The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 408 You Only Deserve to Be My Servant

The interaction of light and shadow, coupled with lively music, made the entire bar extremely exciting.

The half-naked girls were twisting their waists in the middle of the dance floor, and many fashionable men surrounded them and kept sticking to the girls, occasionally taking the opportunity to touch them.

At this moment Lily was on the edge of the dance floor, looking at the young people dancing inside. She looked excited, and her body moved with the rhythm of the music.

Her face was flushed, her eyes blurred, and she seemed to have drunk a lot of alcohol. Although there was an excited smile on the corner of her mouth, there was an unconcealable loss in her big eyes.

After leaving the apartment yesterday, Lily appeared in various bars in J City. She wanted to numb herself with alcohol and suppress the pain in her heart. In the past two days, she had not been awake.

Next to Lily, stood a tall man wearing a blue suit and looking aristocratic.
Two bodyguards stood behind him. They showed an invisible aura that made everyone around dare not approach them.

The man was named Lucas Holmes, the young master of a second-rate family, the Holmes family in B City. He came to J City on business. When he came to the bar to play in the evening, he noticed Lily with outstanding temperament. He had already guarded Lily’s side for one night.

Although Lucas was from B City, he didn’t know that Lily was the eldest lady of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in B City.
Natan did not reveal too much information about Lily to the outside world in order to protect Lily. Only a small number of people knew her.

So, Lucas thought Lily was just a beauty from J City, and he had already regarded her as his hunting target tonight.

At that time, he tried to take advantage of Lily when she was drunk. He happened to be seen by Conor who came here to find Lily. Conor rushed over and stopped Lucas.

The conflict broke out between them, and Lucas directly stated his identity, not afraid of Conor, the emperor of Underground World in J City. In his opinion, J City was just a small place. The power of the Holmes family could easily crush any forces in J


And Lily knew that Conor was Scott’s person, she was getting angry, and she helped Lucas scold Conor, and told him not to be nosy.

Conor didn’t know what to do, so he ran outside and called Scott.

Soon, Conor walked back from the outside, looking at Lucas with an ugly expression.

Lucas saw Conor come back with a sneer on his face, and said, “What’s the matter, did you call someone just now?”

“Tell you, even if you are a powerful man in J City, you are only a scoundrel. Do people in a small place like you still want to fight against people from B City? I advise you to get out of the way. You don’t have the right to interfere in this. Don’t bother me when I pick up girls.”

Conor stared at Lucas and said coldly, “That girl is not someone you can mess with. If you really do anything to her, I can assure you that you will regret it.”

Lucas snorted and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Are there any girls I can’t get in J City? Don’t be funny. That girl has also said you have no right to control her. She is willing to flirt with me. It’s none of your business.”

Conor couldn’t find a reason to refute Lucas for a while. He knew that Lily was only angry with Scott. Lily naturally looked down on people like Lucas.

He could only wait for Scott. Before that, as long as Lucas dared to molest Lily, he would stop him for the first time.
Conor, who knew Lily’s identity, didn’t think he was troubling Lucas, on the contrary, it could be said to be protecting him.

After all, if Lucas really did something to Lily, with the power of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, the Holmes family would be destroyed in minutes.

Lucas saw Conor standing by without speaking, with a sinister smile on his face, and then walked towards Lily.
He sticked to Lily’s back, supported Lily’s shoulder with the other one, and slid down.

When doing this, Lucas turned his head and glanced at Conor, his eyes full of provocation.

Conor walked to them without saying a word, and reached out to pull Lucas over.

At this moment, Lucas’s two bodyguards immediately stood in front of Conor, aggressively.

Conor didn’t talk nonsense with the two bodyguards. He stretched out a hand and grabbed one of the bodyguards’ hands. He used his arm to control his body and slammed into the other bodyguard on the side. The two bodyguards instantly fell to the ground.

After Logan’s training, Conor’s strength had been greatly improved, and he could compare with the first-class masters of the Davies family. the Holmes family was only a second-rate family in B City. Conor still didn’t care about the security guards they sent.

Lucas didn’t expect Conor to be so strong that cleaned up his two bodyguards easily. However, he did not show panic. As a visitor from B City, he had experienced a lot.

