The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 424 Meet an Old Friend in a Distant Land

Scott felt puzzled when he came out of the villa. Theoretically, being a player of Guanling, he should be taken back to Guanling Dungeon by someone after coming out of the villa.

However, after he left the villa, he found that there was no one on the road. He stood still for a while, but no one came to take him back. He considered it to be very unusual.

If there was something abnormal, something bad would definitely happen. Scott immediately became alert. Being new here and not knowing many people here, he had to be always careful. Only in this way could he ensure his life safety.

Seeing that no one came to take him back, Scott decided that he should go back to Guanling Dungeon on his own after thinking for a while.

Now, he was unsupervised. If he ran away, no one could find him.

However, he came here to find a person. Now, he hadn’t got any information about it. If he ran away now, his effort would be in vain.

He walked down the road. Without a single person in the street, it was extremely quiet.

Was Guanling always quite in the evening, or was Guanling only quite this tonight? Scott didn’t know. Under such a quite circumstance, Scott was uneasy.

When he was almost halfway, Scott suddenly had a feeling that there was something in the shadow behind him. Immediately, he gathered his strength, guarding against the possible danger in the shadow.

He pretended as if he hadn’t found anything, continuing to walk forward. Right at this moment, someone came up to him from behind quickly. Under moonlight, Scott saw that that person stretched out a hand and that there was a dagger in his hand.

Without the slightest hesitation, Scott immediately turned around and attacked that person.

Seeing this, that person was not surprised at all. That person changed the move quickly and attacked the lower part of Scott’s body with the dagger.

Scott instantly found that this person was much more powerful than Crazy Knife.

Could it be that the young lady of the Thompson family sent someone to take revenge on him so soon? Scott felt a little puzzled.

Theoretically, with her personality, Annabel wouldn’t do it after he took her cell phone away. How was it possible that the people she employed came to kill him not long after he came out of her villa?

He thought. Then he focused on fighting with that person. That person was good at fighting, and didn’t look like someone in Guanling Dungeon. If he was not wrong, that people was either an expert of Guanling or a bodyguard of a certain family.

Being unable to kill Scott in a short time, that person was obviously surprised. He fought with Scott for several more times, but he failed to really hurt Scott. He even lost his dagger under the attack of Scott.

Scott seized the opportunity and grasped the wrist of that person. After that, if he or she dared to do anything, Scott could break his or her arms.

Knowing that he or she had lost to Scott, that person didn’t act rashly.
“Tell me. Who sent you to kill me?” Scott asked.

Under the moonlight, that person put on an obviously surprised look. Then that person said with uncertainty, “Scott…Scott? Are you Scott?”

Scott was also stunned. It didn’t occur to him that that guy would know his name. Moreover, judging the tone that person called him with, it seemed that that person had long known him.

“Who are you?” Scott asked.

That person hurriedly took off the hood with one of his hands. The skin of his face was bronzed. Under the moonlight, his skin looked a little dark.

Seeing this face, Scott immediately remembered something. He also remembered a name, “Montgomery.” “Montgomery? Are you Montgomery?” Scott asked with uncertainty.

That person immediately nodded and said excitedly, “Yes, it’s me, Scott. I never expect that I would meet you here. Why’re you here?”

It was only then that Scott let go of Montgomery. Looking at Montgomery somewhat surprisingly with a smile, Scott had a feeling of meeting an old friend in a distant land.
In the past, Scott learned how to fight from his teacher in mountain after his teacher accepted him as a student. He made

friends with Montgomery in a nearby village.

At that time, Scott’s teacher made a very strict plan for learning how to fight for him. Besides, they were in the mountain.
Therefore, Scott had nothing to do but to learn how to fight every day.

Occasionally, Scott would slack off and secretly play in the mountains. At that time, he discovered a village in the mountain and met Montgomery there.

Montgomery’s village could be said to be isolated from the rest of the world. It was a somewhat backward place. The people there still worked and lived in the way people did decades ago. Besides, they knew little about the outside world.

However, there was something special about this village. The villagers all had great strength. Generally speaking, they were twice as strong as normal people. In Scott’s opinion, it was because they still hunt and did hard work.

After knowing Montgomery, Scott often trained with Montgomery. Among all the people Scott had seen, Montgomery had the greatest athletic ability. It was easy for him to follow Scott when Scott trained with him.

Scott often taught Montgomery some fighting skills his teachers taught him. Being good at studying, Montgomery was nearly as good at fighting as Scott soon.

Scott’s teacher knew the story between Scott and Montgomery, but he didn’t stop Scott from teaching the fighting skills he taught Scott to others.

At that time, Scott even took Montgomery to his teacher, hoping that his teacher would accept Montgomery as a student, too.
However, his teacher refused.

Before leaving the mountain, Scott told Montgomery how wonderful the outside world was and encouraged him to go out and have a look when he had a chance.
Montgomery was attracted by the outside world, saying that he must go to the outside world in the future. Besides, he also said

that he would go to see Scott.

However, Scott had never met Montgomery after he left the mountain. He also didn’t know neither if Montgomery had left that village nor where Montgomery went.

He never expected that he would meet Montgomery again in Guanling.
“After such a long time, your skin becomes even darker.” Scott smiled at Montgomery.

Montgomery scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “It’s the dim light that makes me look so dark. My skin does not look so dark in the daytime.”

“Why are you here? At that time, you said that you would go to the outside world. Why did you come to Guanling?” Scott stopped talking about the color of Montgomery’s skin, asking seriously.

“It’s a long story and I don’t have the chance to explain it clearly to you now. In short, I don’t know how, but I come to this place and rank 13th on the List of the Ares. When I wanted to leave, I found that it was impossible for me to leave here.” Montgomery said with a sigh.

“Why are you here?” Montgomery asked.

Scott was not anxious to ask Montgomery what List of the Ares was. Instead, he smiled at him and said, “I come here to find a person.”

Montgomery nodded and went on to ask, “How did you offend Nate? Why would he employ someone to kill you?” Scott frowned. It was obvious that he didn’t know who Nate was.
“Who isNate?” Scott asked.

“He is the scion of the Cunningham family and is a frequent visitor to Guanling. This time, it’s he that employs me to kill you.
Before, you came out from the villa the young lady of the Thompson family lives in. As far as I know, Nate has been going after her. Could it be that you have become her boyfriend?” Montgomery smiled playfully at Scott.

Scott was speechless. It never occurred to him that he would be noticed by Nate after being asked to come to see the young lady of the Thompson family and that Nate would hire someone to kill him.

It seemed that people from these top families really didn’t attach importance to the life of people.

“Do I look like that kind of people? It was the so-called Miss Thompson that asked me to go to see her. I don’t know the relationship between Nate and that Miss Thompson at all.” Scott explained.


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