The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 422 It Is Your Fault

There was a violent knock on the door. Obviously, the bodyguard became very anxious after hearing what Annabel said.

“Miss, don’t do that. He’s just a lowly man of Guanling. He is not eligible to stay in a room with you. You’re so noble, and he’s not eligible to have any physical contact with you. If you really did anything with him, Mr. Thompson will definitely be furious!” The bodyguard shouted anxiously.

“Humph, don’t threaten me with that old man. It’s my business. I must do what he prohibits me from doing. Anyway, it’s not the first time that I do what he prohibits me from doing. Before he marries me to someone to build connections with another family, I must have fun!” Annabel retorted. After that, no matter how that bodyguard knocked on the door, she no longer made any response.

Scott stared at Annabel with some curiosity. Judging from their conversation, he knew that Annabel was not free, even though she was a young lady from one of the most richest families. The fates of these people were decided when they were born.

The richest families were indeed able to get rich benefits from marrying their daughters to other families. Therefore, although these girls lived wealthy lives that were beyond the imagination of most people in the world, they still suffered from their own SOIOWS.

Annabel was someone who became strongly rebellious because of the oppression of her father.

Scott guessed that she might began to like to have some contact with people who weren’t as noble as she was under the oppression if her father. It was against her father’s will and she probably became more excited because of it.

At the same time, he understood that she might ask him to come here purely for the competition in the afternoon.

After turning around, Annabel found that Scott was staring at her. There was a hint of anger in her eyes. She berated, “Do you really think that I want to sleep with you? Get real. I don’t mean it.”

Scott smiled and said, “I’m not interested in that.”

Annabel was stunned for a while. Then she looked up and down at Scott with a playful smile.

“Are you acting? Do you want to attract my attention by pretending to be not interested in me? ” Annabel said with a smile, “I have to say that I’ve seen enough of that bad acting. I won’t become interested in you after you acted like that. It’ll only be counterproductive. ”

“Oh.” Scott didn’t make more response than saying it tonelessly. Anyway, he didn’t take her seriously. In his opinion, no matter what she said, he just need to say something in return.

Annabel had thought that Scott would give adequate explanation to prove that he wasn’t acting. The hypocrites she met before always tried to cover their true purpose with various excuses.

However, now, Scott just said one word in return, as if he didn’t care about her opinion of him at all. It made her feel that she wasn’t treated seriously.

How could this guy be so calm? Shouldn’t he become panicked and try his best to explain to me after I said his purpose? Damn it. Could it be that I’m not attractive to him?

Humph, he is just acting in another way. Sooner or later, you would betray your intentions. Not a man in the world could be uninterested in me.

After considering several ideas, Annabel took two steps forward with a smile. Then she touched Scott’s chin with one hand.

“It seems that you’re really not interested in me. Seeing this, I become interested in you. In my opinion, men are easily attracted by beautiful women. The reason why you’re not interested in me now is only that I didn’t demonstrate my charm to you.”

“I want to spend some time with you in that bedroom. Are you interested in it? ”

Scott indifferently gave Annabel a glance and said, “If you have nothing to talk about with me, I think that I should go back now.

Annabel sneered, saying, “Stop pretending. Until now, I’ve never seen any man who can pretend to be uninterested in me for more than five minutes. You men always say that you don’t want to sleep with me, but always become wild in five minutes. ”

“It’s probably because you had met bad guys be forever. Besides, you might meet such people because of your fault.”

Annabel was again stunned. She thought over what Scott just said. That guy said that it was my fault that caused me to meet the men driven by primitive desire. Was he saying that I could only attract those mindless guys because I wasn’t charming enough?

Annabel immediately became a little angry. No one had commented on her like that. What was the matter with this guy? Why was he such a chauvinist pig? Annabel didn’t show her real feelings. Instead, she kept smiling. She didn’t believe that Scott would still be uninterested in her

when she deliberately showed her charm to him. Men were all full of s*x. How was it possible that it was her fault?

She slowly untied the strap of the kimono she was wearing and said with a smile, “I don’t think that you’re different from those people. Although we only meet by chance and you’re just a player who are confined to this place, I don’t mind. It’s exciting. I love

After she untied the strap of her kimono, her body could be vaguely seen. She came close to Scott. Soon, she would clung Scott.

Scott frowned. He didn’t expect Annabel to do this. He took two steps back, saying, “I don’t like it. I’ll only sleep with my wife all my life. If you go on doing this, I’ll take some action. ”

“Ho, ho. You’re really a hypocrite. You dare to describe yourself as such a noble man. Men like you are most untrustworthy.” After saying that, Annabel was going to take off her kimono.”

Seeing this, Scott knew that he had to stop her now. Although he was faithful to his wife, he would still be affected by primitive desire. If he allowed her to continue to do this, he wasn’t sure what would happen.

He directly stretched out his hands to grab the strap of the kimono of Annabel.
Annabel sneered. She wondered: you finally lose control of yourself. What you said just now is but nonsense.

However, the second, Annabel became dumbfounded. After grabbing the strap of her kimono, Scott tied her up tightly with it.


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