him? I, the young master of the Cunningham family, am inferior to him?” Nate said angrily.

“What I want to do is none of your business. If you insist on letting Kacper fight with him today, you will be my enemy. You’d better consider the consequences of doing so.”

Annabel said to Nate, and then walked towards Scott.

She glanced at Kacper and said, “Sorry, I am very interested in him, so I can’t let you continue to fight against him. If you have any losses due to this, I can make up for you.”

Kacper shook his head and said, “I can’t kill him, so I won’t be able to complete the mission. There is no loss.” After speaking, he glanced at Scott and said seriously, “You are so great.” Scott just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Seeing their reactions, Nate gritted his teeth, snorted coldly, and then said to Scott, “Today, since Annabel let me spare you, I can let you go. But I will not forget what you did today. I will make you regret it sooner or later!”

After speaking, Nate walked out of the bar angrily.

On the street outside, he took out his cell phone and made a call, “Uncle, transfer 3 billion to my account on Guanling. I have an urgent need.”

“You don’t have to care about what I am going to do. You just need to get the money into the account as soon as possible.”

After hanging up the phone, Nate’s eyes narrowed. A few words with anger came out of his mouth, “That’s not over. Even if you can get a tie with Kacper, so what? I don’t believe you can defeat the top ten masters on List of the Ares!”

“I’ll definitely kill you! Waiting to enjoy climbing high ladder I arranged for you!”


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