The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 440 A Slap

Scott looked up at Nate who was standing on the side. He neither knew who he was nor what he did. Nobody would listen if being threatened by a stranger to get away.

What was more, Scott still had something to ask Annabel. This deck didn’t bear a name on it, so he thought it was not a big deal to sit here.

“What if I don’t leave?” Scott asked

Nate didn’t expect Scott to talk to him like this. In his eyes, Scott was just an inferior person trained by Guanling to perform.
How dared this kind of person challenge him.

What was more, Scott was still sitting in front of Annabel. What he did was obviously provoking him. Now so many people in the bar were watching. If he couldn’t deal with Scott today, then he would be ashamed.

The last time when Nate wanted to deal with Scott, he hired Montgomery with money, but for some unknown reason, Montgomery failed.

At that time, Nate was thinking of using other methods, but he left Guanling to solve the given task by his family, and forgot about Scott.

Because Annabel was taking a long vacation in Guanling during this period, Nate came back again after completing the task.

He also heard about Montgomery’s initiative to surrender in the game, but because he had lost interest in Scott after such a long time, so he didn’t bear Scott’s matter in mind.

He never thought that when he came to the bar to look for Annabel, he could see this guy sitting just opposite to Annabel. This was nothing but a blatant provocation for him.

Nate clenched his fists, and there was a burst of rage in his eyes. He said in a low voice: “Don’t you know who I am? You this jerk! Don’t you know what will happen if you rub me up the wrong way?”

“Sorry, I really don’t know who you are. I don’t know you, but you let go away. Aren’t you going too far?” Scott said.

Nate originally thought Scott knew who he was, but he didn’t expect that Scott didn’t even know him. This made him speechless.

After hearing Scott’s words, the people around them all showed contemptuous smiles and began to ridicule him.

In their opinion, Scott’s thirteenth position on the List of the Ares was nothing more than an unearned reputation, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Itis so funny. This idiot doesn’t even know who Mr. Nate is. Does he want to die?” “Mr. Nate looks irritated. Scott is really good at making troubles. He and Mr. Nate are not on the same level. Mr. Nate just came

here to play. If he wants Scott’s life, it’s just a matter of money.”

“It’s ridiculous and pitiful. Scott is just trash that knows anything. How dares he come here and strike up a conversation with Annabel. If I were Mr. Nate, I would not let him go. ”

Scott learned about the identity of the guy who made him get out from the discussions of the people around him. He turned out to be the one who paid for Montgomery to assassinate him.

Even if he knew the identity of Nate, Scott was not frightened at all. He didn’t think he had to be inferior in front of Nate.

Annabel looked at the two men standing eyeball to eyeball, and a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Now she wanted to see how Scott would deal with the situation right here.

She did have a great interest in Scott. This man made her feel a little different, but she didn’t know if Scott pretended to be like this. Maybe in front of Nate, Scott didn’t have the courage to continue pretending.

In her eyes, all men in the world were the same. Scott would not be the exception. He was just a little special on that day. She would be happy to see Scott succumb in front of Nate.

“You are just a yellow dog. If I ask you to get out, you should listen to me. A yellow dog dares to criticize me. Are you sure you are not joking?” Nate said coldly.

Scott curled his lips, then stood up directly, and slapped Nate in his face as quick as lightening.
The slap surprised all in the bar, and made the whole bar fall into silence.

Everyone was gaping at this. No one thought that Scott would dare to slap Nate directly.

“Is… is this guy crazy? He did slap Mr. Nate!”

“Jesus, what the hell. He is committing suicide. Mr. Nate will definitely not let him go easily.”

“He is really a jerk. Where did he get the courage to slap Mr. Nate? Does he really think nobody can deal with him?”

Annabel’s joking face turned into stiffness. She thought about several possible scenes, but she didn’t expect Scott to slap Nate directly.

Even if the Thompson family was more powerful than the Cunningham family, and Nate had to bow in front of her, she never thought that she could slap Nate at will. Because if the Cunningham family was determined to revenge, the Thompson family would definitely not be able to get through easily.

However, this guy who came out form the Guanling Dungeon did so without any hesitation. This was indeed beyond her expectation.

Nate stood on the spot with consternation. He raised one trembling hand to touch his face. In his life, this was the first time anyone dared to slap him, even his father had never done so.

After a brief stupefaction, Nate gazed at Scott violently. He wanted to fight with Scott directly, but realized that he might not be able beat him, so he took out his mobile phone.

“You are going to die! Don’t even think about getting out of this bar alive today!” Nate said hysterically.

The masters on List of the Ares immediately blocked Scott, and one of them said: “Mr. Nate, we will stop him for you. He absolutely can’t get out of here today!”

Nate made a phone call and said a few words. After he hang up, he looked at Scott viciously.

“I’m going to let someone take off your skin today and hang you in the Martial Arts Hall for three days and three nights! Your mad dog, just wait to die for me!”

Scott glanced at him coldly, and said, “I’m afraid you are not capable of doing that!”

“Damn, I’ll let you say uncle later. You beat King of Hell successfully only by luck. Do you really think you have the strength to be the thirteenth Ares? We will settle with you!”

One of them yelled, and looked at the people around him as if they had reached an agreement. Then these people moved closer to Scott.

They were very clear about what the Cunningham family represented. If they could get along with Nate through this, they could also get a lot of benefits, so they decided to deal with Scott together.

Scott wasn‘ afraid at all, and when the man arrived in front of him, he punched out directly.

The man snorted coldly, trying to grab Scott’s arm, but he was surprised to find that he could not stop Scott at all by himself, and Scott’s fist punched his chest directly.

Under the punch, he fell backward, and was picked up by those behind him.

“How could he be so powerful?” the man said with a great pain on his face.

The rest of the people fought with Scott together, trying to control him. But Scott moved so quickly, and he did not hesitate to hit back. Anyway, no one cared about killing people in this place. He didn’t need to worry about anything.

After a few rounds, half of those who surrounded Scott had fallen down, and the remaining half dared not move forward after getting to know Scott’s strength.

They didn’t expect Scott to be so strong. At the very beginning, they thought that Montgomery’s direct surrender was a private transaction. Now it seemed that Scott might not be as simple as they thought.

“A bunch of trash!” Nate cursed secretly, obviously not satisfied with them.

Not long after, a figure walked in from outside the bar. Nate saw the person coming in, his eyes lit up, and he immediately shouted: ” Kacper, kill this ignorant and arrogant boy for me, and I will give you five million as reward!”

The man he called just now was Kacper.

Everyone turned their heads immediately. After seeing Kacper come, those on the List of the Ares all breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time there came an expression of excitement on their faces.

Human King Kacper! He ranked first on the list! Nate called Kacper over, even if Scott had magic today, there must be no way to escape!

Kacper was a legendary in Guanling. His strength had reached an unfathomable level. Those who had fought with him had never been able to reach his bottom line.

It was because of his strength that Kacper won the title of Human King. He was also the person who was most likely to succeed in climbing the ladder in Guanling.

Kacper had short hair, and his entire face was expressionless. His eyeballs seldom moved and he had a commanding presence, making people feel that he was a killer king with no feelings, and could kill anybody anytime.

When Kacper walked to Scott and Nate, Scott couldn’t help but take a look at him, and felt that there was a vague sense of danger in this person.

Nate looked at Scott with a sneer, and said, “No matter how strong you are, you will never be able to beat Kacper. Accept your misfortune today!”

After speaking, he looked at Kacper and asked: “500 million, kill him, I think you will not refuse.”

Kacper glanced at Scott, and then said lightly: “Deal.”


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