The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 406 A Slap on the Face

When the security guard who fell on the ground saw that Manager Chang was so respectful to Conor, he became tense, realizing that he might have gotten into trouble this time.

Conor glanced at the Manager Chang coldly. He remembered that he had met Manager Chang once, but he didn’t know him much.

Manager Chang looked at Conor tremblingly. Seeing that the other party didn’t speak, he quickly turned to look at the security guard and said, “What are you still doing here? Hurry up and apologize.”

The security guard didn’t dare to delay, and immediately glanced at Scott and Conor, and said, “I… I’m sorry.”

He felt aggrieved. It was him who was beaten, but he still had to apologize.

“Okay, let’s come to the point straightly. We are here to look for a person, a very beautiful woman who likes to wear a black dress and a veil, have you ever seen her?” Conor stared at Manager Chang and asked.

Manager Chang quickly thought about it, and said, “I seem to have actually seen such a woman, but that person did not wear a veil. She is indeed very beautiful, and impressed me very much.”

“It should be the person I was talking about. Check which room she lives in,” Conor said.
“Conor, please wait a minute, I’ll check it out.” Manager Chang hurriedly walked inside to find out which room the woman lived in.

Scott and Conor also followed in. After a while, Manager Chang found the house number of the woman he was talking about from the computer.

“She lives in room 1803. You can go straight up by the elevator from there. Conor, do you want me to follow?” Manager Chang asked.

“No, we can go up by ourselves.” Conor replied, and then walked towards the elevator with Scott.

Manager Chang heaved a sigh of relief. He felt that things related to Conor were definitely not simple. He didn’t want to get involved. He was grateful that Conor didn’t let him follow.

When the two people entered the elevator, the security guard walked over and asked Manager Chang aggrievedly, “Manager Chang, who are those two people? Why are you so afraid of them?”

Manager Chang glanced at the security guard and said angrily, “That was the emperor of the Underground World in J City, Conor. You should be thankful that he didn’t care about you at that time, otherwise you might not be able to stay in J City.”

After the security guard heard it, a cold sweat broke out on his back, and he was full of fear, and he wished to ask for leave now and go back to allay fear.

Eighteenth floor.

Scott and Conor came out of the elevator together, and walked towards the house with the room 1803. Soon they reached the door and stopped.

Conor and Scott looked at each other and exchanged a knowing look, then Conor took a step forward and knocked on the door lightly.

Scott was ready to fight. Since the woman who deceived Edith dared to make this kind of trap, she must have support.

And they were so easy to find here, the woman must have expected it in advance, Scott thought that the woman must know that Conor’s men have found here, so she had already left.

If she hadn’t left yet, it meant that this woman was not afraid of Scott, otherwise she wouldn’t be so bold.

Soon, there was a sound of footsteps inside. Both Scott and Conor took a deep breath, thinking that this woman was really courageous. After doing such a thing, she still dared to stay in J City so calmly. Was the support she had more terrifying than the Davies family?

With a squeak, the door opened, and countless thoughts flashed through Scott’s mind. When the door opened completely and he saw the person inside, Scott was stunned.

Lily was wearing a black classical long dress, standing at the door, staring at the two people outside with doubt. After seeing Scott, she was surprised.

She was trying on the dress she bought from the mall just now, and she never thought that anyone would come here to find her.

Recently, she was obsessed with black court skirts, bought many different styles. She still imagined the scene when she was wearing this skirt and meeting Scott.

But she never expected that Scott would take the initiative to find her.

Scott stared at Lily directly, and an uncontrollable anger surged up within him. Before coming here, Scott had suspected that Lily was the one who did this. After all, besides her, Scott really couldn’t find anyone else who would pretend to be his first girlfriend to attack Edith.

But based on his understanding and trust in Lily, Scott had always felt that he had been thinking too much. He thought that even if Lily liked him and wanted to compete with Edith, she would never use low cunning to find a cleaner and drug Edith.

So, on the way, Scott had already excluded Lily.

But now after the door opened, Scott saw Lily standing inside with an innocent look. He suddenly felt that this girl was so hypocritical and evil. Thinking of Lily’s innocence before and what she was doing now, Scott felt sick.

Of course, this may also be just a coincidence. Conor’s men just found this hotel by mistake, and the number of Lily’s room was told by Manager Chang. Maybe Manager Chang didn’t know who Conor was talking about.

However, the long black dress on Lily made Scott unable to believe that it was a coincidence. The woman Conor and Scott described was wearing such a black dress. Lily now just didn’t wear a veil on her face.

If it was a coincidence, it would be too dramatic, and Scott couldn’t convince himself that it was just a coincidence.

“Scott, why did you come here?” After a short period of hesitation, Lily showed an excited expression on her face, thinking that whether Scott also cared about her as he took the initiative to find her here.

