The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 412 You Can’t Leave Guanling Alive, but It Doesn’t Mean that I Can’t

At the Suburb of S City.
Scott was walking along the road he had walked on last time. At the end of the road was the bar he had been last time.

It was the 15th today. It was written on that paper that he should came here o today. There was no specific time. If he was not wrong, the staff of Guanling would wait here for a whole day.

If he didn’t come here today, even if he knew that the staff of Guanling was in that bar, he wouldn’t be given another chance.
Therefore, he must take this chance.

Before long, Scott arrived at the alley where the bar was located. According to the paper, he should go to the alley behind the bar. So, he walked along the alley to the end, took a turn and went to the alley behind the bar.

When he was not far away from that alley, he saw that there was a van parked there. A man stood before the van, smoking. He was exactly the person who was in charge of the underground boxing field.

After Scott came close to him, he didn’t say a word. After giving Scott a glance, he motioned for him to get on the van.

Scott nodded and came close to the van. The moment he opened the door, he found that there had already been four people in the van.

He looked at those men. These men all wore malicious expression and were cautious. Judging from their appearance, they were all cruel. Only people who often killed people would look like that.

Judging from all these, Scott came to a conclusion that these men should all be outlaws. Scott even found one of them familiar. It seemed that he had seen him on the wanted notice in the news before.

As he had expected, people who wanted to go to Guanling were someone who couldn’t live in normal society and had certain information. There was few people that wanted to find someone in Guanling like Scott.

When Scott looked at them, they were also looking at Scott. It seemed that they were all somewhat surprised because Scott looked so different from them.

However, no one spoke. They all knew that what they wanted was to go to Guanling. If they made some unnecessary troubles now and irritated the person in charge of Guanling, they would suffer a loss.

Scott got on the van and sat down on an empty seat. Ignoring the fact that they were looking at him, Scott closed his eyes and had some rest.

There were seven passenger seats in this van. Before long, there had been seven passengers in this van. Then, the person in charge of the underground boxing field sat on the driver’s seat and drove away from the alley.

At this moment, Scott opened his eyes and looked out of the window, finding that the person in charge of the underground boxing field was driving towards suburb.

“Could it be that Guanling was in the mountains of the suburbs of S City?” Scott wondered.

However, soon, he denied this idea. If Guanling was really in the mountains of the suburbs of S City, it would be found long ago and there would be more rumors about Guanling than there had been now.

It was more likely that they were going to a transfer station.

Scott didn’t know how they would go to Guanling next. Now, he had been among these people. If anyone regretted now, he would probably be killed by the person in charge of the underground boxing field now.

Naturally, Scott was very confident that he could successfully get rid of them if he really wanted to regret. After all, the person in charge of the undergroung boxing field was not necessarily as good at fighting as Scott.

After leaving the place where people lived and having slowly entered remote places, people in the van relaxed a little bit.

As outlaws, they couldn’t usually show up in populated area. If anything went wrong, they might be found by the police.
Therefore, they were very cautious in their lives.

They could only relax in such remote places because they didn’t have to worry that police would suddenly appear and catch them in places where few people lived in.

“Guys, it’s God’s plan that we can meet each other here. We’re all going to Guanling. Why not introduce ourselves to each other now? If we’re in trouble in Guanling, we can help each other. I’ll introduce myself first. You can call me Andrei. I’m wanted for killing a few people. My friend told me something about Guanling. I have no choice but to go to Guanling.” The man beside Scott said.

After he said so, the rest of them also began to introduce themselves. They were really all outlaws. Having killed people, they were wanted and therefore were unable to live in the normal society.

When these people introduced themselves, they would stressed the crime they had committed as if having committing those crimes was something worthy of boasting.

With his eyes closed, when hearing the crimes these people committed, Scott had the urge to enforce the God’s law and killed all of them now.

However, he didn’t come here to kill these people. If he did so, he might not be able to go to Guanling. Therefore, he didn’t kill them.

Perhaps the reason why the people of Guanling let these people go to Guanling was that they knew that these people had committed serious crimes. They wouldn’t be troubled a lot when they asked such people to have cruel matches.

After all, bad guys were killed because of it.

Thinking in this way, Scott thought that Guanling was a place of justice.

After they introduced themselves to each other, Andrei gave Scott a glance, patted him on the shoulder and said rudely, “Hey, don’t sleep. We’re talking. Don’t act as if you didn’t hear us.”

“Tell us the reason why you go to Guanling. You don’t look like a bad guy. Could it be that you’re forced to go to Guanling after doing something very bad?”

