The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 407 Scott Misunderstood Lily

In the apartment, Lily stood at the door for a long, long time, reverberating in her ears what Scott said before leaving.
“Don’t pretended to be pathetic. It’s not touching.”

Lily didn’t know what she had done wrong, and why Scott would say so.

She was slapped for no reason, feeling wronged and couldn’t help crying. Why did she pretend to be pitiful?

She didn’t want to touch anyone. Was it a sin to feel wronged and want to cry?

Most importantly, she didn’t understand why Scott slapped her. He found her, only left a slap, a word, and turned around and left. It was easy to imagine how much harm it would do to a person who had been missing him for so long

Did he do this to cut off her feelings him? If this was the case, he was too cruel.

Since the day of Scott’s wedding, Lily had stayed in J City. She wanted to experience what it was like to live in the same city with the person she liked.

At the beginning, she thought that whatever she liked, she would get it anyway, even if she had to use some means.
But then she thought about the TV series she watched, those who got the one they liked in a variety of ways never ended well.
She really thought about starting with Edith and letting Edith leave Scott, so that she had a chance.

But then she understood that doing so would only increase Scott’s dislike of her. What she wanted was to make Scott really like her through her own efforts, instead of destroying Scott’s existing relationship and robbing him.

So, during this time Lily had been alone, walking around the streets of J City alone. She didn’t even want to disturb Scott and Edith.

Of course, she was looking forward to Scott’s discovery that she was also living in this city. She wanted to have an encounter with Scott, even if Scott brought Edith with him, she wouldn’t mind.

Scott did find her today, but the reality was not as good as she thought. Scott didn’t bring her a beautiful encounter, but only gave her a slap and a cold heartbreaking sentence.

After a long time, she finally couldn’t help it, sobbing and crying, which caused several neighbors to come out to see her.
Lily returned to the house, closed the door heavily, and was on the sofa. She was tearful.

“Scott, bastard, bastard. Dare you beat me! I won’t let you go. I am not so easy to mess with, I will definitely separate you and Edith. Since you make me so uncomfortable, I won’t make you feel better!”

In the evening, Scott walked on the road alone. After the whole day, he had calmed down.
He wavered and went to the door of the apartment just now.

He had thought about it many times, and found that there were indeed many questionable points in it. It was really possible that he had misunderstood Lily.

Regardless of whether Lily did it or not, he should at least talk to Lily first, so as to avoid misunderstandings.

However, he was really frustrated at that moment, so he didn’t control himself and directly slapped Lily.

After calming down now, Scott also regretted, he hadn’t been so impulsive for a long time.

After hesitating, Scott walked into the apartment. The security guard at the door was still the same one as the morning.

The security guard saw Scott coming over, ran over, nodded and bowed his waist and said, “Sir, are you going in again to find someone? I won’t stop you this time, please come in.”

Scott just nodded at him, and then walked in quickly.

After taking the elevator to the eighteenth floor, Scott walked towards Lily’s room, feeling a little nervous. If he really misunderstood Lily, then he would have done too much damage to Lily.

When he came to the door of room 1803, Scott was taken aback for a moment. The door did not close, but was left open, and he could see what was inside at a glance.

Scott walked in, looked around, and found that the room was not very big, with only one living room and one bedroom, and there was no one in the living room or bedroom at this time.

Scott took a closer look at the layout of the house and saw the black classic long skirts that Lily had bought scattered all over the floor. She seemed to have a great temper at these skirts.

There were signs of depressions on the sofa, and Lily should have been huddled on the sofa and crying for a long time.
Seeing the scene in the house, Scott sighed helplessly. It seemed that Lily had already left here.

Of course, there were many things left in this house. Other people would definitely think that Lily would come back, but Scott knew Lily. She was the eldest lady of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, and a house meant nothing for her.

If she really wanted to leave, except for those necessary, she probably wouldn’t take anything else.

Scott took out his phone and called Lily. It was shown that her phone was turned off. Scott was helpless, and after staying in the house for a while, he turned and left.

CZ Community.

