The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 431 Rush Over in One Go

As soon as Scott entered the room, he felt a bit chill. When he looked up, he saw along corridor in front of him.

The light in this corridor was dim. There were many complicated patterns on the surrounding walls. If Scott himself didn’t known that he was on the third floor, he might have thought that he had entered a weird passage in an ancient tomb.

At the end of the corridor, there was a door. If he guessed correctly, the other door mentioned by the staffs was at the end of the corridor.

Since this was a trial, Scott wouldn’t think that this gloomy corridor was just a common corridor. If he guessed right, the corridor should be full of traps.

The simpler the place looked like, the more unexpected danger it hidden. If this corridor was really so easy to pass, Ernie and the others would not be so frightened and panicked when they mentioned the trial.

Scott stepped onto the corridor. Without warning, a few holes suddenly appeared on the walls on both sides. Sixteen arrows.
carrying powerful strength shot at Scott directly. Scott was shocked. He quickly stepped onto the second stone slab. At this moment, a huge rock suddenly fell towards his head, without giving him any time to react.

Scott cursed, and then took another step quickly. Suddenly a raging flame burned above the ground, as if it was about to swallow Scott directly.

With his own jumping power, Scott quickly jumped towards the front. After falling on the fourth stone slab, Scott was quietly relieved because no new traps had appeared.

Scott didn’t expect that he would encounter such dense traps just as he stepped on the corridor. Looking at the end with more than 100 meters far away, Scott was a little anxious. If there were still so dense traps on the remaining road, even if he reacted quickly, he might be killed by sudden hidden weapons when he was a little careless.

No wonder the people in the dungeon were so afraid of participating in the trial. Even in the face of the temptation of freedom, they still didn’t challenge it. Because the trial was too hard. Ordinary people couldn’t pass it casually.

Scott took a deep breath. He stood on the fourth stone slab to adjust his state. He showed a playful smile.

Although this corridor was terrifying and quite challenging, for Scott, who had always had a lot of confidence in his own strength, it was more like a game.

Scott was also very much looking forward to what would happen the next. According to his estimation, as long as his speed reached the extreme and his reaction reached a perfect state, in the limit of time, he could rush to the end of this corridor in one breath.

There should still be areas in this corridor that gave people a rest like the fourth stone slab. Maybe many people stepped on the kind of stone slab and forced themselves to avoid those weapons, but when they came to these stone slabs which was without danger, they would be hesitant.

Then they would be afraid of the rest challenge, so they didn’t dare to take the next step. Even if most people had the ability to avoid these hidden weapons, they would stay on the stone slab for too long because of the fear in their hearts, which would eventually lead them to fail the trial.

After thinking about it carefully, Scott did not act in a hurry. Instead, he stood still and tried to restore his state to the best. Later, he had to challenge himself to rush to the end in one breath. At that speed, he could reach the end of the corridor at most one minute. So staying on the fourth stone slab for a while had no effect to the result.

Outside the door at the end of the corridor, a few staff members walked here. Above the door, there was a display screen with the monitor inside the corridor. They could clearly see the situation of the people participating in the trial.

When the staff members arrived outside, they all looked up at the display screen. They were all slightly surprised when they saw that Scott had stood on the fourth stone slab, but they were still full of disdain.

“This guy is lucky. He escaped the first three traps, but it seems that he is frightened and he doesn’t dare to move forward.”

“The first three traps are the simplest in this corridor. If he can’t even pass these three, he will be dead soon. There are a total of 108 kinds of traps in this corridor. Each is more terrifying than last. That’s not over.”

“Look at him, it seems that he really doesn’t dare to go forward anymore. No matter how powerful the rest traps are, he doesn’t move yet. According to previous experience, this person will probably wait here until the time is up. Then he will die.”

Several people talked about Scott, but they all were contemptuous of Scott. They didn’t think Scott could pass this trial.

It was not that they aimed at Scott. In their eyes, almost everyone who came to participate in the trial sucked. After all, less than one-tenth people were able to come out of the corridor alive. Besides, Scott didn’t look strong, so they naturally felt that it was impossible for Scott to come out alive.

