The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 435 The Game Was Over Before It Has Begun

I gave up!

These three words echoed in the ears of everyone in the audience, and those who were expecting Montgomery to play were stunned.

“Do… I heard it right? King of Hell just gave in?” “Fuck, what’s going on? He is ranked thirteenth on List of the Ares. Why did he give up before he started playing?”

“This competition is f*cking rigged. Who the hell is Scott, how can he make King of Hell give in before he starts playing? Does someone bribe King of Hell in advance?”

“You’re a f*cking idiot, you think you are the outside world? King of Hell won’t give up in front of so many people just because of being bribed unless he is insane.”

“Then why did he give up directly? This is too unexpected, right? He just gave in before the competition started. It’s abnormal.” “Do you think it’s possible that King of Hell knew Scott before and knew he couldn’t beat him, so he just gave up directly?”

“Then you really think too much. Who is Scott? How can he make King of Hell, who has been famous in Guanling for several years, give in?”

In Room 12, Mad Dog was expecting Montgomery to beat Scott up. In his opinion, Scott couldn’t even hold out a round against Montgomery.

However, the picture he imagined did not appear. After Hamish announced the start of the game, Montgomery surrendered, and he sounded in the right.

The expression on the Mad Dog’s face suddenly froze, and the his head was buzzing, as if he had heard something impossible.
“How is this possible! Why did King of Hell directly give up? He hasn’t even started to fight!” Mad Dog shouted.

Immediately afterwards, there was a trace of fear in his heart. If Scott really passed the challenge so easily, then he would be free in Guanling.

The reason why he mocked Scott before was to recognize that Scott could not beat King of Hell. In his mind, Scott would have been killed now.

However, Montgomery changed the situation with just one sentence. Montgomery gave in directly, and Scott was equivalent to success. Mad Dog thought that Scott didn’t have to die, and he provoke him so frantically before. He was simply dicing with death.

Mad Dag felt a deep regret in his heart, and suddenly realized that he shouldn’t have provoke Scott that much before.

On the second floor, Orion was shocked when he heard Montgomery gave up directly. He didn’t expect that today’s challenge would have ended before it even started, which had never happened in the history of Guanling.

He squinted at Scott, then at Montgomery, and he couldn’t figure out why Montgomery did it.

Montgomery was stronger than him, and according to his understanding, Montgomery was much more stubborn than him. In the ring, he never had any fear, even if he couldn’t beat the opponent, he would try his best to fight and win a ray of hope.

There were two possibilities for Montgomery to give up directly. One was that the opponent’s strength was in a state that could crush him. Montgomery knew that he was bound to lose, so there was no need for him to fight.

The other possibility was that he colluded with his opponent before entering the ring to perform a performance. The premise of this must be that the opponent must give enough benefits to bribe Montgomery, otherwise Montgomery would not risk damaging his reputation to do such a thing.

In Orion’s view, neither of these two situations seemed to happen to Scott.

However, what happened now made he have to reconsider whether Scott had anything special.

‘Could it be that this guy is not as simple as I thought, his strength has reached the point where Montgomery is scared?’ thought Orion.

This thought appeared in Orion’s mind. He looked at Scott and narrowed his eyes, and no one around him could see what he was thinking.

Scott didn’t expect Montgomery to concede directly. He originally thought that Montgomery would at least have a fight with him, and then gave in when he was on the back foot.

It would not only show Scott’s strength, but also let everyone understand that Montgomery was not wronged.
Scott had thought that Montgomery would give up when he came up, making him a little at a loss.

But he quickly reacted and felt that there was nothing wrong with Montgomery’s doing this. On the contrary, it would save some time, but it would make everyone wonder why Montgomery surrendered directly.

He turned his head and glanced at Hamish on the edge of the ring. Hamish was stunned at this time, until Scott looked over, and then he took back his sight.

“He has already given up. I success in challenge, right?” Scott asked.

Hamish hesitated, but finally nodded.

Immediately afterwards, Hamish announced the result that Scott had succussed in challenge and could gain freedom in Guanling. Everyone in Room 13 cheered. Only them in the audience would have such a reaction. The rest were all stunned and puzzled.

They went to Martial Arts Hall, and only watched a challenge that was over before it even started. Everyone was puzzled and wanted to find answers. But no one came to interpret it to them.

Everyone returned to the dungeon, discussing the challenge just now, guessing why Montgomery would directly give in to Scott.

Scott followed Hamish to the door of Room 13. Hamish stopped and said, “You are free now, but the prerequisite for freedom is that you must abide by Guanling’s dispatch. If you don’t obey it, the masters of Guanling will hunt you down, and then you will face with the fate worse than death, do you understand?”

Scott nodded, Hamish reached out and handed Scott a phone, telling Scott that this mobile phone could only be used in Guanling. It was a communication tool for Guanling’s senior management to give him orders. Then he talked to Scott about restoration of freedom in Guanling.

After speaking, Hamish glanced at Room 13 and said, “You can stay in the dungeon for a whole day today. After today, you can go out.”

“I have a request. Can you help me?” Scott asked.

“What request?” Hamish’s gazes fell on Scott’s face.

“I want to go to Room 12.”

Hamish stared at Scott for a few seconds, then said lightly, “OK, but you can only enter this room.”

“This one is enough.” Scott showed a playful smile on his face, and then walked towards the 12th room.


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