The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 439 Chat Annabel up

In Guanling.

Scott was walking down the street while thinking.

After leaving Guanling Dungeon, Scott got a villa from Guanling. Besides, he got the right to move freely in the whole Guanling.
After exploring every place, except for restricted zones, of Guanling, Scott had had a general understanding of this place

He had attempted to explore the border of Guanling. However, Guanling was surrounded by either towering mountains or cliffs. It was just like a prison, the walls of which were towering mountains or cliffs. People could only leave this place by helicopter.

Scott marvelled at Guanling’s being able to change such a large mountainous area into flat land and to construct a great number of buildings on it. It was definitely a huge project to create a place suitable for human habitation. Scott even believed that it was much easier to build pyramids than to build the Guanling. If Guanling was made public, it might become the eighth wonder of the world.

These days, he had been looking for Terence. However, he was unable to have contact with neither the rich people nor the management of Guanling. Now, in Guanling, he knew no one but Montgomery and the friends Montgomery introduced to him.

None of these people knew anything about Terence– or no one had ever heard of Terence.
Because of it, Scott suspected that Terence might have died in Guanling.
When he was in Guanling Dungeon, Scott had observed the people in every room, hoping to find Terence in this way.

However, he failed. He used his name in Guanling in hopes that Terence would take the initiative to come to him after knowing that he was in Guanling.

However, Terence didn’t. Scott even doubted that Terence had already died in Guanling many years ago.
After all, Terence was not in Guanling Dungeon. If Terence was still alive, he must have been able to move freely in Guanling.

Therefore, Terence was very likely to be someone on the List of the Ares. Scott specially asked Montgomery about the names, appearances and approximate ages of all the people on the List of the Ares.

They were all different from Terence in those aspects.
If Terence wasn’t someone on the List of the Ares, Scott could only wonder if Terence was one of the two people who

successfully high ladder. If that was true, then the reason why there wasn’t any news about Terence would be that he had already left Guanling after he successfully high ladder.

According to Montgomery, one of the two people who successfully climbed high ladder was called Percy. He was a crazy killer.
Before, when he just entered Guanling, he was also in Guanling Dungeon. On the first day of his entering Guanling, however, he killed all the people sharing one room with him.

After that, he kept killing people. He was like a lunatic, nearly killing people every day. If one day he wasn’t asked to fight with someone, he would kill the staff of Guanling who delivered food to him. At that time, people in Guanling Dungeon suffered a lot.

Later, Percy left Guanling Dungeon and challenged the experts in fighting on List of the Ares one by one. Everyone fought with him died. When Percy was in Guanling, there wasn’t an expert in fighting in Guanling. Percy nearly killed all the fighting experts here. As many experts in fighting came to Gaunling, a few years later, there were finally as many experts in fighting as before.

The other person was called Maximus, a refined and unworldly man. He looked gentle, but he was extremely good at fighting.
The reason why he entered Guanling was that he wanted to find someone who was eligible to be his opponent.

At that time, Maximus defeated 18 experts on List of the Ares. Then, he high ladder and successively defeated the top 10 experts in fighting on List of the Ares. He could be said to be a rare legend in Guanling.

When Maximus was in Guanling, Percy wasn’t in Guanling. Otherwise, Percy would be the opponent Maximus wanted to find.
And the fight between them would absolutely be the best one in the history of Guanling, even in the whole history of fighting.

When Terence left the Davies family, he could be said to be one of the top experts in fighting only in B City. He was far from as good at fighting as the two experts in fighting who high ladder.

Scott knew that Terence certainly had his own secret, just like him, and that Terence might be actually better at fighting than he seemed to be. However, Terence’s personality was very different from that of Percy and Maximus. Therefore, Scott didn’t believe that Terence would be the person called Percy or Maximus.

In this case, it was highly likely that Terence had been dead. Terence was neither in Guanling Dungeon or on List of the Ares. If he was still alive, there was only one possibility left: he had become the management of Guanling.

It was a chance in a million. According to Montgomery, since the existence of Guanling, the management had been very mysterious. Besides, it had never happened that the people from the outside world had become the management of Guanling.

Although Scott was not sure that there wasn’t something that people didn’t know, Scott found it unrealistic that Terence had become management of Guanling.

However, being unwilling to lose any hope, Scott didn’t directly deny this possibility. It was not easy for him to get in touch with the management of Guanling, so he had been trying to figure out a way to do so.

Having not got any information about Terence, Scott couldn’t leave Guanling. He missed Edith and was worried about her situation. So he wanted to vent his unhappiness by going to the bar in Guanling and having a drink.

