The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 423 The Secret of Annabel

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

Annabel glared at Scott with her eyes wide open. Judging from her expression, she was in disbelief. She had thought that Scott was going to take off her clothes. It never occurred to her that Scott would tie her up with the strap of her kimono.

She stood still. Being unable to move her arms and legs, she could do nothing but to stare at Scott.
“Calm down. I’m not going to harm you.” Scott spoke to Annabel. Then, he turned around and looked around in the room.

Annabel didn’t know that Scott was really not going to do anything to her until this moment. If it were another man that was in this room now, that guy hurriedly go to bed with her in his arms. However, Scott tied her up.

It was totally different from what she thought men would do. There should really be such unromantic person in the world.

“Quick! Let go of me! I’m a lady of the Thompson family. If I give someone an order, you’ll be killed. If you want to be alive, listen to my words.” Annabel frowned and shouted at Scott.

“You should have known how powerful I’m. There are only you and I in this room now. I can easily kill you. I hope that you can understand the current situation. You don’t have the initiative.” Scott said tonelessly.

Now, Annabel didn’t know how to retort. She could only grit her teeth and glower at Scott.

After looking around in the room, Scott didn’t find anything special. It should be a place prepared by Guanling for them to relax.
There wasn’t anything involving important information about the Thompson family.

Before, he had never heard of the Thompson family. However, judging from what Annabel said, it was an ordinary family.
Besides, people who could come to Guanling to have a vacation must be members of the most powerful families in the world.
Although he didn’t know how powerful the Thompson family was, he was sure that it was more powerful than the Davies family.

As the most powerful in B City, the Davies family had never had the opportunity to have contact with Guanling. It proved one thing: in the perspective of Guanling, the Davies family was not eligible to do so.

Scott came close to the window and looked out of it. There were still villas outside. Some of them had lights on while others had not.

“Tell me where we are and how far it is from here to H Country.” Scott asked.

Annabel sneered, saying, “Why should I tell you that? Let go of me soon, otherwise I’ll tell it to the boss of Guanling. In that case, you’ll die sorrow fully.

Scott came close to Annabel with an evil smile, lightly touched the smooth skin of her face, and said, “Now, you’re under my control. If you don’t listen to me, I don’t mind taking some action.”

“Humph, I won’t be afraid of you. On the contrary, I enjoy it very much. If you do anything to me, I’ll only find it exciting. I don’t have conservative views. “ Annabel said angrily.
“Oh? Is that true? What if I take you back to the Guanling Dungeon secretly now? There are more than twenty men in our room.

Are you sure that you don’t mind it?” Scott said.

Annabel’s face stiffened. She was a little aggrieved. She didn’t expect Scott to be so hateful and stupid. She also didn’t expect that Scott would try to take her back to Guanling Dungeon when she asked him to come here alone. It was really detestable.

“We…We’re in the middle of the Andes mountains of the South America. You should know how far it’s from H Country. “After hesitating for a while, Annabel finally gave in to Scott who was an unromantic chauvinist pig.

In another villa. Nate was sleeping with three beautiful girls.
After a long time, Nate got out of the bed and came close to the window. He took out a cigar, lit it and took two puffs on it.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Nate didn’t care about whether the women had their clothes on or not, saying directly, “Come in. ”

One of Nate’s men came in. After giving the women in bed a glance, he faced Nate, lowered his head and said, “Young master, the guy who stood out in the contest in the afternoon was taken to the villa Miss Thompson lives in. I saw it before. Now, that guy is still there. ”

Nate had planned to raise his hand. Hearing this, he was frozen. Then, the cigar in his hand fell on the ground. He stepped heavily on it twice and cursed in his heart.

“Annabel, you’re a b*tch. Compared with being with me, you rather sleep with a lowly man. There must be something wrong with her mind!” Nate said while grinding his teeth.

Nate had long heard the peculiar taste Annabel had. According to the rumors, she liked to find some seemingly funny men of underclass and did anything with them without scruple.

She called it freedom. In Nate’s opinion, however, she was stupidly degrading herself when she did so.
Most importantly, Nate was a scion of a powerful family, but Annabel didn’t like him at all. It annoyed him most.

After standing by the bed for quite a while, Nate narrowed his eyes. With a hint of murderous look in his eyes, he said coldly, “Find an expert on the List of the Ares, give him or her 100 million dollars and ask him or her to kill that guy. Do it tonight. I must let this reckless guy know that he is not eligible to have some contact with specific person. ”

His man, who had been standing behind him, immediately nodded, turned around and left the room.

