The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 436 You Are Dirty

In Room 12, Mad Dog was sitting on the bed with a worried look, his eyes flickering, and he stood up from time to time, looking very anxious.

The other people in the room were also a little nervous. They didn’t expect that King of Hell, who was ranked thirteenth on List of the Ares, had directly surrendered in the ring, which made them all regret that they had mocked Scott and the people in Room 13 before.

“Boss, that Scott is equivalent to passing the challenge. His future status in Guanling is much higher than ours. We provoked him so much before. Will he retaliate against us?” a man on the side said.

Mad Dag glanced at the man and said, “Even if he passes the challenge, he is not allowed to enter other rooms in the dungeon.
Otherwise, there is already a mess here. Even if Scott wants to deal with me, as long as I don’t go out, he can do nothing to me.”

At this moment, Scott walked to the door of Room 12, and the people in Room 12 were shocked when they saw him.
“Boss… boss, Scott is here.” The speaker at that moment pointed to the door in trembling.

Mad Dog’s heart also did a complete somersault, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He stood up, took two steps toward the front, fixed his eyes on Scott, and asked, “You…what are you doing here?” Scott cracked a playful arc at the corner of his mouth and said, “Did you forget what I said before?”

There was an unspeakable horror rose in Mad Dog. He clearly remembered that Scott said yesterday that after passing the challenge, the first thing to do was to kill him.

“You… don’t be foolish. You are no longer considered a person in the dungeon. Even if there is a ring match in the future, I will never have a fight with you. I advise you to be easy on others, don’t be unforgiving,” Mad Dog said nervously.

Scott curled his lips. In many cases, he was indeed a person who didn’t like to be fuss, but Mad Dogwas not qualified to say that to him.
Hamish walked to Scott and took out the key to Room 12.

Seeing this scene, Mad Dog was so scared that his eyes almost popped out, he shouted hurriedly, “What are you… what are you doing, are you going to let him in? This is against the regulations!”

Hamish didn’t care about Mad Dog at all. In any case, Scott’s current status is much higher than Mad Dog. Although Scott did not fight with Montgomery, Montgomery directly surrendered, which meant that Scott would replace Montgomery on the List of the Ares in the future, and Montgomery was postponed to the fourteenth place.

Although Hamish was the person in charge of the dungeon, and had some power Guanling, he was still unwilling to provoke a master who was ranked 13th on List of the Ares.

Compared with Scott, Mad Dog was just a dispensable guy, so he didn’t take Mad Dog’s words seriously.
After opening the door of Room 12, Hamish stood there, waiting for Scott to go in and resolve his personal affairs.

Scott walked into Room 12, and everyone in Room 12 was so scared that they squeezed towards the corner. Only Mad Dog stood alone. At this time, no one wanted to be Mad Dog’s shield.

Mad Dog watched Scott walk in step by step. He was scared that both his legs almost gave way beneath his. Although he felt that Scott was not Montgomery’s opponent, his strength was definitely better than him. If Scott wanted to kill him, he had no chance of winning at all.

Finally, Mad Dog couldn’t resist the huge pressure and knelt directly in front of Scott.

“Scott…1 was wrong. I shouldn’t provoke you so much. I’m just a fool. Please spare me. I will be your most faithful servant in the future. I won’t have any opinion if you ask me to lick your shoes,” Mad Dog said in a trembling tone.

Scott stopped in front of Mad Dog, looked down at Mad Dog kneeling in front of him, and then grabbed Mad Dog by the neck with one hand and lifted him from the ground.

“You lick my shoes? I still think you are too dirty.”

Scott said coldly, and then he pinched Mad Dog harder and harder.

Mad Dog’s face flushed instantly, and his body was struggling constantly, but under Scott’s control, Mad Dog was not able to break free.

Everyone in Room 12 just watched Mad Dog struggling in Scott’s hands, and no one dared to step forward to stop it.
As time passed bit by bit, Mad Dog’s body gradually softened, and soon there was no movement.

After killing Mad Dog, Scott turned to look at everyone in Room 12, and asked coldly, “Is anyone still dissatisfied?” The people in Room 12 shook their heads quickly, facing this devil, who would dare to have the least bit of objection.
Seeing no one stood up anymore, Scott threw Mad Dog’s body on the ground and walked outside casually.

Hamish took out his phone and notified several people, asking them to come and deal with the corpse of Mad Dog, as if he just wanted someone to clean up the rubbish.

This was the law of Guanling. Here, there were only the weak and the strong. And those who were not strong enough and like to provoke others deserved to be killed.
When Scott returned to Room 13, Ernie and others were full of excitement. Even if Scott didn’t fight with Montgomery, he

would be considered to have won the challenge, and he would be free in Guanling in the future.

And Scott had stayed in Room 13, and everyone in Room No. 13 could get benefit because of Scott. For one year from today, they would nat have to go to the ring, and their food would be maintained at the highest level.

This was already a gift for them, who lived in fear in the dungeon every day, and was afraid that they would lose their lives that day because of a game arranged by the senior officials of Guanling.

“Boss, you are amazing. That’s King of Hell! He actually gave in to you, how did you do it!” Ernie stared at Scott with admiration.

Everyone around looked at Scott with admiration, and obviously wanted to know why Montgomery surrendered to Scott directly.

Scott smiled at them and said, “If I said he used to be my man, would you believe it?” Everyone was stunned for a moment, obviously didn’t expect Scott to give them such an answer.

King of Hell, who was ranked thirteenth on the List of Aires, turned out to be Scott’s man? If this news was true, people all over Guanling would be shocked.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Scott just smiled and took it as a joke. Then he arranged what they had to do after he got out of the dungeon.

Although Scott’s existence made Room 13 a thorn in the eyes of everyone, after Scott left, people in other rooms would definitely find a way to trouble people in Room 13.

Fortunately, people in Room 13 don’t have to go to the ring for a year. Scott had formulated a detailed training plan for them and asked them to strictly implement the above items. One year later, all of them were guaranteed to be much stronger.

As for the rest of the matter, Scott didn’t care. These people just met him by chance. What he did was already a gift to them.

What kind of result they would have in the future was up to themselves.


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