The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 420 Rewards for The Victorious

The competition ended with the host’s excited voice. Those who bet on Room 7 were obviously a little unhappy. But for them, this little money was nothing. Soon they went to find other fun.

Scott and the people in Room 13 walked towards the elevator. Everyone in Room 13 was so excited at this time. They were almost the weakest room in the dungeon, but now they had beaten Room 7, which was so powerful. Even if they knew that Scott took full credit for that, but being in the same room with Scott was enough to make them excited.

On the other hand, in Room 7, all of them looked downcast, and they all looked lifeless.
Ernie stared at Scott in admiration, a muscular man showed an expression like a sappy girl, making Scott feel uncomfortable.

When he walked into the elevator, Ernie finally couldn’t help the excitement in his heart, and said to Scott, “Boss, you were so charming on the ring just now. My heart heartbeat quickened when watching you. If you don’t mind, starting from today, I can do anything for you. I will not refuse your request.”

With that, Ernie also cast a wink at Scott.
Scott almost slapped Ernie. He said coldly, “Get out!” Ernie was stiff, and he moved to the side in fright, not daring to violate Scott.

The rest of the people in the elevator held back their smiles. This was the first time they saw Ernie look like this, and it really shocked them.

When they got to dungeon, when people in Room 13 walked back towards the room, everyone in the other rooms looked at Scott in awe, quite different from when they went out out.

This time no one dared to laugh at Room 13 again. Now Scott had become a demon in everyone’s eyes, as if he could kill them at any time.

Those who came in with Scott were full of excitement and pride. In their opinion, even if they were not familiar with Scott, they were closer to Scott than other people. At least, they had been in the same car with Scott, which was enough to become their capital to show off.

“Brother, I came here with you, my name is Andrei. Please go easy on me,” At this time, someone in the next room rushed to the front and shouted at Scott.

Scott turned his head and glanced at Andrei, then slowly moved his gaze back, treating him directly as air.

Andrei did come with him, but for Scott, he and those people just met by chance. They were not different from the others in this dungeon. Therefore, he didn’t need to be hospitable to Andrei.

When Andrei saw Scott ignored him, there was a trace of disappointment on his face, but he was not disappointed because of this incident. After all, such a powerful character as Scott really didn’t have the need to be polite to him.

After returning to the room, Scott sat on the bed and felt a little tired. He fell into a coma from drinking the glass of water prepared by Guanling. After waking up, he was not in the best condition, and had a fight in the afternoon, which was not a small load for his physical strength.

All people in Room 13 rushed over to make Scott relaxed, they were so respectful, like Scott’s servants.

“Stop, I have to rest. During this period, no one can get close to me within one meter, otherwise, you should know what the consequences will be,” Scott said and stared at Ernie.

What he said was obviously aimed at. He didn’t want to be taken advantage of by such a pervert when he was sleeping. He was heteros*xual.

Ernie was full of grievances, but he didn’t dare to violate Scott. He knew very well that with Scott’s current deterrence, even if he was the previous boss, once he was disobedient, these people in the room would instantly go against him.

Scott lay on the bed, closed his eyes, and fell asleep after a while.

When he woke up again, Scott smelled the scent of food. He sat up from the bed, looked to the side, and found an extra box in the room, which was full of delicious food.

Everyone was staring at the box and drooling, but no one rushed to touch the food in the box.

Ernie was staring at the people in the room, saying, “Before the boss wakes up, none of you should try to eat things here. If you can’t help it, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Scott got down from the bed, walked to the side of the box, and asked, “What’s the matter? Didn’t it mean that we won, and the food will only be raised by one level? Compared with the previous food, it is much better.”

hurriedly explained with a smile, “Because someone raised the bet and the losers can’t keep alive. As we won, we can get some corresponding benefits. These foods are part of it, from today on, our food will be the same standard as today in the next month.”

Scott nodded thoughtfully. It was naturally a good thing to be able to eat good food. He was also a member of Room 13, and he should gain some benefits for everyone.

“Everyone, divide these foods together,” Scott said.
Those people who couldn’t wait for a long time had already applauded Scott directly.

Ernie glared at those people and shouted, “All of you line up and come one by one. If anyone dares to grab, he cannot share of today’s meal.”

