The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 434 I Give Up

The next day, at Martial Arts Hall in Guanling.

Everyone in the dungeon was taken around the ring to watch a challenge that was about to be carried out today. Scott was going to challenge the thirteenth master on List of the Ares, King of Hell.

Because this was an internal challenge in Guanling, it didn’t disclose to those who came to Guanling for vacation. One was because this kind of challenge did not occur often, and the other was because there was a huge disparity between two sides. In many cases, the results were self-evident, so there was no need to treat it as a performance competition. It was enough to find some spectators inside Guanling.

At this time, everyone in the dungeon was talking about it. Only the people from Room 13 were a little silent. From time to time, those people would cast some sympathetic or mocking glances to the guys from Room 13, as if they were watching a joke.

Although Scott was able to pass the trial, which proved that he was stronger than most people in the dungeon, these people did not admire Scott at all, instead, they were somewhat mocking. Because in their opinion, even if Scott was able to pass the trial, he would die in the challenge.

“Scott is really insane. He has only been to Guanling for more than half a month. He has already made a reputation in the dungeon. No one dares to provoke him. If he continues to stay in the dungeon, under his leadership, Room 13 will become the most powerful room. Unfortunately, this guy seems to be stupid. He even applied for the trial. Now he’s going to die. His opponent is the thirteenth master on List of the Ares. If he can win, I will change my name.”

“He’s just bluffing. He feels like he has won a few ring matches in the dungeon, and then becomes arrogant. He actually thought that he could defeat the master on List of the Ares. This time, King of Hell will definitely teach him a lesson.”

“Tsk-tusk, in any case, this guy is so courageous. I don’t have the guts to apply for the trial.”

“Is this called courage? This is obviously a brainless. Doing things without considering the consequences. This kind of person is the easiest to lose his life in Guanling.”

Mad Dag was staring at the guys from Room 13 playfully. The looks in his eyes were full of irony.
“Ernie, your boss is going to the hell. What do you think?” Mad Dog shouted at Ernie.

Ernie glanced at him coldly, and said, “Before the results come out, I advise you not to be so arrogant, otherwise you will be embarrassed in the end.”

“I’m arrogant? You’re f*cking funny. I’m just saying a fact that everyone agrees with. Didn’t you see everyone’s reaction? You can go to ask anyone present. Except you guys in Room 13, who would believe that Scott can beat King of Hell?” Mad Dog still said.

Ernie was burning with anger, but he didn’t know how to refute Mad Dog. So he could only gritted his teeth and glared at Mad Dog. Then Ernie turned his head, and ignored Mad Dog.

Mad Dag was very satisfied when he saw Ernie’s reaction. He just liked to watch the people in Room 13 were so angry but couldn’t do anything to him.

“When Scott dies, Room 13 is just a collection of rubbish. Then I will ravage you guys as much as I can and trample you under my feet forever.” Mad Dog said to himself. Then his eyes fell on the ring.

At this time, Scott was already standing on the ring. He looked so calm. Although his ears were full of discussions from others, he was not moved at all.

He was used to this feeling of not being recognized by everyone when he was outside, so he didn’t feel that these people’s words would have any effect on him.

He always liked to use the results to speak for himself. When the challenge was over, those who were self-righteous would eventually shut their mouths up.
On the second floor of Martial Arts Hall, many people were standing in front of the guardrail, staring at the ring below.

These people were all the masters on List of the Ares. After hearing that Scott was about to challenge King of Hell, they came here to watch the battle.

Among them, standing at the forefront was Orion who was ranked 15th on List of the Ares.

After learning that his trial record was broken, Orion felt a bit complicated. Although nowadays he would not take the trial seriously, in the past few years, there were only a few things he could show off to his friends. That record was one of them. Now it was snatched by Scott, he was naturally unhappy.

So he and his friends came here to watch Scott’s battle together, wanting to see who passed the trial in just over four minutes.

“It seems that this brat’s luck is not very good. His opponent is actually King of Hell. I originally wanted to wait for him to pass the challenge and ask him how he passed the trial in such a short time.” Orion spoke.

A person next to him immediately complimented, “Orion, there is no need to ask. With your current strength, if you want to pass the trial, you will definitely be much faster than that brat. Besides, luck is also part of the strength. This brat’s bad luck can only show that his strength is not good. Maybe all his luck in this life has been used up in the trial.”

Orion just smiled but didn’t say anything. He was still staring at Scott.

After a short while, the challenge was about to begin. At this time, a figure walked in outside Martial Arts Hall. It was famous King of Hell in Guanling, Montgomery.

After Montgomery entered Martial Arts Hall, he went directly to the ring and stood opposite Scott.

He stared at Scott, but his face was full of helplessness.

He also didn’t expect that Scott would choose him to challenge. The first moment he learned the news, he thought of surrendering. In his opinion, there was absolutely no possibility of winning Scott.

So he had already figured out what he would do in the ring today. It was nothing more than to be embarrassed.
In his opinion, compared with being died, being embarrassed was not worth mentioning.

Soon, Hamish, the person in charge of the dungeon, walked to the edge of the ring. He held a microphone, and announced the start of the challenge.

Everyone focused their attention on Scott and Montgomery on the ring, waiting for the fight between the two.

Scott stared at Montgomery, then a calm smile appeared on his face. He said, “I have already asked them. I don’t have to beat you to death. As long as you concede defeat, it will be over. Should you know what to do today?”

Montgomery showed a bitter smile. Then he nodded to Scott, and said, “The fame that I finally accumulated in Guanling is about to fall to the bottom today.”

After speaking, he turned around, swept through all the audience, and shouted in a low voice, “I give up!!!”


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