The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 432 Your Record Has Been Broken

In the dungeon, the atmosphere in Room 13 was somewhat depressed.
Ernie sat on the edge of the bed, frowning. He was a little anxious.

Scott was almost equivalent to a savior for the people in Room 13. Before Scott appeared, the people in Room 13 almost fell to the point of eating chaffy vegetables. Precisely because of Scott, they could eat a little well.

However, the savior had only been in Room 13 for half a month, and then he went to participate in the trial. For the people in Room 13, this was not something to be happy about.

If Scott succeeded, they might still get some benefits. According to the regulations, the room where the person who passed the trial successfully lived did not need to participate in any arena matches within one year.

However, if Scott failed, the situation they had to face would only be worse than before. They had been living good days for more than half a month. Their room could now be said to be a thorn in the eyes of people in all other rooms. Once Scott was gone, the other rooms would definitely vent on them. At that time, they would definitely be quite miserable.

“Shit in Room 13. I heard that Scott went to participate in the trial. It seems that he has no chance to come back alive. Are you ready to meet our fists? I hate you guts during these days. You’re all not pleasing to my eyes. I’ve long wanted to teach you guys a lesson!” At this time, a shout came from the next room.

Ernie’s face sank when he heard the shout. He knew that the person speaking was the leader in Room 12, nicknamed Mad Dog.

“You’re really a f*cking mad dog! Are you sure that our boss can’t pass the trial? When our boss passes the trial, just wait and see!” Ernie replied angrily.

“Hahaha, stop dreaming. You don’t know how terrifying the trial is? How many of those who participated in the trial can come back? Scott is indeed stronger than us, but that’s it. It is impossible for him to pass that trial.” Mad Dog replied disdainfully.

As soon as he said this, everyone in the surrounding rooms shouted.
“Fools in Room 13. Don’t think that Scott can go back anymore. He is probably dead now!” “Your support is gone. Wait for me to kick your ass!”

“So funny. You guys thought that Scott could succeed in the trial? What a f*cking joke!”

One after another, the ridicule echoed in the dungeon. The people in Room 13 who listened to it all gritted their teeth, wishing to rush out and fight with those people now.

Ernie also clenched his fists. He was burned with anger by the mocking words of those in other rooms.

Just when everyone was taunting Room 13, the dungeon door was suddenly opened. The sound of the iron chain sounded.
Then, the people in all the rooms immediately became quiet.

Scott, led by a man in a black suit, returned to the dungeon and walked along the corridor towards Room 13.

When the people in each room saw Scott coming back, they were stunned. Then, inexplicable fear grew in their hearts.

After a while, an unbelievable voice broke the silence in the dungeon, “This… this guy, actually came back alive! Has he passed the trial?”

Everyone took a deep breath and looked at Scott, who walked step by step, in disbelief.

The people in Room 13 couldn’t see the situation in the corridor, but that person’s words made them all realize what was going on.

An excited expression appeared on Ernie’s face. He was waiting for the figure that was about to appear expectantly. His body trembled slightly because of being too excited.

“What did the man say? Scott is still alive? He passed the trial?” Mad Dog in Room 12 looked at the man next to him and asked.

The man next to him shook his head, saying he didn’t hear clearly.

“I must have heard it wrong. How could that brat come back alive? If he can pass the trial, I will…” Just when Mad Dog was speaking, Scott passed the door of Room 12. Seeing Scott, Mad Dog swallowed his own words all at once, his eyes almost popping out.

Scott turned his head to glance at Mad Dog. Mad Dog was so scared that his body was shivering. He didn’t expect that Scott actually passed the trial and came back alive.

“How is this possible! He really succeeded?” Mad Dog muttered to himself.
The man in the black suit sent Scott into Room 13 and then left.

Ernie and the people in Room 13 looked at Scott with excitement. After a while, Ernie asked, “Boss, have you passed that trial?”

Scott nodded. But he didn’t express too much excitement. After all, for him, there was no difficulty at all.

Everyone in Room 13 cheered. The entire dungeon was covered by the cheers.

“It’s just a small trial. It is no need to be so excited.” Scott said, then walked to the bed.