Everyone didn’t dare to go directly to grab the food, but lined up honestly and went to Ernieone by one to get food.

Scott looked at Ernie and smiled, thinking that although this guy was a gay, he had no major shortcomings. In the aspect of management, he had his own way. With him, Scott did not have to think about how to manage the people in this room.

Scott also walked over, took a portion of food, and filled his stomach.
“You said that this was only part of the benefits, what are the remaining benefits?” After the meal, Scott stared at Ernie and asked.

There was a mysterious smile on Ernie’s face immediately, with a hint of wretchedness in his eyes, and he said, “Of course the rest of the benefits are women. We are here in the underground. Apart from eating, we can only have fun with women. Guanling will also send some women here to everyone based on the record of each room. In the past, Room 13 was weak, so we can only play with men. Now it’s all based on your strength. Tonight, Guanling will send us ten hot beauties to gratify everyone thirst for

Scott glanced suspiciously at Ernie, and asked, “Don’t you like men? Why are you so excited when they will send girls here?” Ernie was a little embarrassed, and then said, “Well, both men and women are OK.”

Scott glanced at him speechlessly, then stopped talking.

“Later, when women are here, the most beautiful one is for you to enjoy alone. I will assign the rest. We have a separate compartment here. Boss, if you are embarrassed, you can go to there.” Ernie pointed out his finger.

“No, I have a wife, I will be loyal to her in my life, and will never touch other women,” Scott said.

Ernie was taken aback for a moment, then laughed, and said, “Boss, you have come here. Don’t even think about having a wife or not, happiness is the most important thing.”

Scott glanced at him, with a murderous look in his eyes, and Ernie quickly closed his mouth in fright.

Not long after, someone came over with s*xy and charming girls, and men in Room 13 were full of eagerness.

The girls were also quite open, and kept winking at the men in the room.

They should have been specially trained by Guanling to do this kind of thing, so they had no resistance.

This was somewhat different from Scott’s previous impression of Guanling. In his opinion, Guanling was the kind of place that liked to catch beautiful women from the outside, so the women here should be very resistant.

Now that he saw these girls, Scott realized that Guanling might not be what the outside world had said.

Perhaps those who were caught from the outside world would not appear in places like dungeons, that was why Scott felt this way.

After the girls came in, they lined up in front of everyone in the room, waiting for the favor of these men.

Everyone was waiting for Scott to give orders. Scott troubled. He didn’t want to watch them have s*x in this room.
At this moment, a man in a black suit walked in and his gazes fell on Scott.

“You, come out with me.”

Scott was a little confused, but didn’t say anything, and walked outside.

“What’s the matter?” Scott asked.

“Someone wants to see you,” the man said, and walked straight to the front.

Scott was thoughtful, although he didn’t know who wanted to see him, but it would also avoid embarrassment in the room, so it was fine to follow this person out.

The man took Scott onto the elevator to the ground, walked out of Martial Arts Hall, and walked along a road.

As soon as the they went out, two people immediately followed. Scott felt that the strength of these two men was not weak. It was estimated that the people in Guanling were afraid that he would do anything bad, so arranged for two masters to follow him.

It wasn’t until now that Scott saw the specific situation of Guanling. There were asphalt roads and exquisite villas on both sides.
Because it was at night, this place was decorated with lights.

Even at night, Scott could see the dark mountain shadows not far away. It was basically certain that it was indeed in a mountain range.

According to the climate here and the astrology in the sky, Scott vaguely guessed that this place should not be domestic.

Not long after, the man brought Scott to the door of a villa. After opening the door, he said, “Go to the second floor by yourself.
The person who wants to see you is waiting there. Don’t try to do anything against the rules. You cannot afford to offend the person inside. Otherwise, you will die miserably.”

Scott was a little nervous. He could guess that the reason this person wanted to see him was because of the game this afternoon, but he didn’t know what the person wanted to do.

If it was the rich who lost money because of him, Scott may encounter some troubles. After all, it was too easy for these rich people to spend money to kill the people they didn’t like. Guanling certainly supported this.

He walked into the villa. All the way to the second floor, a room appeared. The door was open. After entering, Scott saw a beautiful girl in kimono, with a beautiful arm exposed outside, making tea gently.


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