The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 421 Annabel Thompson

“You want to see me?” Scott stood at the door, asking.

“Come in.” Annabel didn’t raise her head, still making with a teapot elegantly. With her arms being charming, her moves were graceful.

It was the temperament that a girl from a powerful family should have. This was the thought Scott had when he saw her for the first time.

Not knowing why she asked him to come here, Scott walked in and stared at her.

After Scott came in, Annabel no longer spoke. Instead, she patiently made tea while Scott patiently watched her do so. Scott unknowingly began to enjoy it.

After a long time, Annabel completed making tea. She looked up at Scott, saying with a hint of smile in her eyes, “I didn’t expect you to be so patient. I’ve always thought that people in Guanling Dungeon are all ill-tempered.”

Scott smiled at her and said, “This is the first day when I’m here. Maybe I would be just like them sometime later.” Annabel was stunned for a while. It never occurred to her that it was the first day for Scott to be in Guanling.
“How did you come here? Were you taken to this place by force?” Annabel asked.

Scott shook his head. He was not going to conceal the fact from her, so he said, “I volunteered to come here.”

“Oh?” Annabel looked up and down at Scott, asking, “Why did you volunteer to come here? You can’t live in the normal society anymore? I heard that most of the people in the Guanling Dungeon are outlaws.”

“I want to find a person.” Scott answered.

Annabel was a little curious, asking, “Who do you want to find?” “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you about it before I know who you are.” Scott spoke.

Finding that Annabel was not an ordinary person was the reason why he honestly told her that he came here to find a person.
Being new here, he was unfamiliar with everything here. It was impossible for him to find some information about the whereabouts of Terence now.

He could only try to get some information about Terence by contacting people here.

However, he couldn’t tell Annabel who he was looking for. After all, he knew neither who she was nor what her purpose was by asking him to come here.

“You dare to keep me in suspense. Do you know that I can ask someone to kill you as long as I pay? If you’re unwilling to tell me about that, I don’t mind sending someone to force you to tell me that.” Annabel said with a smile.

“You can have a try.” Scott said.
Staring at Scott for quite a while, Annabel laughed and said, “I didn’t expect that you’re quite proud.” Scott was somewhat surprised. It was beyond his expectation that she would describe him as proud.

Annabel stood up, looking perfectly graceful in kimono. She looked elegant, but Scott could tell that she was actually a crazy person from her every move.

Perhaps she didn’t like to be like a lady from a powerful should be. After being constrained for a long time, she tended to be indulgent with herself.

“Why on earth do you ask me to come here?” Scott asked.

Annabel came slowly close to Scott and said with a smile, “I think that you are funny, so I want to know what you’re like. You’re funnier than I thought. I didn’t expect that I’ll meet someone like you here.”

After saying that, she stretched out one hand to try to lift Scott’s chin.

Right at this moment, someone appeared in the room, stood in front of Scott and forced him to take a few steps back.
Realizing that this people was an expert who fought much better than Crazy Knife, Scott became serious.

“Miss, he is but a lowly man who performs in Guanling. There is nothing special about him. You shouldn’t have asked him to come to your room.”

The people standing in front of Scott said in a cold voice.

It was only then did Scott see clearly what this person looked like. He was an imposing man about his age dressed in black sportswear. It he was not wrong, he should be the bodyguard of Annabel.

Seeing that the bodyguard separated her from Scott, Annabel immediately frowned and said coldly, “You don’t have the right to interfere with what I do. Remember that I come here to take a vacation. You can’t report to my father when we’re here.”

“Miss, it’s for your own good. He is but a lowly man of Guanling. He wouldn’t be noticed by you if he didn’t defeat a common opponent today. If you want, I can ask the staff of Guanling to pick someone who is a hundred times as excellent as he is to serve you.” The bodyguard said.

It seemed that Annabel disliked this bodyguard very much. She directly raised her hand, slapped him in the face and gritted her teeth, saying, “When we’re not here, you can restrict me on behalf of my father. However, when we’re here, you have no right to interfere with who I want to be with. Now, get out of here, otherwise I’ll tell my father that you have molested me. If that happens, you’ll receive serious punishment!”

Seeing that Annabel didn’t listen to him at all, the bodyguard became anxious. He turned his head, looked at Scott and said coldly, “You’re just a lowly guy and you’re not eligible to enter this room. Now get out of here, otherwise I’ll take some action.”

Scott smiled and said, “As a bodyguard, you go too far. The reason why you’re so anxious is that you fall in love with her, right?” The bodyguard became annoyed when Scott saw through his mind. Without saying a word, he started a fight against Scott.
“Damn it, you’re but a lowly guy that should perform in a show. How dare you make fun of me?”

He tried to grab Scott with one hand. Scott escaped his attack only by taking two steps back.

When the bodyguard tried to attack with another skill, Annabel came to the front of Scott. With a hint of coldness in her eyes, she said, “Get out!”

The bodyguard immediately withdrew his hand. Looking at Annabel with a reluctant expression, he said, “Miss, I…”

“If you dare to say anything more, you’ll no longer be a member of the Thompson family.” Annabel didn’t want a bodyguard to have more power than she did. In the Thompson family, she had to listen to her father, but there was no one else who dared to interfere with her decision.

The bodyguard was bringing about his own destruction by doing so. Annabel wouldn’t be grateful to him for his kind suggestion.
Hearing her words, the bodyguard could only sigh helplessly, turned around and left the room.

Annabel went to close the door. Then, she said in a louder voice as if she deliberately wanted the bodyguard to hear what she said, “When’re you eligible to interfere with what I want to do? In your opinion, he’s not eligible to stay in my room. But I decide that I’ll do something with him.”

“I’ll definitely spend a romantic night with him tonight.”


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