The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 418 You Four Just Stand Here

On the third floor of Martial Arts Hall, Nate and Annabel were already sitting in comfortable chairs at this time, staring down at the ting below.

Seeing the changes in expression and momentum on the faces of those people below, Nate showed a playful smile on his face.

“The people in Room 13 are all dejected, and they don’t have the slightest fighting spirit. How can such a team win. Annabel, it’s really not a wise choice for you to against me out of anger. You’ve spent 100 million in vain, ” Nate smiled.

Annabel frowned and looked at the ring below. She didn’t expect that the people in Room 13 were so weak was. Among people who made bet, only she laid 100 million on Room 13. Obviously, many people were guessing who bet on Room 13.

If Room 13 lost by that time, and others would know it was her who bet 100 million on Room 13, then someone would definitely laugh at her.

“Look at one of the players on Room 13 who looks thin and weak. He seems that he cannot fight at all. Anyone in Room 7 can beat all of them alone. Annabel, it’s better to take my advice to bet,” Nate continued speaking.

“Well, it’s just a game, I don’t 100 million dollars,” Annabel said angrily.
Nate was in a very good mood, and now he was expecting Room 7 to beat Room 13 and have them begging for mercy.

On the ring, after the host had finished speaking, he announced the start of the game, and then quickly retired from the ring.
There were no rules and restrictions on the ring here. If he continues to stand on the stage, he would be killed.

“Boss, kill them!” The man in room 7 began to shout.

Crazy Knife stared at the people on Scott’s side, and sneered, “You guys go first. People in Room 13 are all wimps. You can practice with them.”

The four people were full of excitement, and walked towards Scott, looking like they were going to show their skills.

Scott turned his head and glanced at the four people on his side, and found that all of them were dejected and without fighting spirit. In this state, these four people would not help Scott in any way, but would hinder his performance.

So, he said to the four people, “You four just stand here, I will deal with them.”

They were taken aback, and they didn’t expect Scott to say so.

However, out of fear in their hearts, they did not move after receiving Scott’s order, just watching Scott walk forward.
The Room 7 noticed it, and they were also a little confused. They didn’t know what tactics were used by Room 13.

“Are the people in Room 13 stupid? Only one person came over. It seems that the remaining four people are not going to make a move.”

“The one who walked towards us is a newcomer. He probably doesn’t know the cruelty of this ring anymore. The remaining four people are probably too scared to walk.”

“I’m dying of laughing. They actually ask a newcomer to fight with us. They are really a bunch of wimps.”

“Boy, you are new here. You probably don’t know the situation here. In our eyes, people in Room 13 are a bunch of wimps. If you are now on your knees and beg for mercy, I can let you die without pain.”

The four people in Room 7 looked at Scott contemptuously, not taking him seriously at all.

“Take a look at this world one last time, after today, you can never see it again,” Scott said coldly.

The four sneered, apparently thinking that Scott was bluffing.

“Let me play with him first. Dare a newcomer be so arrogant! It’s ridiculous!”

The person walking at the front dashed towards Scott, slammed a punch, and hit towards Scott’s face directly.

Scott narrowed his eyes and felt the strength of the man’s fist. It seemed that man in Room 7 was much stronger than that in Room 13.

But for Scott, it was just a slightly stronger ant.

Before the man hit him, Scott glided and reached out to grab that man’s wrist, with the other hand pressed against his armpit.
And then he made an effort to counteract the strength of the man, and then he swung him up and made him fall on the other side.

The man hit his head on the ground and he fainted immediately. Scott walked over and checked, and found that the man still had a heartbeat. He pinched on his neck, and killed him.

Scott was good at the movement of killing people. In the outside world, because of the legal restrictions, he couldn’t use it casually. He killed others only when he had. However, he didn’t need to take such scruples when he was in Guanling.

If he could kill people casually, Scott could kill the opponent with one move when the opponent was not too strong.

From the time the man in Room 7 attacked Scott to Scott tossing him to the ground and killed hirn, it took only three seconds.
Everyone was still waiting for the people in Room 7 to beat up the people in Room 13. However, such a change occurred in the next moment, which really shocked them.

Everyone in Room No. 7 looked dumbfounded, and people in Room 13 it was even more shocked. Many people widened their eyes.

“How… how is this possible, he killed him with two moves?” The man in Room 7 muttered.

Crazy Knife standing on the ring didn’t expect such a change. This newcomer, who seemed to be weak, had such a strong strength.

On the third floor, Nate and Annabel were both looking at the ring below. Nate was still complacent about his arrangements. He had already talked to Annabel for a long time about his research on the ring. He not only analyzed the situation of the game from the momentum, but also pretended to analyze the reason why Scott didn’t have the strength according to Scott’s action.

However, at the beginning of the game, Scott eliminated one person with two moves, making Nate embarrassed.

The smug expression on his face instantly froze on his face, and he didn’t come back to his mind for a while.

Annabel was about to lose temper with Nate. Butin the twinkling of an eye, Scott changed the situation in the ring, making Annabel surprised.

There was a smile on her face, she turned her head to look at Nate, and said, “It seems that what you said is not right. Didn’t you say that the person has no strength? How do you explain it now?”

Nate looked stiff. He was speechless when heard Annabel’s question. After a while, he coughed slightly and said, “He just killed one, it’s nothing. The game depends on the overall situation. It is impossible for him to kill five people alone. The result I said will definitely not change.”

Annabel didn’t pay any attention to him at all, turned her head back, and continued to look at the ring. She was staring at Scott, there was also a little bit of playfulness in her gaze.

Everyone was staring at the screen in the room.
“This newcomer is so courageous that he dares to fight against the person in Room 7 alone. I really think he is insane.”

Andrei looked at Scott on the screen and shook his head helplessly, and sighed, “This kid is really unlucky. He was assigned to Room 13 when he came. Now he is in a life-and-death with Room 7. It is estimated that he is going to die on his first day here.”

In another room, a person who came with Scott looked at the screen with excitement and muttered to himself, “He really deserves it. What’s the use of being strong? Luck is the most important thing. And he is just a little stronger than us, and definitely not as mighty as the person in Room 7. He will be killed on the first day he arrived. I’m dying of laughing.”

Just as they were all ridiculing Scott in their hearts, Scott on the screen quickly shot and directly killed the person who rushed towards him.

Unanimously, all the people in the room became quiet all at once.

On the edge of the ring, Ernie stared at Scott for a long time before recovering from the shock. Then, he was excited. Scott’s strength showed him hope.

Room 7 had always been very stable, and they would send the strongest players to the ring every time, so these four people were the best in Room 7.

Even Crazy Knife couldn’t kill one of them as easily as Scott did.
But now Scott had done it, which meant that Scott was likely to defeat Crazy Knife. In this way, they had the hope of winning.

He saw that the four people on their side in the ring were stunned, and he shouted at them, “What the hell are you doing ina daze? Hurry up and root for boss. That’s what you should do in the ring!”

The four people came to realize, and they all started to cheer Scott with excitement.

Five people entered the arena, four of them came to cheer, which made peopled in Room 7 all stunned.


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