The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 425 There Are Few People in the World Who Can Defeat Him

Montgomery showed a smile, which meant that he got it. Then he didn’t say anything.
Seeing Montgomery’s meaningful smile, Scott felt that Montgomery had a great misunderstanding to him.

“Let’s talk as we walk, because I need to take action against you at that time, so I distracted all the patrols nearby. They will come back soon. If they see me chatting with you here, I won’t know how to explain to them.” Montgomery said.

Scott nodded, and left with Montgomery.

Montgomery took Scott to a place that would not be founded by the patrols. The two told each other about their own experiences. Scott had more understanding why Montgomery appeared here and some things about Guanling.

It turned out that there were two ways to enter Guanling. One of which was Scott’s way to enter, but this method was Guanling’s method of expanding the bottom-level personnel, so it attracted many desperadoes and some people with no social background.

The reason why recruited those people was to let them go up to perform some entertainment games when there were no good programs in Guanling.

Same of them would also be sent to do some of the most basic maintenance and cleaning work in Guanling. They were the least status group in Guanling.

The second method was that Guanling would send some staffs to find some people with background, influence and strength in the society. The staffs from Guanling would show up when those people were facing crisis, and then the staffs would help them solve the crisis, but the prices was to enter Guanling and lost their freedom.

At the beginning, Montgomery got into three enemies in the south and was besieged by more than a dozen masters. Just when he was about to give up, the people from Guanling came to him and rescued him from the crisis.

If it weren’t for the people of Guanling, Montgomery would have died under the siege of a dozen masters.

The staffs from Guanling would also respect the wishes of the parties. If they didn’t want to lose their freedom because of entering Guanling, the staffs in Guanling would not force them to go in. At most, those staffs would stand aside and watch they were in a crisis.

In general, most people would agree.
After all, it was much better to lose freedom than to die.

Montgomery’s statement had greatly changed Scott’s view of Guanling. Freddie told Scott that Guanling would tie people with background and influence in society directly into Guanling. According to Montgomery, the people in Guanling were relatively friendly to those targets.

At least they would only appear when the target had a huge crisis, and would help him solve the crisis, in exchange for his freedom.

List of the Ares which was mentioned by Montgomery was a list specially formulated for those masters in Guanling. One purpose was to let everyone had a clear understanding of the strength of those masters in Guanling, and the other purpose was to let those top rich who were on vacation in Guanling understand their value and were willing to spend more money in seeing them fight.

High ladder what Ernie mentioned required a duel with ten masters in Guanling. These ten masters were the top ten people on List of the Ares.

Scott asked Montgomery the identities of the two who succeed in high ladder in Guanling’s history. Montgomery said that he didn’t know it. It hadn’t been long since he came to Guanling, so he still hadn’t figured out many things here.

Masters like Montgomery who were specially rescued by Guanling, Guanling would generally give them a lot of benefits. They had no personal restrictions in Guanling, except that they must obey the arrangements of the boss of Guanling. When the boss needed them to come forward to fight, they couldn’t refuse. In other respects, they could enjoy the same treatment as those rich people.

Of course, if they wanted to get these benefits, they also had to spend money. The source of these money was mostly the rewards they got in the battles in Guanling.

Another part of the money was earned by receiving “private work”. For example, when Montgomery accepted Nate’s task, it was a kind of “private work”. The boss of Guanling would not interfere with these. After all, no matter how much they earned, they had to spend itin Guanling, which was equivalent that they were making money for Guanling.

Scott was surprised by the money-making model created by the boss of Guanling. At the same time, he was wondering that although the boss of Guanling had so many resources, he had never competed with other family consortia in the society, and had never participated any big power struggle in society. So what did the boss of Guanling control these resources for?

Scott didn’t figure out the question. But it wasn’t something he should consider. His main goal this time was to find Terence’s whereabouts. As long as he found Terence, he would immediately find a way to take Terence out of here. As for who the hell the boss of Guanling was and what Guanling wanted to do, it was none of his business.

“Do the people in the dungeon have a chance to regain their freedom in Guanling and become the kind of people like you?” Scott stared at Montgomery and asked.

“Yes, at the end of each month, people in the dungeon can apply for a trial. As long as they can pass the trial and defeat any master on List of the Ares, they can gain freedom in Guanling.” Montgomery said.

Scott nodded. He was now locked in a dungeon, so he had no chance to investigate Terence’s whereabouts. Therefore, he must be free in Guanling before he had a chance to investigate.

“You accepted the task to kill me. What will happen if you don’t complete it?” Scott then asked.

