The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 415 high ladder

Hearing Ernie begging for mercy, Scott stopped. Then he turned to look at the people behind him, and said coldly, “Who else is not convinced?”

Everyone took two steps back subconsciously. They all subconsciously covered their crotches.

Scott’s strength was unquestionable. In No. 13 Room, Ernie’s strength was beyond doubt. But Scott could beat Ernie into a sissy with such ease, which was enough to prove how powerful Scott was.

At this time, Ernie turned around and yelled at everyone, “He will be our leader in this room from now on. If any of you dare to refuse, fight me first! Fromm now on, I will be his loyal little bro. Did you guys hear it clearly?”

Ernie’s voice was no longer as strong as before, but became a bit more feminine. When Scott heard Ernie speak, he even suspected that Ernie had some problem after being kicked by him.

Hearing Ernie’s voice, everyone had the urge to laugh, but they all endured it. They nodded to him quickly, and then shouted at Scott, “Yes, Boss!”

Ernie turned his head and showed a flattering smile at Scott. He said, “Boss, everyone in this room will listen to you from now on. I am your assistant now. If you have something to do, just tell me. I’ll do it.”

“Tell me about the situation here.” Scott said. He was actually a little confused. After all, Ernie was the leader here before, but after being kicked a few times, he obediently gave the position to Scott, which made Scott feel a little weird.

Looking at Ernie’s looks, after giving Scott the position, there seemed to be a sense of relief on his face.
Ernie nodded immediately and said, “Let’s go and sit on the bed. Boss, you just woke up. Your body may not have recovered.”

Scott didn’t refuse. He followed Ernie to one side of the room. There was a row of beds with many quilts on it. It was enough for them to sleep.

Of course, Scott also thought of another possibility. The bed prepared here was actually just right, but it did not mean that everyone could sleep on the bed alive.

After reaching in front of the bed, Ernie enthusiastically took Scott to his own bed. His bed looked much cleaner than those around him, and the quilts were neatly stacked.

“Boss, this is my bed. It is the cleanest in this room. To be honest, I’m a neat freak. I can’t stand the dirty environment. Those guys don’t dare to stain my bed.” Ernie said. There was a trace of complacency on his face.
Scott glanced at the shabby beds in front of him, then glanced at the bed not far away, and asked, “Am I going to sleep there in

the future?”

Ernie nodded and said, “Yes, we are all treated the same here. Even the sleeping place for the boss will not make much difference. Whether it is clean or not depends entirely on their own preferences.”

Scott nodded thoughtfully, then pointed at the bed over there, and said, “You go to sleep over there in the future.” Then Scott sat on the bed in front of him and found that this bed was indeed much cleaner than the others.

Ernie was taken aback for a moment, and then he understood what Scott meant. He reluctantly said, “Boss, I took a great effort to get my bedsheets and quilts. It’s not easy to get a clean set of quilts in such a place.”

“So you want violate my order?” Scott said coldly.

Ernie was taken aback by Scott’s aura. Then he gritted his teeth and said, “It is my honor to prepare a clean bed for you.” Scott smiled and nodded, then let Ernie talk about the situation here.

Ernie told Scott the situation about here. Scott also roughly figured out what kind of place he was currently in.

This was indeed Guanling. But they were underground. To put it bluntly, they were equivalent to prisoners locked up by Guanling.

There were a total of fifteen rooms like here. The room he stayed was No. 13 Room. There were about twenty people in each room. Everyone here came in like Scott.

The purpose of Guanling’s screening of these people was indeed in line with the rumors that Scott heard. The only purpose of them coming here was to fight. Under the watch of the world’s top wealthy groups, they had to have a fierce fight.

To put it in a more popular way, these people were boxers specially raised in Guanling. Guanling was more like a world-class arena.

Of course, Guanling couldn’t only find such desperadoes to perform fighting performances. There were more powerful masters here, but they would not appear in this dungeon. The treatment of those masters was much better than them.