When he was about to arrive at the bar of Guanling, he suddenly noticed that someone not far away from him entered the bar. It

was Annabel who took the initiative to meet Scott last time.

After thinking for a while, Scott quickened his pace immediately. In his opinion, considering that Annabel could be said to be a client of Guanling, she must more or less know something about the management of Guanling. He thought that he might be able to get some useful information from her.

When they met last time, they weren’t happy. But he didn’t believe that Annabel would treat him as her enemy because of it. If that was the case, Annabel would definitely have paid to arrange games for Scott in these days.

In Guanling, if the rich people paid enough money, they could even let a minion in Guanling Dungeon high ladder. According to Montgomery, it took three billion dollars to get someone to high ladder.

No matter how good at fighting that people was and how many people that people could defeat, once that people began to high ladder, the three billion dollars would become the money of Guanling. Even if that people were killed immediately after he or she was in the ring, the money would still not be refunded.

It was so expensive, so few people would foolishly arrange such a game for someone. However, if there was a person who was very good at fighting and was unwilling to high ladder, the clients would do so when they wanted to see that people high ladder.

The experts in fighting on List of the Ares had to meet strict requirements if they volunteered to high ladder. They had to be among the top 10 experts in fighting on List of the Ares. Besides, they had to get a profit of 2 billion dollars for Guanling alone.
Only when they met such requirements would they be eligible to high ladder.

After entering the bar, Scott saw that there were many people in it. It was quite rare. Under normal circumstance, there wouldn’t be many people in the bar. Occasionally, there would be a few days when there were many people in the bar.

Sure enough, the purpose of opening a bar in Guanling was not to make money. It was purely opened to serve the people who came to Guanling.

Annabel was sitting at a table. There was a glass of wine on the table in front of her. She was absent-minded, wondering something.

Quite a lot of people in the bar were attracted by her. Most people in the bar were experts in fighting on List of the Ares. For them, Annabel, a young lady from a powerful family, was quite attractive to them.

After entering the bar, Scott walked straight towards Annabel and sat opposite her without greeting.

People watching Annabel were so shocked that their eyes were immediately wide open. They didn’t expect that Scott was so bold that he dared to take the initiative to chat Annabel up.

They have been in Guanling for quite a long time, so they knew something about Annabel. Annabel, a young lady from the Thompson family, was so arrogant that she treated everyone with contempt. Not everyone could approach her.

Most importantly, there was a rumor in Guanling that Nate was going after Annabel.

People in Guanling didn’t know much about the news from the outside world. Therefore, their usual entertainment was to talk about the gossip about the powerful families and consortia. Nate and Annabel were rather usually being talked about.

“Isn’t that Scott, the guy who left Guanling Dungeon not long ago? My god. He’s so daring that he directly sits opposite Miss Thompson.”

“Fuck, wouldn’t he be worried that the scion of the Cunningham family will make trouble for him? There must be something wrong with his mind.”

“Keep your voice down. He ranks 13th on List of the Ares. I’m afraid that he’ll hear it and come to make trouble for us.”

“Humph, he is not eligible to rank 13 on List of the Ares. King of Hell didn’t fight with him at all. Who knows how he made King of Hell take the initiative to concede defeat? Look at him. I’m afraid that he is not even powerful enough to be on List of the Ares.”

Quite a lot of people nodded in agreement. They all looked down upon Scott, the experts in fighting ranking 13th on List of the Ares.

When Annabel was in a daze, she suddenly realized that someone sat opposite her. Then, she raised her head to have a look.
After finding that it was Scott, she was surprised. Then, there was a hint of shame and anger on her face. She became very angry when she remembered that Scott kept the mobile phone in which there were a lot of private photos.

“Why are you here?” Annabel asked impatiently.

“You’re the only beautiful woman in the bar. It should be normal for me to chat you up, right?” Scott said with a smile.
Annabe”s lips twitched. She said, “I didn’t expect you to be so flirtatious. It seems that my opinion of you is wrong.”

“Er, I was just joking. I don’t like you. I just want to ask you for some information.” Scott immediately said in a different tone Annabel immediately became furious. Damn it! He was such a pig! Why was he so stupid?

“Get out!” Annabel shouted at Scott.

When Scott wanted to have a talk patiently with Annabel, someone came close to their table. It was Nate.

He gave a glance at Scott, pointed to the door of the bar, and said coldly, “Did you hear what Annabel said? Now get out of here, otherwise I’ll take some action.”


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