Scott walked to the door of the room and knocked on the door. Soon, Amara, whose faces were swollen on both sides, walked over and opened the door. After seeing Scott standing outside the door, she closed the door directly.

After a while, Edith walked over, opened the door, and walked inside with Scott.
“Why do you let this jinx enter our house, he will bring disaster to our family,” Amara muttered.

Nicholas glanced at her, and whispered, “In fact, most of our family troubles are caused by you. In fact, you are more troublesome than Scott.”

Although his voice was very low, it was still heard by Amara.

Amara slapped the table directly, stretched out her hand to grab Nicholas’ ears, and yelled, “Get out of here now. You are so ingrate! Do you have a say in my family!”

Jennifer was a little pleased to see Scott coming back. She hurried over and asked Scott what he would like to eat tonight. As for the quarrel between Amara and Nicholas, she was already used to it.

Edith noticed that Scott was not in a good mood, so she asked, “How did the investigation go? Did you find out who the woman is?”

Scott shook his head and said, “Things may be more complicated than imagined, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Edith nodded, knowing she didn’t have the qualification to participate these things.

When she thought of it, she suddenly became a little sad. Although she knew that someone was deliberately making a trap, what the woman said to her touched something in her heart. These feelings would not disappear so easily.

It was just that she hadn’t figured it out yet, so it’s not suitable to talk to Scott.

That night, Scott stayed at home for the night. Although Amara was very upset, after being was beaten by Scott, she only dared to curse Scott, not daring to really drive him out.

Edith wanted to talk to Scott about her recent thoughts at night, and wanted to know Scott’s opinion. But at night, seeing Scott look stressed, she gave up this plan.
The next day, Conor called Scott and said that he had found something and asked Scott to go there.

Scott went to the place Conor said. It was a hidden alley, not far from the apartment where Lily lived. There were a few trash cans in the alley, and on top of the trash, there was a long black skirt, and a black veil.

“If I’m right, someone deliberately guided us to suspect Lily. This matter has nothing to do with Lily. We were all deceived by the people behind it,” Conor said.

Scott looked at the veil on the trash can and frowned. If that was the case, it would mean that he really wronged Lily.
Recalling his attitude towards Lily yesterday, Scott felt guilty. He actually misunderstood Lily and beat her.

“According to the surveillance around here, I found that the woman who lost this dress finally entered a hotel. I already checked that hotel in the morning. There was a room where two suspicious people were indeed accommodated, but they were no longer there. I also found a note in that room.”

Conor said, handing Scott a note.
Scott took it and saw it said, “You will never find me.” “Can the hotel monitor find out what these two people look like?” Scott asked.

“I have checked it. They disguised well and we couldn’t see their faces, but they were definitely a man and a woman. I asked them to do a check based on their body shape and clothing style. They should have temporarily left J City now,” Conor said.

Scott thought carefully, but couldn’t figure out who they were.

But for the time being, he could rest assured that this person would not dare to come to trouble him again in a short time. Under the precautionary premise, Scott could ensure that Edith was safe. After all, the current J City was under his control.

This time, it happened only because Scott was not prepared.
“Continue to investigate this person’s situation, once you catch her, notify me at once,” Scott said.
Conor nodded.

“By the way, check where Lily was I misunderstood her yesterday. She should be very sad. I’m afraid she will do something stupid. I must find her whereabouts as soon as possible. I did not do it right. If I can make up for her, I will try to make up for her,” Scott said again.

Conor smiled. Scott rarely cared others, which was enough to show that Lily had won a relatively high position in Scott’s heart by relying on her own efforts.

Of course, Scott was a dedicated person, he would only love Edith in his life, he really treated Lily as his younger sister.
After receiving Scott’s order, Conor hurried to send someone to find Lily’s whereabouts.

Scott didn’t go home, but found a park and sat on a bench for a day.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Scott’s cell phone rang, and after it was connected, Conor’s voice came over there.

“I found where Lily is. She is at COCO Bar, you might have to come over quickly. I’m having some trouble here.”


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