Montgomery smiled and said, “It’s impossible to succeed every time. If I fail, I won’t get the money. Guanling still prefers to protect the masters on List of the Ares. Those family members in Guanling don’t dare to embarrass the people from Guanling.
So I’m fine.”

“Besides, even if I want to complete this task, I can’t beat you. In the end, the task will still fail. Maybe I have to die.”

Hearing what Montgomery said, Scott also laughed. If they two really fought, Montgomery was indeed not his match.

“You’d better pass that trial quickly, so that you can cover me in the future. With your strength, it’s okay to enter the top five of List of the Ares.” Montgomery said with a smile.

“Oh? Then do you think I can pass high ladder?” Scott asked again.

Montgomery stared at Scott, and then said, “Don’t even think about it. Even if your strength reaches the top of List of the Ares, it’s not easy to get it done. It requires you to play against ten masters during a day, which is not to fight with ten masters separately. You can’t take a rest. If you don’t have the super awesome, it will be impossible for you to complete it.”

“As far as I know, each of the top three on List of the Ares is freaking strong. Maybe you can’t defeat anyone of them.”

Scott didn’t feel that Montgomery looked down upon him. Guanling was able to make a name among world-class consortium families and survived the fights of these forces. It must have its specialness.

The so-called masters on List of the Ares really couldn’t be underestimated.

It was just that Scott still had considerable confidence in his own strength. He also had his own secrets. He still remembered his master’s evaluation of him, “If you do your best, there are few people who can defeat you in this world.”

This sentence was the source of Scott’s confidence in his strength. He knew how strong his master was. So if his master gave him such an evaluation, it would prove that his strength was already at the top.

Of course, at that time, Scott’s master still added a sentence. But Scott didn’t listen to what his master said clearly. Later, Scott asked his master. His master only let him remember that his current strength was very rare in this world. But it was just secular level. Scott was still some distance away from the real powerhouse.

Although Scott didn’t understand what the secular level that master meant, Scott knew he was still too far away from the real strong master. But he might not encounter few such a strong master in this life. So Scott did not think there would be such a so powerful man on List of the Ares. If that was the case, Montgomery would not be ranked the 13th.

After finishing chatting, Montgomery took Scott and walked towards the dungeon. Scott couldn’t go back alone, because it would arouse the suspicion of people in the dungeon. Scott asked Montgomery take him back.

The two arrived at the entrance of Martial Arts Hall together. There were two people guarding the entrance. After seeing Montgomery, the two immediately stood up straightly.

The reputation of No. 13 in List of the Ares was so great. Those ordinary masters in Guanling didn’t dare to provoke the people on List of the Ares. Generally, they would respect those people on List of the Ares.

From the chat, Scott also learned that Montgomery had a domineering nickname in Guanling. He was called King of Hell. Most people called him King of Hell. Only Scott knew Montgomery’s real name.

“Sir, you…2” one of them asked.

“I help others to send this brat back. You two take him in.” Montgomery instantly became serious, which was not like so easy- going in front of Scott just now. He looked so fierce, which looked like a real King of Hell.

The two people nodded immediately. They remembered that someone took Scott out not long ago.
“Yes, sir. Leave it to us.” The two immediately took Scott over.
Montgomery didn’t say anything, turned around and left here.

The two people led Scott to the underground. Scott went to No. 13 Room and saw that the people inside were all satisfied. It seemed that ten hot girls did not live up to their mission.

In Nate’s villa.
A subordinate walked in, lowered his head towards Nate, and said, “Sir, the mission to assassinate that brat has failed.”

Hearing what the subordinate said, Nate, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed and rested, immediately opened his eyes, with a trace of anger in his eyes.

“Failed? Why? A master on List of the Ares can’t handle that brat?” Nate was obviously a little irritable.

“The specific situation is not clear, but I saw King of Hell taking the brat back to Martial Arts Hall. It doesn’t look like the assassination failed. It should be because of other circumstances.” The subordinate replied.

Nate gritted his teeth, then grabbed a cup on the table and slammed it on the ground.
“Damn it, I don’t believe I can’t kill a dog. Since the person on List of the Ares can’t kill him, I’ll let my own people do it!”

The subordinate looked up at Nate and said, “Sir, this is Guanling. Although there is no stipulation that it doesn’t allow to kill people, outside people are still not allowed to kill others casually. If our own men kill that brat, I am afraid it will attract dissatisfaction from the boss of Guanling.”

Nate took a deep breath. He came here to enjoy, but he didn’t expect to become so angry, which naturally made him quite unhappy.

After a while, he relaxed, and said to that man, “Okay. I know what I’m doing. Leave me alone. I’ll try to think of a way to deal with that brat.”


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