The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 437 You Don’t Think You Deserve Scott, Right

CZ Community, J City At Edith’s house, Diana knelt in front of Edith, crying.

“Edith, I’m sorry for you. I shouldn’t unite with others to harm you. This is all my fault. I made you into a dangerous situation and almost sold by a trafficker. Please punish me, even if you kill me, I won’t have any complaints.”

Edith stared at Diana in front of her, with a haggard look, frowning, and looking tired. After listening to Diana, she didn’t speak for a long time.

Morgan stood next to Edith, saw Edith not speaking, and said directly, “Edith, this woman almost caused you to be sold. Killing her is not too much. If you can’t bear to do it, just leave it to me.”

Diana shuddered when she heard Morgan’s words, but she didn’t refute. She knew what she had committed. She also knew Scott’s status in J City now. Edith, Scott’s favorite woman, was almost sold because of her. It was reasonable that Morgan wanted to kill her.

Since the last time Margaret threatened Diana to abduct Edith, Conor had been sending people to find Margaret’s whereabouts, but Margaret was hiding well, as if she was not in the earth, there was no trace at all.

Diana, who was one of the participants, was also caught and was brought over to see Edith until today.

When Edith heard Morgan’s words, she hurriedly stopped and said, “Diana didn’t do it voluntarily. Her parents were caught by Margaret. She was also forced to do it. I couldn’t kill her because of this incident. ”

“Edith, don’t defend her at this time. Now Margaret is lost, and the man who was with Margaret is dead. How could we know she said was true or not? To be on the safe side, we can’t keep this woman alive,” Morgan said.

Edith looked at Diana and sighed helplessly. She had been exhausted recently by these things. With Scott’s absence, she seemed to have lost her rock and she was much weaker.

In addition to this incident recently, some problems had also appeared on the company. A company named Wonhu Company emerged in J City and became a competitor of the Patel Group. It was against the Patel Group from all the aspect

The most important thing was that this sudden emergence of Wonhu Company had very strong vitality. The Patel Group could be considered as a large company in J City, and it was also supported by the TY Group. In this case, Wonhu Company got a firm foothold, which put a lot of pressure on Edith.

Combining all the factors, her current condition was extremely poor, and for some reason, she was much weaker than before.
She felt that her immune system had become much worse because of her gloomy mood.

“Diana, you are my best girlfriend. I will spare you this time, but I don’t want to see you again in the future. Take your family and leave here,” Edith said.
Morgan was about to speak immediately. Edith turned her head and glanced at him, and said, “That’s it. You can take her out,

and help her arrange her departure by the way.”

Seeing Edith’s insistence, Morgan had to shut his mouth, glanced at Diana unceremoniously, and said, “Edith is really kind and generous. Otherwise, you would have gone to the hell. Hurry up and follow me. ”

Diana stood up, gave Edith a grateful and guilty look, and said softly, “Edith, thank you.”

After speaking, she turned around and followed Morgan to leave here without staying any longer.
When Diana and Morgan left, Edith breathed a sigh of relief, and raised her hand to rub her temple.
At this time the bedroom door was opened, and both Amara and Nicholas walked out sneakily.

Bath of them were a little bit afraid of Morgan, who had a short fuse. Especially Amara, she was very disgusted with Scott.
Morgan had problem with her. Every time she saw Morgan, she thinks that Morgan would come and beat her at any time. So, seeing Morgan came, she hid.

After confirming that Morgan had taken Diana away, Amara straightened up and walked in front of Edith, and asked, “Edith, what’s the matter, you were almost abducted by a trafficker? Why didn’t you tell us!”

Nicholas on the side also looked at Edith with a worried look. He obviously didn’t expect Edith to have experienced such a dangerous thing before.

Because Edith was afraid that Amara and Nicholas were worried and the matter had been resolved, although Margaret was not caught, she certainly wouldn’t dare to do this kind of thing again, so Edith didn’t tell them that she was almost abducted.

But today Morgan brought Diana over without telling her. When Diana came, she confessed to Edith and explained to her what happened. Edith knew that both Amara and Nicholas in the bedroom must have heard it, but she had no way.