They all laughed. When Scott got on the van, they had considered Scott to be a pushover. They thought that Scott had completed the given task by luck.

“People who want to go to Guanling all have done nothing bad. He looks like an upright person, but he could be actually very evil. Generally speaking, the more upright a person looks, the more evil he is.” A man sitting behind Scott said.

Scott opened his eyes, cast a glance at Andrei and said without emotion, “I go to Guanling to find someone.” People in the van were all stunned. For a short while, it was quiet in the car.
Then, they all burst into laughter. There was taunt in their voices.

At the beginning, they didn’t take Scott seriously. They came to a conclusion that they didn’t have to attach importance to Scott by what Scott looked like. They found it more ridiculous when Scott told them that he went to Guanling to find someone.

They had never heard that someone would go to Guanling for wanting to find someone.

These outlaws had heard about the rumors about Guanling, knowing that people wouldn’t be able to leave Guanling alive. They had accepted the fact that they might not be able to leave Guanling alive before they got on this van.

Compared with living in horror in the society, he all believed that it would be better to die in Guanling.

Therefore, in their opinion, going to Guanling to find someone was ridiculous. Being unable to leave Guanling alive, it was meaningless to find the person he wanted to find.

“Hey, is there anything wrong with your mind? You should go to Guanling to find someone. Don’t you know what Guanling is like?” A man looked at Scott with taunt.

“Maybe he doesn’t know that he won’t be able to leave Guanling after he is in Guanling. What a pity. It’s s too late to know it now.
If he regrets it now, he will only be killed.” Another man said. While speaking, he cast a glance at the person in charge of the underground boxing field. He was driving this van.

He intently drove this van as if he had not heard anything.

“You can’t leave Guanling alive, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t.” Scott said coldly.

“You f*cking dared to boast. Who do you think you are? In so many years, no one could leave Guanling alive. Many people had the same idea as you had before. However, unluckily, they all died.” One man sneered.

The rest of them also looked at Scott with disdain. They considered Scott to be someone who was not capable and liked boasting.

After giving Scott a glance, Andrei said with a smile, “Maybe the reason why he believes that he can leave Guanling alive is that there is something special about him. Let’s move to another topic. Being able to be here, you must have completed your tasks.
What are your tasks? Tell us about it. Having been away from the city, it should be all right to discuss it.”

Seeing that Andrei moved to another topic, the rest of them all stopped talking to Scott and began to discuss the tasks they had completed before.

“At that time, after I went to the people in charge of it in in the bar, he gave me a piece of paper. I was asked to fight with any man in the bar. I just needed to defeat that guy. I tried to fight with a strong man. Unfortunately, that guy was a coward. Before I started a fight with him, he conceded defeat. Then I successfully completed my task.” Andrei said with some pride.

“I was asked to successively defeat two adults in half an hour. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s not difficult at all.” A muscular man showed off his muscles.

The man, who sat behind Scott and looked down upon Scott, said with a smile, “Your tasks are too easy. I was asked to go to the ring and challenge a boxer. Damn it. I tried very hard to fight with him. Fortunately, I had learned how to fight before. Finally, I won the fight.”

The rest of them all looked at that man with admiration. They all had killed someone before, but they knew how good at fighting the boxers of the underground boxing field were. It would be easier for these boxers than them to kill someone. Therefore, it would be quite a great achievement for them to defeat a boxer.

At this moment, Andrei cast his glance at Scott again and asked, “What’s your task? It seems that the tasks are given according to individual situation. The weak a person is, the simpler his task is. Could it be that you were asked to defeat a woman ina fight?”

After he said that, they all burst into laughter.

“You overestimated him. He must have been asked to defeat a little girl. It should be very difficult for him.” Then man sitting behind Scott laughed so happily that he covered his stomach with his hands.

Scott considered these people to be a bit boring. These people were far from as good as he was. It was meaningless for them discuss these things with them.

They gloated over defeating a boxer, but Scott was able to defeat the first-class experts of B City.
Even Logan believed that Scott could defeat him. Scott’s ability was beyond the imagination of these people.

Seeing that Scott didn’t say a word, the man sitting behind Scott immediately spoke, “It seems that I was right. He didn’t retort.
Are you too ashamed to retort? Why would such a weak guy be eligible to go to Guanling?”

Before, the person in charge of the underground boxing field had been driving silently. The moment that man finished speaking, he coughed lightly and suddenly said, “He killed Marshall.”

After he said these words, it was again quiet in the van.


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