The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 419 I Admire You

On the ring.
After killing one person, Scott got up quickly and rushed to the other three without any hesitation.
Although the three men in Room 7 were stunned, they didn’t stop their actions and still attacked Scott.

After Realizing that Scott was not as weak as he thought, Crazy Knife stopped standing still. He walked towards and said, “Try not to fight alone with him. We were deceived by his appearance. Just now we were too careless and gave him an opportunity.
You joined forces to stop him, and I will beat him.”

All three of them nodded and didn’t dare to be careless, and quickly surrounded Scott.

Scott showed a playful smile, and he glanced at Crazy Knife, and said, “Are you sure that the person just now was just careless?”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand towards one of the three men quickly, and grabbed his neck. That man was dragged by Scott before he could react.

When the remaining two people saw this, expressions on their faces changed and they tried to pull that person back.
Unfortunately, their speed was not as fast as Scott. When they reacted, they had no chance to catch up with Scott.

Crazy Knife cursed and rushed towards Scott quickly.

Scott turned his head and smiled at Crazy Knife, and then he broke that man’s neck directly. That man lost his life under Crazy Knife’s gaze.

“Fuck, I will never let you go today!” Crazy Knife roared and rushed to Scott, raising his hand and hitting Scott with a punch.

Scott directly ignored Crazy Knife’s tricks, and retreated to the back quickly. He wanted to kill the remaining two people at the same time, and then came to beat up Crazy Knife.

Crazy Knife didn’t expect Scott to ignore his tricks, and his fists only hit the air. When he came to realize, Scott had already rushed to the other two.

The two people saw that Scott could break someone else’s neck easily, and they were already scared.

“Boss, come and save us,” one of them shouted at Crazy Knife.

In the next second, Scott’s fist was already on his chest, blood was flowing from his mouth. His eyes were rounded, and there was a gurgling sound from his throat. After a while, he collapsed.

Crazy Knife gritted his teeth. After realizing that he could not keep up with Scott’s pace, he cursed. A newcomer who killed his companions in front of him was a shame for him.

Seeing that there was only one person left in his team, Crazy Knife thought, no matter how much he did, he couldn’t let this person be killed by Scott.

At this time, Scott also slowed down. Crazy Knife thought that those tricks that Scott just used must have consumed a lot of physical strength, and he could no longer move so fast.

He secretly concentrated all his strength on his fist, and then he went behind Scott, seized an excellent opportunity, and threw a punch with all his strength. He wanted to kill Scott with one punch.

At this moment, Scott moved to the side quickly, and when Crazy Knife was about to hit him, he avoided his fist cleverly.
But Crazy Knife had no way to recover his hand. He put all his strength to this punch. It was easy to know how powerful it was.

The last person in Room 7 was standing in front of Scott just now, and now Scott avoided, that person was exposed to Crazy Knife’s sight.

Crazy Knife’s fist skammed heavily at the person, and there was no room for relaxation at all.

The man also showed horror on his face, and when he reacted, Crazy Knife had already hit his chest.
Then there was a scream, and the man fell to the ground and twitched twice, then stopped.

“Killing the person in your own room. You are really great. I admire you,” Scott said with a smile.

He slowed down on purpose just now, which was to lead Crazy Knife to be deceived and hit his own men. But he didn’t expect that Crazy Knife would use so much power and killed his man directly.

Crazy Knife was so angry that his chest was ups and downs by Scott’s words. His gaze at Scott was full of murderous aura, “Damn it, you will die next!”

After speaking, Crazy Knife rushed towards Scott again, trying to hit Scott with such a punch.

Scott’s eyes narrowed, and he looked more domineering. To end today’s game, everyone on one side must die, so Scott does.
not intend to waste time with Crazy Knife.

The strength of Crazy Knife was indeed very high, basically could compete with the top masters in the Davies family, so Scott

couldn’t kill him within a few moves.

The two struggled for a long time, and Crazy Knife gradually realized that his physical strength was a little bit unable to keep up, and Scott was still energetic, as if he had an endless source of strength.

“Damn, why is this guy so difficult to deal with. Doesn’t he feel tired?” Crazy Knife thought.

Everyone held their breath and watched the two men fighting, mainly focusing on Scott on the ring. In Guanling, this kind of competition had not been so exciting for a long time.

Finally, because of lack of physical strength, Crazy Knife couldn’t continue to fight Scott, and quickly retreated to the back, standing and breathing.

Scott didn’t give him a chance to calm down, and quickly got in front of him, kicked his chest directly.

Crazy Knife quickly raised his hand to block Scott’s foot, but there was no effect. The power on Scott’s leg broke his arms, and then his body flew out toward the outside of the ring.

Everyone’s gaze shifted along with Crazy Knife’s body, watching him fall on the ground, with blood flowing from his mouth. He was lying on the ground, and his body twitching constantly.

The audience was quiet for several seconds, and then, there was fierce cheers from Room 13. They didn’t expect that in this game, Scott would kill everyone in Room 7 alone.

And the leader of Room 7 was also killed by him, which was unprecedented in the history of Guanling.

The host saw that Crazy Knife fell on the ground, and there was no possibility for him getting up. He walked over, reached out and touched Crazy Knife’s neck, then turned around, looked at everyone, took the microphone and said, “Crazy Knife hasn’t died, but he can’t hold on for long. We can equate him with a dead person. Therefore, in this game, Room 13 won!”

The people in Room 13 were full of excitement, and many people began to cheer.
At this time, everyone in the dungeon was staring at the screen with their mouths open, and no one made a sound. They were all shocked by Scott. No matter who was in the ring today, as long as they faced Scott, they would all end up in the same way.

In Room 6, a man shivered and hid in the corner. He was the one Scott came here with. At that time, when Scott was on the ting, everyone thought Scott was weak, but he said Scott was very powerful.

As a result, the people in the room beat him up, and he was not allowed to watch the game.

At this time, the boss in Room 6 walked towards the man, and when the man saw him, he begged for mercy again, “Boss, I won’t talk nonsense anymore, please forgive me.”

The boss sighed as he watched the man, then bowed deeply to him, apologized, “Guy, I was wrong before. The person you said is really strong. I apologize to you. You came her with him, he must remember you, so please don’t complain to him about me in the future.”

Hearing what the boss said, the man suddenly looked dazed, not knowing what happened.
On the third floor of Martial Arts Hall.

Nate was full of anger. With two fists clenched tightly, he gritted his teeth and cursed, “A bunch of wimps. Five people couldn’t beat one, these people should have died long ago!”

Annabel was full of joy on the side. She thought she was going to spent a hundred million in for nothing today, but she didn’t expect to win.

Because she was the only one who bet on Room 13, she made a lot of money this time.

“It seems that you are not very reliable. Don’t show your superiority in front of me in the future. This will only make you ridiculous,” Annabel turned to look at Nate.

Nate smiled awkwardly, did not say anything, got up and left here.

Today he suffered a great humiliation, so he had to find another place to vent.

Annabel continued to look at the ring, her gaze fell on Scott, with a hint of curiosity in her eyes.
After a while, she clapped her hands. A man walked over and stood behind her.

“What can I do for you, Miss Thompson?”

“I’m very interested in that person. Send him to my room at night.” Annabel pointed at Scott and said slowly.


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