“Isn’t it all right, and the matter has been resolved. Telling you will only make you worry,” Edith explained.

“Don’t talk nonsense here! We heard clearly just now. Margaret, the terrible woman from the Davies family, did this. She hasn’t been caught yet. How can you say that this matter has been resolved?” Amara retorted fiercely, as if Edith had done something incomprehensible.

“And it happened because of Scott, the jinx. I told you a long time ago that being with him will only bring you endless disasters.
You don’t to listen to me. What I said is true. Scott is not here, but you still have encountered such a dangerous thing. If he just comes back, our family will not be at peace!” After a pause, Amara yelled a few more words.

Edith’s brows that had eased a bit and immediately frowned again. The reason why she didn’t want to tell Amara about this was because she was afraid that Amara would blame it on Scott again.
“Mom, Margaret is not evil. Why do you blame Scott? Would you blame Scott even if I choked?” Edith retorted Amara.

“Itis obvious that he had too much evil deeds, otherwise, why would there be so much trouble coming to us? Edith, you must give me a clear attitude today, Scott can’t appear in our house again in the future. You go and divorce him when he comes back. Otherwise, your dad and I won’t recognize you as our daughter!” Amara insisted.

Edith was already very annoyed, but now she was forced to make this kind of decision by Amara, and she came to a breakdown.
“Even if you break ties with me, I will never divorce Scott!” Edith shouted.

“Edith! You are my biological daughter. I grew you up. Did you return me like this? You want to sever relationship with me now for a jinx! Are you worthy of my years of nurturing you!” Amara was also like a dynamite bag being lit. The air smelled full of gunpowder.

Nicholas looked at the two people on the side. He wanted to help Edith, but he was afraid that Amara would vent her anger on him, so he could only shut up and watch.

“You bright me up, but I’ve never done anything to hurt you. You try to ruin my happiness just because you don’t like Scott. Have you considered my feelings? I also have my own life. If you don’t like Scott, you can live with us separately. Why do you have to let me separate from Scott?” Edith shouted excitedly.

Amara, who had always longed to have absolute control over Edith, could not listen to Edith’s words. She rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t you think you are not worthy of Scott? Since you already have this feeling in your heart, why are you following Scott stubbornly. I don’t force you to think this way.”

As soon as Amara said this, Edith calmed down and stopped arguing.

She only felt that she had been poked into the painful spot, and tears flowed out uncontrollably. After that, she quickly turned around, ran into her room, and closed the door heavily.

Nicholas saw Edith enter the room, sighed, and said to Amara, “Why can’t you keep calm? You know Edith cares about this during this time, but you have to say it. Do you think she is not upset enough? ”

“Shut up. There is no place for you to speak. Edith is too young and has to experience pain to grow up. I am doing it for her good,” Amara said confidently.

Nicholas clenched his fists a little bit, and seemed to want to refute Amara, but in the end, he couldn’t say anything, so he sighed helplessly and turned to the balcony.

building of Wonhu Company.
In the chairman’s office, Albie sat inside, feeling the breath in this room, and he intoxicated.
“Edith, you should never have thought that your biggest competitor, the chairman of Wonhu Company, will be me, right?”

“A long time ago, I had a foreboding that I must have a chance to turn over. I didn’t expect that there would be a chance so soon.”

“My boss is obviously much better than you, and she is not afraid of the Davies family behind Scott at all. The mission she gave me this time defeated you at all costs. Let’s wait and see. I will take revenge!”

After muttering a few words to himself, Albie showed a murderous look in his eyes, as if he had seen Scott and Edith be killed by him.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door outside, and Albie instinctively got up from the chair and walked to the door.

He had been working as an assistant in a small company before, so he instinctively ran over to open the door when he heard the knock on the door.

After reacting, Albie retracted the stretched hand again, then walked quickly back to the chair, and sternly shouted, “Come in.” The door opened and a slender figure walked in.
When Albie saw the woman coming in, he stood up immediately and respectfully said, “Boss, why are you here?”

If Edith were here, she would find that the boss Albie called was Margaret who had framed her twice.


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