The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 430 Trial

Time was fleeting, Scott had adapted to life in Guanling in a half month and had gotten a deeper understanding of this place.

After living here for a period of time, Scott found that this place was not as terrible as Freddie described. Although there was no law and there were a lot of death, not everyone who came in would die.

And after communicating with some people here, Scott became more and more suspicious whether Freddie’s wife was kidnapped by people from Guanling, because Ernie told Scott that Guanling people would never do this kind of mischief. .

They did have a lot of girls who were specially arranged to provide services, but some of these girls were cultivated here, and the others were indeed brought in from the outside world, but all of them were voluntary.

Those women were similar to those locked up in the dungeon. They were either rushing for money, or going desperate, so they accepted the invitation to Guanling, betraying their bodies, and providing services here.

As Freddie said, Guanling would often target on popular female stars and kidnap them. In the eyes of Ernie and others, it was just a rumor.

If those in the top consortium wanted to play female celebrities, they could get them outside. There was no need for them to come to Guanling, and Guanling didn’t bother to do such things.

So, Scott had some doubts that Freddie’s wife might indeed have died in a car accident, but Freddie felt this unacceptable, so he linked his wife’s death to the environment here subconsciously, and viewed this as an emotional anchor.

If this was the case, Scott thought Freddie was quite pitiful. After all, after investigating for so many years, Freddie found a way to enter Guanling, but if in the end, he found that his wife was not taken by the people of Guanling, then he would definitely break down.

However, this was the impermanence of the world, and it was because of all kinds of mistakes and accidents that the complex and colorful world existed.

In the past half month, Scott’s reputation in the dungeon spread rapidly. During this period, he participated two game and completely conquered everyone in the dungeon with his strength.

In the past, Room 13 was the worst in the entire dungeon, but since the arrival in Scott, Room 13 had become an existence that made everyone in the other rooms frightened.

Everyone knew that once they met Scott, they could only surrender, because there was no need to fight.

And neither Annabel nor Nate ever caused trouble for Scott. Annabel might be really afraid that Scott would spread the photos on his phone, so she never contacted Scott afterwards.

Nate hadn’t sent anyone to deal with Scott since that day. Scott didn’t know the reason, but as long as this guy he had never seen but wanted to kill him stopped picking on him, it was lucky for Scott.
In Room 13, Scott was sitting on the bed, staring at the people in Room 13.

At this time, everyone in Room 13 was lying on the ground and doing push-ups neatly and uniformly. If it weren’t for the fact that these people were desperadoes who had entered Guanling because they had nowhere to go, people might think they were all professional gymnasts.

“Boss, we have done hundred push-ups!” At this time, one of them stopped and shouted to Scott.
“In groups of two, do the sit-ups, two hundred per person, or there won’t be food.” Scott said.
Those people grouped in pairs quickly without hesitation and they began to do sit-ups.

During this period of time Scott had been trying to improve the overall strength of Room 13. In this kind of place, if one was not strong, he would be easily eliminated.

Of course, he did this not to help the people in Room 13 get better food. It was because when these people didn’t have games, they had nothing to do in the room and often discussed vulgarities. So, Scott started physical training for them, on the one hand, to make them less undisciplined, and on the other hand, to make the environment less chaotic.

These people were unwilling to take the training at the beginning, but unfortunately under Scott’s fist, no one dared to express any dissatisfaction soon.

Scott also formulated a rule that if the task of the day was not completed, there would be no food. Now these people were training desperately in order to win a big meal every day.

At this time, the door of the room was opened, Ernie walked in from the outside and stopped in front of Scott.

“Boss, your application for the trial has passed. In the afternoon, as long as you can pass the trial, the Guanling people will arrange a game for you, and then choose a master on the Gods of War list for you to challenge. Are you sure to participate in the Trial?” Ernie looked at Scott helplessly and asked.

Scott laughed and said, “Of course, through this trial and challenge, I will have freedom in Guanling. Do you want to be locked in this dungeon for the rest of your life?”