After all, Lily stayed in J City and didn’t tell Scott. Could it be that Scott’s subordinates found her, so he came over to say hello to her?

No matter what, Lily was very happy. During her time in J City, she had been missing Scott almost every day. She wandered the streets and alleys in J City, hoping to better imagine herself and Scott together by have a better understanding of the city.

As soon as she finished speaking, Scott raised his hand and slapped on Lily’s face.

With a sound.

Crisp and loud.

The entire corridor seemed to be quiet, and for a while, the atmosphere between the three people became quite subtle.

Scott couldn’t help the anger in his heart, and then he slapped her. He couldn’t accept that Lily, who was naive and naughty in him mind, was so dirty.

Lily was stunned. She raised her hand and stroked her face lightly. She didn’t expect that the first thing Scott did was to slap her when he saw her.

Conor stood aside and felt that the atmosphere was a strange. He didn’t know what to say for a while. He wanted to say that there might be some misunderstanding and Scott should ask Lily that why she was here so as to judge whether there was any flaw in her answer.

But Scott slapped Lily directly, which was equivalent to directly treating Lily as the woman who trapped Edith. Although it was very possible, there were still some doubts. Conor thought it was better to make it clear first.

However, Scott’s actions made it impossible to discuss the matter.

After a while, Lily’s eyes were filled with tears, she bit her lip, her face full of grievances.
“Why?” Lily asked cryingly.

“Don’t pretend to be pathetic. It’s not touching.”

Scott said in a cold voice, turned around, and walked towards the elevator. He had a mixed feeling now. If that person was a woman he didn’t know, he might have asked Conor to arrest that woman and tortured her.

However, this person was Lily, even if Scott didn’t allow anyone to hurt Edith, but seeing that this person was the little girl wno followed him innocently before, he couldn’t do anything at all.
The slap just now was the most ruthless method Scott could do to Lily.

He didn’t know what to do with Lily, and he didn’t understand why Lily stayed here and was found by him. Did she want to show off?

If this was the case, Lily’s look of anticipation just now was really irritating.
He didn’t want to pay attention to Lily now, so he could only turn around and leave.
Conor hesitated for a moment, then hurriedly followed Scott.

In the elevator, the atmosphere was quite depressed. Conor tried to talk to Scott several times, but seeing Scott’s frowning look, he bit back the words that he wanted to say.

When he got outside the apartment, Conor felt that the atmosphere had eased a bit, and then he asked, “You seemed to be a little gaffe.”

“I didn’t expect it to be her,” Scott said.

“Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. You shouldn’t have slapped her directly just now. If it were her, she would not stay here stupidly. You should consider the possibility of someone taking advantage of her,” Conor said his own thoughts.

Scott lowered his head for a long time, then said, “Maybe you are right. You go back first. I want to stay alone.”

Conor stopped and watched Scott continue to walk forwards. He also sighed helplessly. At this time, letting Scott stay alone for a while should be the most correct choice.

In a hotel three kilometers away from the apartment, in a room, two people were lying on the bed, naked, and it looked like they had just finished s*x.

If Scott was here at this time, he would find that the man on the bed was Margaret’s bodyguard, Eric.
The woman lying in his arms was Margaret who was dead in Scott’s mind.

At first, Margaret committed suicide by taking poison in front of Scott. Afterwards, her body was put in the morgue of the hospital. Eric arrived in time, gave Margaret a drink of the medicine, and rescued her from the death.

Margaret was very fortunate that she was carrying the kind of poison that could make people appear in suspended animation.
Eric was not there at the time. It was just to prevent this from happening. He knew the way the Davies family handled the corpse, so he could rescue Margaret in time.

“Although Scott took everything from me, he would never expect that I am still alive. Even without those resources of the Davies family, I would never make him feel ease,” Margaret murmured.

“Didn’t you have succeeded this time? I have been observing Lily for so long. You follow her dressing style and trouble Edith.
Scott will definitely think that Lily did it.” Eric laughed.

“Even I didn’t expect that the eldest lady of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce would stay in J City because of Scott. Wouldn’t it be a pity not to take advantage of such a good opportunity,” Margaret said.

“It’s just that at Scott’s level, he should soon know that someone designed it.”

“So what? As long as it can cause him troubles, it is enough. And my purpose is not Scott, but Edith. I believe this incident has caused a great impact on Edith. Even if everything is explained, there’s going to be a wedge between Edith and Scott. I don’t want Scott to die now. I want him to live like death, and it’s very simple. I just need to separate him from Edith. It’s better to let him watch Edith die,” Margaret’s look became dark.

“Aren’t you afraid that he will find us?” Eric asked.

The corner of Margaret’s mouth evoked a playful arc, one hand gently rubbed Eric’s chest, and said quietly, “Do you think he will think of a dead person?”


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