Each room here was equivalent to a small group. In order to generate fierce conflicts between these small groups and make them work harder in the boxing ring, Guanling would give limited food to these fifteen rooms every month. Certainly, how much each room could get depended on the performance of each room in the boxing ring.

A room with weak overall strength would receive very little food, and it was of poor quality. If they were lacking nutrition and they had to be under high-intensity confrontation, even if they were good, they couldn’t show their all strength due to lack of physical strength.

Because of this model, people who sucked would soon be eliminated, so those who could stick to it were not bad.

According to what Ernie said, No. 13 Room belonged to a relatively weak room. The people here hadn’t eaten enough for a long time.

Ernie was still a little guilty when he said this, as if this was not his faults.

In this place, whoever was strong was the king. When there was insufficient food, these people in the room were likely to fight each other to get the food.

In order to prevent this from happening, Guanling stipulated that there must be a leader in each room. The leader would get some convenience in normal times and had the right to manage the entire room.

But once there was insufficient food, the leader needed to come forward to challenge other leaders in any other room. If he won, he could take away half of the food from the other room. But if he lost, Guanling would still give food to the room. However, this leader had to die.

Hearing what Ernie said, Scott understood why Ernie gave the position to him so easily at that time. Ernie knew that there were some weak chickens in the room and there would be food lack sooner or later. When the food was not enough, it would be his turn to work hard.

So by giving position to Scott, he could live more easily, at least not having to fight for food for these people.

After listening, Scott frowned. Ernie just said the general situation here. Scott did not get useful information from Ernie.
Scott came here to find Terence, not here to perform as a boxer.
“Have you heard of Terence Davies?” Scott asked.

Ernie thought for a while. Then he shook his head to Scott, and said, “I have never heard of it. Although I have been here for three years, I have never heard of such a name.”

Scott nodded. Terence disappeared seven or eight years ago. It was normal that people here hadn’t heard his name.
“Then do you know how to get out from here and get to the ground?” Scott then asked.

“Don’t think about this! Unless you are asked to go to fight at the boxing ring. At any other time, you can’t to go out. If you dare to forcibly escape from prison, you will be chased and killed by the masters of Guanling. You may not know how strong those masters are. Let me tell you that, any one of them can kill all the people in fifteen rooms.” Ernie reminded.

Scott raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect the masters in Guanling to be so strong.
“Then what is high ladder?” Scott asked again.

Ernie smiled helplessly and said, “Don’t even think about that! This stuff is almost a legend here. high ladder is actually a continuous challenge. You need to challenge nine masters in Guanling continuously in one day. Each is better than the last. I heard that the last one has the power to penetrate the wall with a single finger. He can kill people with just one finger. From the existence of Guanling to today, there are only two people who have successfully finished the challenge. If you succeed, you will be free in Guanling, and you will be favored by the biggest boss of Guanling. Those can successfully finish the challenger are all the world’s top masters. It is too difficult to successfully get it done. Those who want to try to challenge high ladder are often beaten to death on the first challenge.”

After hearing Ernie’s explanation, Scott thought for a while. What he cared about was not the difficulty of high ladder. Now, he knew that Guanling was not unable to get out. As long as he succeeded in challenging high ladder, he would be free. But it was too hard, so only two people had succeeded so far.

Although Scott didn’t know how strong these masters were, at least Scott knew that he couldn’t be trapped here all his life. If he could find Terence’s whereabouts, he wouldn’t mind trying high ladder.

He had just arrived in this place and was not yet familiar with many situations, so he couldn’t do these things rashly. He had to be familiar with the situation here before he tried that high ladder.

While Scott was chatting with Ernie, a staff from Guanling came in to deal with the corpse. Then a man in a black uniform walked over to them and said blankly, “No. 13 Room, there is a ring game in the afternoon. You will be playing against to No. 7 Room. There will be ten people fighting at the same time. There will be five people from your room. If you guys lose this time, your food level will be reduced to the lowest level.”

Hearing that person’s words, everyone in the room fell silent immediately.


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