In Annabel’s room. When Annabel told him that they were in the middle of the Andes mountains, Scott immediately frowned.
He guessed that he was not in his own country, but he didn’t expect that he was so far away from H country. In this place, even if he successfully escaped from Guanling, he might not be able to leave the mountains alive without sufficient food and water.

“Is there a boss of Guanling?” Scott asked.

“Yes. The boss of Guanling is not less powerful than any of the richest consortia in the world. If he knew that you treat his guests like this, he would not let you get away with it.” Annabel said angrily.

Scott nodded thoughtfully. He didn’t expect that there was really a boss of Guanling. Terence had been in Guanling for so many years. If he was still alive, the boss of Guanling should know his whereabouts.

“If I let go of you, will you ask the people of Guanling to do something to me?” Scott asked.
“What do you think?” Annabel stared at Scott with a dark face. Scott could know what she would do without thinking.

Scott found it troublesome. Before, he had no other choice but to tie Annabel up. Now, he didn’t know how to get away with it. If she really told people of Guanling about it, Scott might have to flee Guanling just a few days after coming here.

He firmly believed that the experts of Guanling were very powerful. Even the lead of Guanling Dungeon were as good at fighting as the top experts of the Davies family. And there were many experts who were much more powerful than them.

Ernie had told Scott that people in Guanling Dungeon were the lowest ranking ones in Guanling. They were also the least powerful ones. There were real experts that were more powerful than them. What the rich people really wanted to watch were the fightings between those experts.

“Humph, you’re scared, right? If you’re afraid, let go of me now. Then, do as I ask you to. If you can please me, I might let you get away with it. Otherwise, you’ll be dead!” Annabel shouted at Scott as if she suddenly became confident.

At this moment, Scott saw that there was a mobile phone on the table. After rolling his eyes, he came close to the table and picked up the mobile phone.

Seeing that, Annabel’s expression changed. She said hurriedly, “Put that cell phone down!”

Scott smiled, saying, “You’re very anxious. It seems that you have great secrets in your mobile phone.”

After that, he turned on the mobile phone. Then he explored applications like message and memo to see if he could find any useful information about the the Thompson family.

However, after exploring for a long time, Scott didn’t find any useful information. It was all girlish nagging words of Annabel. She even wrote her diary in the memo, stating her hatred for her father.

Theoretically, if that was all, Annabel shouldn’t be so anxious. There must be something Scott didn’t find.

After thinking for a while, Scott opened the photo album. Then, he nearly got a nosebleed. It were all Annabel’s dirty self- portraits in the photo album in her mobile phone. He never expected Annabel, as a young lady from a top family, would have such a taste. She was different from other ladies from top families.

The reason why Annabel became anxious should be that she was afraid that Scott would find these photos.

“Unexpectedly, beautiful as you are, you would have such a strong desire. Do people from powerful families all try so hard not to show your true nature?”

“Put down my cell phone now! Do you know that it’s very impolite to explore other people’s cell phones?” Annabel shouted.
“My life is under threat. Could it be that I still attach great importance to being polite now?” Scott said with a smile.

Annabel gritted his teeth and said, “Put down my cell phone and let go of me. I can promise that I won’t make trouble for you and I’l let you go now.”

Scott put on a sly smile. He didn’t put the phone down. Instead, he put it into his pocket.

“I’ll temporarily keep your mobile phone. If you ask someone to do something to me, I’ll upload all the photos in the mobile phone to the internet. If that happens, you, the young lady of the Thompson family, will become a world-class star.” Scott said with a smile.

“How dare you!” Annabel was anxious.
“Whether I dare to do that or not depends on you.” Scott came close to Annabel and untied the strap.

Annabel was immediately going to rush to Scott and got her mobile phone back. However, she realized that she couldn’t defeat Scott. Finally, she could only stare at Scott angrily, painted to the door of this room and shouted, “Get out of here now! I don’t want to see you anymore. If anyone got any pictures in my mobile phone, I’ll let you die in great pain.”

Scott walked straight towards the door without saying a word.

When he walked out of the room, he saw that that bodyguard was still waiting at the door. Scott went directly downstairs without paying attention to him.

After rushing into the room, the bodyguard saw that Annabel was fastening the strap of her kimono. Her hair was messy and her face was red, as if she had just slept with someone

He was immediately frozen, murmuring, “…Miss, did you really…”

“Get out!” Annabel shouted directly at the bodyguard, “I’m not in the mood to talk to you now.”


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