“Do you still remember how long it took the person who passed the corridor the fastest here?” a person asked.

“Eight minutes and seventeenth seconds. You forgot it? That is the fastest in Guanling in the past ten years. Now that person who has passed the trial is already the fifteenth master on List of the Ares. That guy is the real strong master.” Another person replied, with a little admiration in his eyes.

“Tsk-tusk, eight minutes and seventeen seconds? It’s really freak. The one inside now might not live for eight minutes.”

At this time, in the display screen, Scott, who had been standing still, suddenly moved. His figure rushed forward quickly, completely ignoring all the weapons that appeared in the corridor.

“Look, that brat moved! Holy shit! How can he be so fast! Those weapons can’t catch him at all!” A person staring at the screen suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone looked up at the display screen. Within a few seconds, these staffs opened their mouths in shock.

The hidden weapons in the corridor flew randomly. The place where Scott passed was full of chaos. All those weapons wanted to kill Scott, but they couldn’t even catch Scott at all.

In the display screen, Scott brushed past the hidden weapons several times, but those hidden weapons failed to injure Scott in the end.

The staffs outside the door were all stunned. They watched Scott’s physical strength and speed to the extreme, as if they were watching an artist perform for them.

In less than a minute, Scott had already rushed to the end of the corridor. He kicked open the door, and walked out quickly from the inside. Facing of the staffs who were in amazement, Scott was out of breath.

During the run just now, Scott was almost hit by those weapons several times. It was so dangerous. Fortunately, he avoided them by virtue of his powerful skills. Otherwise, he was died in the corridor.

Scott rushed out in one breath, which was extremely exhausting for him. The most important thing was that he had to be absorbed in it. He couldn’t have any distractions. Passing this corridor made Scott feel for the first time that he used all his strength.

The staffs at the door looked at Scott who had come out of the corridor. They didn’t react. The time it took Scott from action to rushing out of the corridor was too short, which was completely beyond their imagination. So they were a little dumbfounded.

Scott stared at one of them, then asked, “I should spend less than fifteen minutes, right?”

Only then did the person react. He quickly glanced at the time, and then said in a slightly hoarse and trembling voice, “Four…four minutes and twenty-two seconds…”

Scott nodded in satisfaction, and said, “Then I should be considered to have passed the trial, right?”

The man nodded mechanically. The number “four minutes and twenty-two seconds” was still echoing in his ears. This record was unique in the history of Guanling.

Scott felt a little strange to look at the dull expressions on their faces. He felt that he was not bad this time. If he was in a better condition and didn’t stay on the fourth stone slab for a few minutes, he should be able to pass the corridor within two minutes.

He didn’t know which level his performance could be ranked at in Guanling. According to his speculation, he should still be at an upper-middle level.

“Are you not going to find someone to take me back to the dungeon?” Scott asked again.

Only then did they realize that Scott really passed this trial. Besides, Scott broke the historical record of Guanling. It wouldn’t take long for this matter to be spread to the masters’ ears of Guanling.

“Wait a moment. We will have someone come over to pick you up.” A person said to Scott, and then hurriedly contacted the person who brought Scott over.

Scott felt that the attitudes of these staffs had obviously improved a lot. It seemed that after the trial, he had the possibility of gaining freedom in Guanling. Besides, he could still get some promotion in status.

While waiting for the guy coming to take him back, Scott found that the staffs had been looking at himself, as if looking at a special treasure. It made Scott feel a little uncomfortable.

“At my speed, which level can I be ranked at in Guanling? Can I be at the upper-middle level?” Scott asked in order to break the embarrassment.

Those staff members were all stiff. They were a little speechless for a while. At the upper-middle level? This was a record- breaking level!

“It’s the top level.” A person said.

Scott said, “Got it.” He didn’t expect that he could be considered the top level, so he asked, “Then what is the fastest record here? How far is it from breaking the record?”

The man smiled awkwardly, and said, “It took eight minutes and seventeen seconds for the person who passed the corridor the fastest before you came.”

Hearing this, Scott fell silent immediately.


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