The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 438 Take Advantage of Amara

Margaret walked towards Albie with a cold look. Albie gave up his seat without hesitation and let Margaret sit down.

Albie looked at Margaret sitting in the chair respectfully, not daring to do anything. He was able to become the chairman of Wonhu Company because of the woman in front of him.

This woman was able to give him all this, and naturally could take it all back, so he had become Margaret’s lackey. No matter what Margaret asked him to do, he would do it.

“How’s the situation at the Patel Group recently?” Margaret asked.

“The situation at the Patel Group is not very optimistic. Edith seems to be in a bad state of mind lately, unable to work for a long time, and our competitiveness is strong. I guess it will not be long before we get rid of the Patel Group.” Albie explained quickly, with a trace of complacency on his face.

Margaret nodded, said nothing, flipped through the paper on the desk and looked at it.

Wonhu Company company was not hers. After she escaped from the Davies family, her past account had been frozen. Although she still had a lot of money, it was not enough to start a company.

All this was given by the man with black-rimmed glasses who found her that night.
The man called himself Secretary Ho, and did not identify himself, but just asked Margaret if she had any plans to cooperate.

The purpose of Secretary Ho was to deal with Scott and anyone related to Scott. Because Scott was notin J City, Secretary Ho had designs on the Patel Group.

Although she didn’t know why Secretary Ho had to deal with Scott, just from the point that Secretary Ho knew that Scott was the current head of the Davies family, she knew that Secretary Ho was not an ordinary person.
The fact that Scott became the new head of the Davies family did not spread out. Only the Davies family and a few people

knew it. Secretary Ho was able to find out this news, which was enough to prove that he had huge resources.

Of course, Margaret, who wanted revenge, would not refuse the help. She didn’t care about any grievances between Secretary Ho and Scott. As long as she could deal with Scott, she would accept anything.

And Secretary Ho didn’t ask Margaret to pay anything, but asked her to find a way to bring down the Patel Group. It would be a better thing if she could take the opportunity to injure the TY Group.

If Margaret could do this, Secretary Ho promised her that he would let her witness Scott’s demise with her own eyes.
After that, Secretary Ho gave Margaret Wonhu Company and asked her to use Wonhu Company to go against the Patel Group.

Because Conor was now leading people to hunt Margaret all over the city, it was inconvenient for Margaret to do many things, so she found Albie, the person who had been against Edith in the past, and asked him to take over Wonhu Company and deal with the Patel Group.

Margaret knew that Albie was uncapable. In the management of the company, he was as stupid as a pig. However, her current task was not to run Wonhu Company well, but to overthrow the Patel Group.

Secretary Ho told her that as long as the Patel Group could be brought down, it didn’t matter even if Wonhu Company was sacrificed. He would serve as the financial support behind Wonhu Company. As long as he did not look for trouble, no matter what the problem was, Secretary Ho could solve it.

So, Margaret wasn’t worried that Albie would bring the company down. The reason why she found Albie was that she liked his ability of causing trouble to Edith.

Albie didn’t have much skill in running company, but he was good at using some tricky means to deal with his opponents. This was in line with Margaret’s purpose, so she let Albie sit in the position of chairman.

Before she used some shameful means to deal with Edith, they failed. Conor would definitely not give her a third chance, so now she could only destroy Edith bit by bit by overthrowing the Patel Group.
She knew very well that Edith must still be struggling with what she said last time. If Edith really started to feel that she was not

worthy of Scott, she would definitely find a way to make up for it.

To run the Patel Group well was reliance for her. If she even failed to run the Patel Group and it went bankrupt, Edith would be hurt. At that time, if Edith never picked up the pieces and lost lose the confidence of equal communication with Scott, then her goal was basically achieved.

After all, it’s obviously better to make Edith have no face to stay with Scott than to kidnap her.

She even started to look forward to the scene that after Scott came back, he found that his beloved woman had become extremely inferior in front of him, always thinking that she was not worthy of him, and insisted on leaving him.

“During this period, you continued to use all kinds of ways to bother the Patel Group, so that Edith did not have enough energy to deal with the company’s affairs. At the same time, try to find a way to grab all of the Patel Group’s customers. Without customers, it won’t survive,” Margaret said.

“No problem, boss! I’m the best at it, I’ll do it later,” Albie agreed quickly.

Margaret stared at him, then said quietly, “In fact, if you want to make the Patel Group bankrupt, there is a simpler and more effective way.”

“What way?” Albie’s eyes brightened up.

“As long as you can hold a person and let her help us, it will basically not take long before the Patel Group goes bankruptcy,” Margaret said.

“Who?” Albie was curious.

“Edith’s mother, Amara,” Margaret replied.

“What? Edith’s mother? How could she help us? She certainly wouldn’t do anything to harm Edith. How can we get her help?” Albie was puzzled.

Margaret smiled and said, “Even she is Edith’s biological mother, we still can take advantage of her. Don’t you know that Amara hates Scott?”

“I know it, but now Edith is in charge of the Patel Group. Amara won’t make her daughter in trouble, will she?” Albie said.

Margaret felt contempt, thinking that the information this guy had hadn’t gotten deeper than her. It seemed that this guy was really useless except to cause trouble to others.

“According to the information I have, the Patel Group actually belongs to Scott. He bought it from you for one dollar. Amara’s aversion to Scott is so deep that Scott has even been driven away some time ago. It is said that Amara thought Scott is a jinx, and will always bring various disasters to her family, so even if Scott is rich, she still hates him.”

“And you only need to make Amara realize that the company belongs to Scott, Edith is only working for Scott. If she wants Edith to leave Scott, she can secretly let the Patel Group go bankrupt, and then take Edith out of J City before Scott returns.”

After listening to Margaret’s words, Albie showed a sinister smile on his face and said, “If this is the case, with Amara’s personality, she is really possible to help us.”

“Boss, leave it to me. I will definitely complete the task you gave me. I wonder if Edith will explode when Amara makes the Patel Group go bankrupt without her knowledge.”

Margaret also smiled and said, “Amara always thought that what she did was for Edith’s good. In fact, she didn’t know that she was the real culprit who hurt Edith. What a pity, for those ignorant people, explanation is nonsense, as long as we can use her, it is enough.”


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