The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 426 We Can Get A Good Price

In the dungeon.
Many people stared at Scott curiously, wondering why he was called out.

Ernie walked to Scott, with a wretched smile on his face. He asked, “Boss, there are better girls outside, so you were called out? How about it? Is she better than those ten girls who were sent in just now?”

Scott glared at him and said, “If you say something wrong again, I can’t guarantee that you can speak like a normal person in the future.”

Ernie shuddered immediately. Then he quickly covered his mouth with his hand and stayed away from Scott. He still didn’t dare to offend this terrifying guy.

“Wait.” Scott said, turning to look at Ernie, “I have something to ask you.” Ernie hurried back, showing a flattering smile to Scott, and said, “Boss, as long as I know, I will definitely tell you.”

“If people in the dungeon want to be free in Guanling, do they need to pass a trial? How do they apply for this trial?” Scott asked.

Hearing what Scott said, Ernie immediately widened his eyes. Then he said, “Boss, don’t think about the trial! Although it is less difficult than high ladder, it’s still not easy. Since I came here, there have been more than fifty people applying for the trial, but only four succeeded in the end. The rest people all died.”

“Let’s not talk about how difficult this trial is. Even if you pass the trial, you still need to challenge a master on List of the Ares.
You have no right to select. It’s someone else in Guanling who randomly selects one on List of the Ares for you. Although he can’t select the top ten on List of the Ares, if he selects the master who ranks the 11st for you, you still have to play against to him. Many people passed the trial, but died in this challenge.”

Scott was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect that the challenge after passing the trial was random. Montgomery didn’t mention this to him.

But Scott could understand it. Montgomery felt that Scott had the strength to reach the top five on List of the Ares. Besides, the person Scott had to challenge was those who were not the top ten on List of the Ares. Therefore, Montgomery thought that Scott could handle it.

Scott smiled and said, “I don’t want to stay in this dungeon for a lifetime. Tell me how to apply for the trial. Maybe I will become the fifth successful challenger.”

In J City.

At CZ Community.

Amara sat on the sofa and looked very comfortable. Jennifer was cleaning and Nicolas was playing with the birds on the balcony.

“Scott isn’t in this house. I feel so refreshed. It seems that the bad luck in our family is indeed brought by him. When he leaves, everything is pleasing to my eyes.” Amara whispered.

She didn’t know that Scott had made a complete plan for the whole family when he went to Guanling this time. Now, nearly half of the cleaning staff, security, and property in CZ Community were arranged by Scott. They served for Edith and her family and solved all kinds of troubles for them.

The reason why Amara felt refreshed and comfortable in everything these days was mostly due to Scott’s arrangement.

“Madam, what is exactly Scott going to do? He didn’t tell us anything when he left. It has been several days, but there is no news from him.” Jennifer asked.

“It’s none of our business. He’d better die outside and never come back, so that we can live peacefully. Otherwise, he will have to cause us a lot of trouble. “Amara said unceremoniously.

Hearing Amara saying this, Jennifer hurriedly shut up. Otherwise, Amara would continue cursing Scott.

“Jennifer, have you noticed that Edith always loses appetite these past few days? She looks worried. Is she too tired from work? You’re going to make some delicious food for her these days. Let her be healthy.” Amara said to Jennifer, no longer mentioning Scott.

Jennifer nodded quickly. She also noticed Edith’s abnormality in the past few days. Although Edith had a bit of loss of appetite, she preferred to eat some sour food. Jennifer planned to buy two fish tomorrow and would make a boiled fish with pickled cabbage for Edith.

In the company of Patel family.
Edith looked a little tired after dealing with the company’s affairs. A trace of exhaustion appeared on her delicate face.
In the past few days, she didn’t know what was going on. She always felt very tired easily. Besides, she had no appetite.

After Scott left, she still thought about whether she deserved to be Scott’s side every day. But because Scott had more important things to deal with, so she failed to tell him about it. Now she always thought about it.

From the day Scott left, she could not get through Scott’s mobile phone, which made her a little worried. She was afraid that Scott might have an accident. But Scott told her that such a situation might happen. So Edith was just worried, but she did not send people to look for Scott’s whereabouts.

Leaving the office, Edith went straight out of the company building and walked towards the parking lot. When she reached the gate, she suddenly noticed a familiar figure hovering over there.
A smile appeared on her face immediately. She walked towards the person, “Diana, why are you here? I haven’t seen you for a

long time. Where have you been these days? I really miss you so much.”

