The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 417 Competition

Scott and the people in Room 13 walked outside under the leadership of the master in Guanling.

During the game, in addition to those who need to go to the ring, people who were in the same room as these people needed to watch the game. This was also one of the few opportunities for those who were locked in the dungeon to go out.

The main purpose of Guanling’s arrangement was to allow people in each room to form a confrontation and set off the atmosphere on the ring.

On the way out, Scott saw the situation in other rooms. These rooms were roughly the same, but because the people were different, the situation of the small groups formed was also different.

There was a display screen in each room, which could be used to watch the game outside, so that people here could understand the combat effectiveness of other rooms.

When passing by these rooms, everyone stared at everyone in Room 13 with a gleeful gaze. Many people in Room 13 involuntarily bowed their heads under these people’s gazes.

“Wimps in Room 13, are you going out again to be beaten up again? How many people are you planning to die in the ring this time?”

“I advise you to give up directly. People in Room No. 13 is recognized as the weakest ones in by Guanling. No matter who you run into, you can’t win. Losers!”

“A bunch of wimps, look at your aggrieved look. Even women are stronger than you. I really don’t know how you guys got into Guanling.”

There was fierce competition between rooms, so if they got the chance, they would laugh at people in other rooms as much as possible.

As the weakest room, Room 13 was naturally the target of everyone’s siege.

“Fuck, isn’t that the one who came in with me? He killed wild wolf with one kick. He was assigned to Room 13. How unlucky he was. It’s useless to be fierce. With bad luck, no matter how strong he is, itis useless.” Andrei in room 9 stared at Scott who was walking from outside, with emotion on his face.

The rest of those who came in with Scott were all sneered. In their opinion, it was a funny thing that Scott, who was so powerful, was assigned to the weakest room.
Scott completely ignored the cynicism of those people. He felt that after today, everyone would change their views on Room 13.

Soon everyone arrived in front of a large elevator. Here, they saw the people in Room 7. All of them stared at the people in Room 13 with disdain.

From the perspective of imposing manner, people in Room 7 were obviously at a higher level than people in Room 13, and people in Room 7 also seemed to be more mighty.

“The one standing at the forefront is the leader in Room 7, nicknamed Crazy Knife. He is very strong. When fighting, he made a showy display of his ability. In all the rooms, his strength ranking is also relatively high. But he may not attend the game.
Otherwise, none of you will be able to get off the ring alive,” Ernie whispered in Scott’s ear.

Scott looked up and down at Crazy Knife, and felt that he looked really mighty and was like a knife even if he was just standing still.

“Losers in Room 13. If you kneel down and beg for mercy when you are on the ring, we can make you less tortured before you die. Otherwise, you will die in pain and torture.” A man standing by Crazy Knife sneered.

Ernie gritted his teeth and replied, “Don’t be too proud. The battle hasn’t started yet. No one can tell the result. Don’t slap yourself in the face.”

“It killed me, Ernie, are you insane? Do you really think that you can win? And this time we will give you a big surprise. Well, you’ll know when you get on the ring later,” the man said again.

Ernie’s heart did a complete somersault. He didn’t know what the surprise meant by the man, but he subconsciously glanced at Crazy Knife, and an uneasy premonition rose in him.

Crazy Knife glanced at everyone contemptuously, then made a thumbs-down gesture at Ernie and the others, and then turned around and entered the elevator.

The rest of the people also walked in confidence.
“Cheer up. After this time, I will make your food be improved,” Scott said.

However, no one responded to him. In their view, Scott’s words were simply to comfort them.

Ernie smiled awkwardly. He wanted to enliven the atmosphere, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

After a while, the elevator opened, and Scott and others also got into the elevator. As the elevator ascended slowly, Scott felt that the temperature had become higher.

They got out of the elevator, followed the master of Guanling and walk forward, and soon they reached the front of the ring.

Scott glanced around and found that it was an oval-shaped building. If you looked up at the middle ring, you could see the blue sky directly. At this time, many people on each floor were staring at the ring. They should be the world’s top rich people who come to Guanling to enjoy themselves.

People in Room 13 and Room 7 stood on both sides of the ring, waiting for the referee to announce the start of the game.

Above the ring, there was a display screen showing the betting situation. At this time, Room 7 had stakes of more than 500 million dollars, and Room 13 got stakes of 100 million dollars, which made Scott a little surprised.

In his view, no one would wager on Room 13, and the stakes was a whole number, which made Scott feel it was made by one person. He wondered who that person was.

At the same time, he also felt amazed. This was just an ordinary game, but the stakes were so high. Sure enough, here was a paradise for the rich. Several million dollars was just pocket money that they could use to make a bet easily.

After a short while, after a host in sparkling clothes lived things up, the people on both sides of the competition walked towards the ring in turn.

Scott went up last, and after standing on the ring, he glanced across from him and found that Crazy Knife, the leader in Room 7 was standing there.

Scott frowned. At that time, Ernie told him that room leader was not allowed to attend such games, but Crazy Knife was now standing on the ring, which surprised him a bit.

People in Room 13 exploded all at once, all staring at Crazy Knife with an incredible expression of despair on their faces.
“Crazy Knife plays for Room 7. It’s terrible. We will be all washed up this time. We don’t have any hope of winning at all.”

“My God, itis deliberately not wanting us to live. Someone must have spent money to let Crazy Knife play. Is our room 13 so unlucky?”

“Fuck, they are driving Room 13 to a dead end.” A group of people seemed quite excited.

Ernie was also full of consternation. Only then did he understand what the surprise was that the man said. According to the regulations, room leader was indeed not allowed to play. However, as long as someone paid, anyone could enter the ring. Such situation was rare. He could never expect that it would happen to them.

After all, the strength of Room 13 was well known and Room 7 could beat them without their room leader. Once Crazy Knife joined the battle, there would be no suspense at all in this game.

Everyone in Room No. 7 was gloating at Room No. 13, looking very relaxed.

“The last one to come up over is a newcomer. I haven’t seen him before. Is Room 13 not going to win? It sends a new person to the game.”

“I just pissed myself with laughter. As expected, people in Room 13 are all useless. Letting a newcomer attend the game, I’m afraid he will make himself wet at the beginning.”

“This newcomer looks like a loser. Room 13 is really admirable.”

“Everyone, before the start of the game, I have a piece of news to announce. Just now, the young master from the Hopkins family of D Country paid 200 million to buy the lives of everyone on the losing side. That is to say, today, only the winner can leave the ring alive. Wish all players can work harder to bring us a wonderful game!” The host’s voice echoed throughout Martial Arts Hall.

Except for Scott, everyone in Room 13 showed an expression of deep despair.

On the other side of Room 7, people looked excited. In their view, Scott and others had already died.


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