“Dare you to act on my bodyguard. You are dicing with death,” Lucas shouted at Conor.

“Stay away from her.” Conor looked at Lucas coldly, a murderous meaning in his voice.

“How dare you order me?” Lucas curled his lips.

Conor immediately took a step forward and wanted to beat Lucas.

At this moment, Lily, who was drunk, directly raised her hand, knocked down Conor’s outstretched hand, and said in a dazed tone, “What do you want to do, why do you treat my friend like this? The one beside Scott? The people around Scott are really not good people, even wanting to stop me from drinking. ”

Conor stopped immediately when hearing Lily’s words. He didn’t take Lucas seriously, but he couldn’t offend this young lady. If Lily stopped, he really couldn’t beat Lucas.

Seeing Conor stop, Lucas immediately sneered and said, “I didn’t expect you to be scared by a woman. How dare you say you are emperor of the Underground World? I think you are an wimp, right?”

Conor frowned and said nothing.
Seeing Lily defend him, and Conor didn’t dare to beat him front of Lily, Lucas suddenly became unscrupulous.

He directly stretched out his hand and hugged Lily. In his opinion, Lily had defended him, which meant she was attracted by his charm. Therefore, he could already do something beyond the boundary.

However, as soon as he touched Lily, Lily quickly turned around, slapped Lucas directly, and cursed, “You rascal, what do you want to do!”

Lucas was dumbfounded immediately. He didn’t expect that the girl who had just defended him changed her attitude towards him suddenly.

As a member of the Holmes family in B City, he was a kind arrogant. In his opinion, Lily was just a beautiful girl in J City, such a small place. Dare she beat him!

“Fuck, what are you doing? Dare to hit me?” Lucas cursed, and immediately raised his hand, planning to slap Lily.

Lily stepped back two steps. She defended Lucas, indeed because she was angry with Scott, but it didn’t mean that Lucas could touch her up.

Just when Lucas was about to slap Lily, Conor appeared. He pinched his wrists with one hand, kicked him to the ground.

Lucas gritted his teeth and sat up from the ground, glaring at Lily with both eyes, and cursed, “Fuck, b*tch, are you kidding me? Tell you, I’m from the Holmes family in B City. Dare you provoke me. I will make you worse off than death!”

Lily glanced at Lucas and said, “Who provokes you? It’s obviously that you want to take advantage of me. Shame on you. You are from the Holmes family in B City, so what? If you dare to say that again, I will let the Holmes family no longer exist.”

Lucas thought Lily was just bragging, while Conor didn’t doubt her words. With the capabilities of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, even ten Hus could erase their names.

“Well, dare you be arrogant in front of me. Wait for me, I will call home now, the first one to clean up you. Damn b*tch, neither of you can run away!” Lucas glance at Lily, then took another glance at Conor, his eyes full of sullenness.

The people around were attracted by the movement here, and they gathered around to watch. Many people recognized Conor and started talking.

“Isn’t that Conor? The emperor of Underground World in J City. Dare that man trouble him. He is really dicing with death.” “Never mess with Conor in J City. The person sitting on the ground is insane, doesn’t he know how powerful Conor is?”

“How arrogant he is! Dare he provoke Conor. I hope Conor will teach him how to behavior.”

When Lucas heard the comments from those around him, his look suddenly became very gloomy. In his heart, Conor was nothing to him.

He stood up from the ground and yelled loudly, “You f*cking shut up. I am from the Holmes family in B City, the emperor of Underground World in J City is nothing in my eyes. He is just good at fight. PAs long as I mobilize my family resources, I can get rid of the so-called emperor of the Underground World in a few days!”

Everyone was shocked. It was unexpected that the Holmes family was from a big family in B City. For a while, everyone began to worry about Conor.

In their hearts, the emperor of the Underground World in J City was indeed powerful, but compared with the power of B City, it was still a lot worse.

Just when everyone was talking about it, a figure walked behind Conor and Lily, stared at Lucas, and said aloud, “the Holmes family? Dare you make trouble here? Even the head of your family only deserves to be my servant!”


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