Diana smiled at Edith and said, “I went on vacation for a while. I just came back. It happened that I passed by your company just now. Then I thought of that you were about to get off work, so I plan to wait here to see if I can meet you. I didn’t expect you to really come out.”

“Have you eaten? How about having a meal together?” Edith said.

Diana hesitated, then nodded, “Okay, let’s go to the western restaurant next to your company. I haven’t been there for a long time.”

“No problem! Wait for me here. I’ll go and drive the car out first.” Then Edith walked inside the parking lot.

But she didn’t notice that when she walked toward the parking lot, the smile on Diana’s face disappeared in an instant, which replaced by a touch of coldness.

In the western restaurant, the two of them started to talk about their recent situation after eating.

Edith told Diana that Scott left. She also wanted to talk to Diana about the entanglements in her heart, but at this time she noticed that there seemed to be something in Diana’s mind. Diana looked so anxious. It seemed that Diana wanted to say something but stopped again.

“Diana, is there something wrong with you? It seems that you have something on your mind. You can tell me. We are good friends. If you have any difficulties, I will help you.” Edith said.

Hearing Edith’s words, there was some sorry looks in Diana’s eyes. But it quickly disappeared. Diana took a deep breath. She looked serious, and then said, “Edith, in fact, this time I came to you, there is indeed something I want to ask you for help.”

“What’s the matter?” Edith asked, with a serious look. Although the previous incident created some estrangement between the two of them, Edith always regarded Diana as her best friend. If Diana had any difficulties, Edith would definitely not sit idly by.

“Here is the thing. My relatives invested in a factory and spent a lot of money on it. Recently, because of a problem with the capital chain, they found a lending institution to borrow usury. Now the principal plus interest is a total of one million, but it has to take them a few days to get the money. The lending institution is urging them to repay the money. They came to me and wanted to borrow money from me, but you also know that I don’t have so much money. So…”

“I can lend you one million.” Edith said directly before Diana finished speaking.
Nowadays, the company of Patel family was developing rapidly. The funds that Edith could hold were no longer like before. One million was nothing to Edith now.

Diana was a little surprised to hear Edith agreeing so swiftly. Then she shook her head quickly and said, “No need. I just want you to be my relatives’ guarantor. You are the president in the company of Patel family. The lending institution will definitely agree you to be the guarantor. As long as you become the guarantor, my relatives can buy some time. When my relatives get the funds, they can repay the lending institution.”

“Okay, what should I do as this guarantor?” Edith asked.

“You have to go to the lending institution with my relatives and sign an agreement. It’s very fast. It won’t take long.” When Diana said this, she obviously became a little nervous.

“No problem. When will we go?” Edith asked.

“As soon as possible. My relatives want to settle the matter as soon as possible. If you’re available now, we can go there now.” Diana said.

Edith nodded, and immediately called the waiter over to settle the bill. Then she followed Diana out of the western restaurant.

When they went out, there were already two middle-aged persons waiting there. One of them was a man and a woman. Their clothes were a little plain. It didn’t look like they were the boss of a factory.

Seeing Diana and Edith coming out, the two immediately greeted them with a smile in a dialect.

After that, they took the car to the lending institution that Diana said. On the way, Diana’s two relatives kept looking at Edith.
From time to time, they would whisper to each other, which made Edith a little uncomfortable.

Before long, the car stopped in a street in C Village in J City. They got out of the car. The two relatives took Edith and Diana to walk towards a remote alley.

“Aren’t we going to the lending institution? Why did we come to such a place?” Edith asked with some confusion.
“Then… that lending institution is in this alley. Because it is not formal, the location is relatively biased.” Diana explained.

Edith nodded. She thought since they were Diana’s relatives, there should be no problem. So she continued to follow them inside.

After a while, Diana suddenly said that she was going to go to the toilet, and asked Edith to follow her relatives first. Then she turned into another alley, saying that there was a public toilet there.

Edith followed the two people to a somewhat dilapidated yard. She glanced around and realized something was wrong, so she asked, “Are you sure that the lending institution is here? There is no one here at all.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man took out a rope from his pocket and quickly tied Edith up.

The middle-aged woman smiled wickedly, and said, “She looks so beautiful. This time, we can definitely sell her for a good price.”


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