The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 433 The First Thing I Will Do Is to Kill You

In the dungeon.

At this time, the people in Room 13 were a little excited, while the people in the other rooms were all gloomy. It was completely not like just now.

Listening to the cheers in the next room, Mad Dog’s face darkened. He gritted his teeth with hatred, then he directly slapped a guy who was standing in front of him.

That guy was wronged. He just stood a little closer to Mad Dog, but he was beaten for no reason. He was so wronged.

“Hmph, didn’t he just pass a trial? It’s nothing to be proud of. Don’t forget he has to challenge a master on List of the Ares. This is the real difficulty. Any master on List of the Ares must be better than Scott. I am afraid that this guy will not know how he died by then.” Mad Dog said to himself.

The people in the other rooms also thought the same way as Mad Dog. They felt that it was too early for the people in Room 13 to be happy. Even if Scott could pass the trial, he would definitely not be able to defeat a master on List of the Ares.

If Scott was lucky and selected a master who was ranked the end of List of the Ares, there would be a slight possibility to win. If Scott was not lucky and chose a master who was ranked 11st to 19th on List of the Ares, everyone in Room 13 could directly mourn for Scott in advance.

Obviously, everyone hoped that Scott was unlucky.

In Room 13, Scott looked at the excited people, and said, “Don’t be excited. I have to challenge a master on List of the Ares.
You guys go to train now.”

Hearing Scott’s words, everyone suddenly calmed down as if being splashed with cold water.

Scott’s passing the trial was indeed a thing to be happy about, but they also believed that the real difficulty was to challenge the masters on List of the Ares.

No one spoke any more. They continued to train.

Ernie wanted to come over to say something to Scott, but Scott glared at him, which scared him back.

In the evening, the man who took Scott to the trial came to the dungeon with a box in his hand.

This man was the person in charge of the dungeon. His name was Hamish. He was a celebrity in Guanling, but he was more like a housekeeper specially recruited by Guanling. In addition to managing things in the dungeon, Hamish was nothing special here.

He didn’t have much strength and looked like an ordinary person, but even so, no one dared to provoke him. Because everyone knew that the two people who followed Hamish were so strong and were not worse than masters on List of the Ares.

Hamish walked to the door of Room 13. Many people in other rooms ran to the door ta listen to the situation outside. They all knew that Hamish would come here to let Scott choose one of the top masters on List of the Ares to challenge.

“Scott, come here.” Hamish stared at Scott in the room and said lightly.
Scott walked over and stood in front of Hamish.

Hamish handed the box in his hand to Scott, and said, “Except for the top ten, the serial numbers of all the remaining masters on List of the Ares are in this box. You can pick one. The one you picked is your opponent who you’re going to challenge tomorrow. You have one night to prepare.”

Scott nodded to Hamish, then put one of his hands into the box and took a note out.
Hamish took the note that Scott picked. He opened it. Then he saw it was familiar “13” written on it.
This also meant that Scott was about to challenge the thirteenth master on List of the Ares.

When Scott saw this number, he was a little surprised. A strange expression appeared on his face. If he remembered correctly, Montgomery was now the thirteenth person on List of the Ares.

What a coincidence! Scott was a little bit dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that he would need to challenge Montgomery so that he could successfully gain freedom in Guanling.

“Your opponent tomorrow is the thirteenth on List of the Ares, nicknamed King of Hell. Wish you success.” Hamish said to Scott expressionlessly.
Scott nodded, and then asked, “Does this challenge have to be won by killing the opponent?”

Hamish shook his head and said, “As long as you can make the other party admit defeat, you can pass. But most of the time, those who admit defeat will not continue to be alive in this world.”

Scott breathed a sigh of relief. If this was the case, there was nothing to worry about. Ryanorrow, he could just let Montgomery admit defeat. He didn’t have to beat Montgomery to death. Montgomery was a high-ranking master on List of the Ares. Even if he lost, Guanling wouldn’t do anything to him.

After the people in Room 13 saw that Scott’s opponent was the thirteenth-ranked master, they were all shocked. They felt that Scott was really unlucky enough. He even picked a master ranked so high.

Anyone could be ranked in the top 20 was not simple. How could a person who was from the dungeon be their opponent? Ernie sighed helplessly. He felt a trace of sympathy for Scott. Suddenly, he felt like his boss was about to say goodbye to them.
But Scott looked calm, as if he didn’t take this matter to heart.

Ernie felt that Scott was just pretending to be calm. He originally wanted to comfort Scott, but he didn’t know what to say, so he could only train silently in the end.

After Scott finished choosing the one who he needed to challenge, Hamish turned around and walked out. Everyone in the other rooms looked at Hamish curiously, wondering which master Scott had chosen.

When Hamish reached the end of the corridor, he stopped, turned around, and shouted in a very penetrating voice, “Ryanorrow, Scott will challenge the thirteenth master on List of the Ares, King of Hell. Everyone has to watch the battle together!”

After speaking, Hamish left the dungeon.

All the rooms in the dungeon, except for Room 13, cheered suddenly.

The thirteenth master on List of the Ares! King of Hell!

Scott unexpectedly selected such a high-ranking master. He was so unlucky!

At that time, those who gloated at Scott just now once again showed a proud look. In their opinion, Scott was almost sentenced to death.

After hearing Hamish’s words, Mad Dog showed a mocking smile, immediately followed by loud laughter.

“Hahhaha. He actually got King of Hell. The strength of King of Hell is very terrifying. It took him only a few years to rank 13th.
Many people even guess that his strength is the top ten. Scott can’t survive this time.”

Mad Dag went to the door and yelled at Room 13, “Shit in Room 13. Are you happy now? Your boss got King of Hell. I think you can mourn for him in advance.”

“Fuck off. Mad Dog, don’t you want to live anymore? You’re just nothing in front of our boss!” Ernie immediately talked back.

“So what? After tomorrow, he will be a dead meat. I am not afraid at all. Is it possible that he can come and kill me now? Don’t dream. He won’t have this chance in this life!” Mad Dog said with disdain. In his opinion, Scott, who was going to die tomorrow, couldn’t make him fear anymore.

Ernie was trembling with anger, but was helpless.

At this time, Scott glanced at the wall next door and said coldly, “Remember what you said. After I finish the challenge tomorrow, the first thing I will do is to kill you!”

Mad Dag felt the murderous aura contained in Scott’s words. He was frightened, but he soon recovered and said with no fear, “Stop bluffing. You have no chance of coming back!”

Scott just smiled. He didn’t care about Mad Dog. Whether he could come back, they would naturally know tomorrow.


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