Ernie’s face twitched twice. A terrifying trial with a success rate of less than one-tenth was just like a game for Scott. How terrifying Scott was!

In a bar in Guanling.

The lights inside were colorful. There were not many people who came to drink. The main reason was that there were not many people in Guanling.

In general, except for those top consortiums or top families who came here to drink, the rest were naturally the staffs of Guanling and those who were on List of the Ares and had gained freedom in Guanling.

At this time, on the dance floor in the middle of the bar, a few hot girls were twisting their waists. A few pieces of clothing were scattered on the ground. As they danced, their clothes seemed to become more and more smooth. It seemed that those clothes couldn’t continue to stay on their hot bodies…

In a booth of the bar, several people were sitting together, sipping the wine in their glasses.

These people were all on List of the Ares. The most eye-catching one was that guy who passed the trial in eight minutes and seventeen seconds and then succeed in challenging a master on List of the Ares. Now he had become the 15th place on List of the Ares. His name was Orion, nicknamed Steel Gun.

The rest of the people were ranked 20th or 30th on List of the Ares. They had a good relationship with Orion, so they often drank together.

Because Orion came out from the dungeon. Not only did he pass the trial, but also reached the fifteenth place on List of the Ares with his own strength. So many people admired him very much.

Orion was most proud of his record of eight minutes and seventeen seconds to pass the trial, which no one had broken it so far.

Orion liked to listen to others praise him. So every time when they drank together, these friends would talk about it to make Orion happy.

“Orion, now you are respected by others in Guanling. Whoever can enter the top 20 on List of the Ares is not simple. Especially the trial record you set that year, I heard no one has broken it yet.” “Yes, this record has been here for many years. The trial in Guanling is not simple. Few people can achieve the level of Orion.”

“So it proves that Orion is so powerful. Although I don’t come from the dungeon, if I were to participate in the trial, it would never be possible to achieve Orion’s level.”

Listening to the compliments of the people around him, Orion showed a triumphant smile on his face. Then he clinked his glass against everyone’s. After drinking, he said, “It’s nothing. The trial is actually not difficult. After you guys try it, you’ll know it.
Maybe someone of you guys can break my record so easily.”

Everyone knew that this was just Orion’s joke, so no one took it seriously.
At this moment, they received a message at the same time.

Their mobile phones were specially equipped by Guanling. Although they were free in Guanling, they still needed to listen to the dispatch once there was something happened in Guanling. Therefore, the mobile phone was a tool for contacting them and could only be used in Guanling. They couldn’t use the mobile phone to send messages to the outside world.

They all felt a little strange. They didn’t know what kind of message would be sent at this time. Besides, they received the message at the same time.

One of them took out his mobile phone to check. After seeing the content above, his eyes widened immediately, and then he turned his head to glance at Orion.

“What’s the matter? You look so shocked.” The person next to him also took out his mobile phone. After seeing it, he showed the same expression on his face as that person.

Seeing that they were all like this, Orion asked, “What happened? Say it. I don’t bother to look at the phone.” Then he picked up the wine in front of him and planned to take another sip.

“Orion, someone broke your record.” After hesitating, the man said.

Orion’s raised hand immediately stopped in the air. His eyes fell on the person who spoke. The man felt so scared.

A few seconds later, Orion acted as if it didn’t matter. He continued to raise his hand, took a sip of beer, and pretended to say nonchalantly, “Got it! See your shocked look! Didn’t I say that trial is not hard? Its normal that others can break the record.”

Although Orion said so, he was already so unhappy. It was something he could show off. But he didn’t expect to be broken by someone else. Just now, he was still showing off it, which really made him unhappy.

“How long did it take for the person who broke my record? If I didn’t guess wrong, it should have been around eight minutes.
Passing the trial in eight minutes is already the limit. Even if the record is broken, it shouldn’t be exceeded by much.” Orion comforted himself.

“Ahem.” The man cleared his throat, then said, “The man who broke your record passed the trial in four minutes and twenty-two seconds.”

Orion, who was still pretending to be calm, directly smashed the wine glass on the table. Then he stood up and shouted, “Four minutes and twenty-two seconds? How the hell is this possible!”


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