“Although it is true, that no one wants to be locked in this place, it is not easy to pass this trial. What’s more, there are even more terrifying challenges from the masters on the Gods of War list. You can indeed gain freedom if you pass it, but if you fail, you may have to sacrifice your life.” Ernie said seriously.

“Hehe, do you want me to fail so much?” Scott looked at Ernie with a hint of joking.

Ernie shivered, and then she said with a smile: “No, no, boss, you will definitely succeed. I know you are not ordinary. How could we compare with you?”

“Hurry up and do the physical training with them. You haven’t started your task today. You will have nothing to eat before you finish.” Scott shouted.

Ernie was full of grievances, but she didn’t dare to say anything, so she could only walk to the corner silently and do push-ups.
In the afternoon, several people from Guanling came to the door of Room 13.

“Scott, come out.” Here came a vigorous voice.

Everyone in the room put themselves together, turned their heads and saw that Scott had already reached the door.

“Do you want to participate in the trial?” the man asked.

Scott nodded.

“Come out, I’ll take you there.” The man said to Scott directly.

After that, Scott followed the man out of the dungeon.

Not long after they left, all rooms in the dungeon began to talk about this.

“Scott is really awesome. He even applied for the trial. Is it possible for him to succeed?”

“How could he be successful? The trial is not for people of our level, not to mention that he has to challenge the masters on the Gods of War list. He may even sacrifice his life.”

“That’s right, Scott’s strength is indeed stronger than ours, but he definitely does not have the strength of a master on the Gods of War list. Even if he passes the trial, he will still not be able to win the subsequent challenge.”

“Without him in Room 13, it is estimated that Room 13 will be beaten back to its original form. I really hope that I can run into

them in the next game, so that I can vent my anger on them.”

“Without Scott, Room 13 is rubbish. How could they deserve big meals every day? I hope Scott will be beaten to death by a master on the Gods of War list. I will challenge Room 13 in a few days. I’ll let them know how strong I am!”

People’s voices passed through the tunnel and reached the ears of those in Room 13, and everyone became gloomy. Obviously, these words made them feel very upset.

Ernie took a glance at these people, and said, “Don’t be damned here, the boss said, the most important thing was to make ourselves stronger. If our boss can really win in the challenge, we can also get some benefits.”

Hearing what Ernie said, they stopped entangle and began to train.

Scott was taken to a spacious room on the second floor of the Martial Arts Hall by a few people. Inside, there were some people who looked like staff waiting there, and behind these people was a black door. He didn’t know what was behind this door.

“He is going to participate in the trial. Please prepare. If he succeeds, please let me know. If he fails, deal with his body by yourselves.” The person who brought Scott over said and then left.

People in the room looked at Scott, with a disdainful smile on their face. And one of them muttered: “Another one is here to die.
I really don’t know where does these people get the confidence. The trial is not that easy to pass. When they understand this truth, I’m afraid they have been dead. What a pity!”

“Boy, come here to register, or you can go back now. Of course, you have applied for the trial. If you regret, you will have your tongue cut off.” A person sneered at Scott and said.

Scott ignored the attitudes of these people and walked over to register.
“What do I need to do?” Scott asked.

The man pointed his finger at the dark door behind him, and said, “You will enter this door later. You have fifteen minutes. Within fifteen minutes, if you can get out from the other door alive, then the trial is completed.”

“If you die inside, or if it takes more than fifteen minutes, it will be considered to be a failure. Those who overrun fifteen minutes will be given the last meal to eat, and then they can say goodbye to the world. Do you understand what I mean?”

Scott nodded, and walked directly into the door without hesitation.
Seeing Scott enter, the staff members outside all sneered.
“Is it possible for this kid to succeed?” one of them asked.

“Him? Stop it. Look at his delicate face. I’m afraid he will die in it within one minute. Let’s go. Let’s go to the other door and wait.
By the way, we can check the surveillance. If he is dead, we can go in and collect his body.”

The other person said, glanced at the time, and walked over to the other door.


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