The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 405 No Mercy

In the suite on the top floor of TC International Hotel.
Scott put Edith on the bed, at this moment she had already lost her mind, and there was only endless desire left in her eyes.

Because she had no energy any more, she could only twist her body on the bed gently, but the more she did so, the more tempting she looked to Scott.

Looking at Edith, eagerly longing for a man, Scott let out a sigh of relief. It was lucky that he did not stay in S City for another day, otherwise, he could not come to save her today.


“I want you… ”

“You… you come here… ”

Edith’s soft voice, coupled with the extremely seductive look of her lying on the bed, caused Scott to swallow.

He walked to the side of the bed, looked down at Edith, seeing the desire from her eyes, and then gently touched her face with one hand.

“If I don’t satisfy you, you should be in pain so much, since that’s the case…”

A bad smile appeared on Scott’s face, after which he bent down.

The next morning.
In TC International Hotel chairman’s office.

Scott and Edith were sitting opposite Amara. Edith’s face looked reddish and somewhat nourished, except that the vibe in the room at this moment was somewhat depressing, none of the three took the lead to speak.

Scott looked gloomy as he stared at Amara. He had been very angry about what happened yesterday. Amara had watched others hurting her daughter, but did nothing to save her. No matter what, Scott could not just let it go.

Edith was also very upset, she could not imagine that Amara would treat herself like this, she believed that Amara could hear her cry for help at that time, but Amara did not come to rescue her. Scott said when he arrived, Amara sat near the door. This scene was enough to explain a lot of things.

Amara was obviously a bit guilty, being stared by them, she was a little fidgety.

She was just about to say something when Scott stood up and raised his hand and slapped her heavily.

Amara’s face turned to the side, her two eyes glared at them angrily. She only felt her face was burning hot, she also immediately stood up and was about to curse.

Scott slapped her again on the other side of her face, and Amara almost fell to the ground.

Bath sides of her face swelled up quickly. Although Scott did not use his full strength in these two slaps. It was enough for an ordinary person like Amara to suffer. The swelling on her face would not go down for a few days.

Edith watched Scott hit Amara and didn’t stop him, she also felt that Amara had gone too far this time and should be punished.
“Scott! You God damned thing! How dare you hit me! I’ll fight with you!” Amara regained her consciousness, she directly lunged towards Scott and scratched his face with her two hands like a cat.

Scott easily knocked both of her hands down, then grabbed her collar and lifted her up, saying in a cold voice, “The slaps are just a slight punishment for you, I hope you can remember them, if you weren’t Edith’s mother, you would be a corpse now.”

Amara felt the murderous wind coming from Scott, her two hands did not dare to continue to scratch Scott anymore.

She knew Scott very well, and did not doubt his words. This guy, if really be offended, would really kill her, after all, he once watched his own mother being strangled to death by others, but did nothing to save her.

Scott stared at Amara for a moment, then let go of his hand and pushed Amara away again.
Amara rubbed her face, looked at Edith and cried, “Edith, this bastard dares to hit me, don’t you care about me?”

“Mom, do you think you still have the face to say such things, because of you, I almost got raped by someone else, is this how you treat your own daughter? I want to slap you by myself as well.” Edith said firmly.

“It’s really unforgivable, how dare you talk to me like that, am I hurting you? I’m doing that for your own good, I just want you to leave this jinx Scott.” Amara did not repent until now.

“You did that for my own good? So you let a street sweeper defile me, what the hell are you thinking? I want to send you to the mental hospital now.” Edith was full of anger.

“I didn’t know that person was a street sweeper either, that woman told me that he was a… rich man with two or three hundred million dollars.” Amara said, suddenly realizing that she seemed to reveal her secret, then she stopped.

Scott stared at Amara and threatened in a cold voice, “Tell me the whole story of this matter, if you dare to hide anything, I will find it out later and make sure that you will be punished as you deserve, including… getting killed.”

Amara shivered, feeling that Scott was not joking with her. She thought that this matter could not be concealed in any case, and there was no need to hide, so she told the whole story to them.

After hearing what Amara said, Scott frowned. He knew Amara didn’t like him, but who was the person who claimed to be his first girlfriend and why did she go after Edith?

From Scott’s view, there was no such an enemy, he could not figure out who would lie to Edith in the name of his first girlfriend.
From the things she planned, it could be seen that she was trying to separate Scott and Edith, and she also wanted Edith to end up in a miserable situation. It seemed like she was doing it for Scott, but Scott didn’t know who would do that for him.

At this time, a figure flashed in his mind, and his heart beat quicker.

Lily? Could it be her?

The last time, Lily did not appear at the wedding, Scott knew that she still didn’t forgive him. There was a possibility that it would be her, but in his impression, Lily was a kind girl, although she was a spoiled princess, she should not do such a thing.

Just when Scott was wondering, his phone rang, it was a message from Conor.
“We find out the clues about that mysterious woman.”

Scott looked at Edith and said, “Conor gets some news over there, I need to go over there now and take a look, I’ll handle this matter, and have Morgann protected you secretly from now on. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Edith wanted to say something, but in the end, she just nodded her head.

After that, Scott turned to look at Amara and said with a cold face, “Remember what I said, even if you are Edith’s mother, but as long as you do anything that threatens her safety again, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

After saying that, Scott walked out of the office.
Only when Scott went out did Amara let out a long sigh of relief, feeling the invisible pressure dissipate.

“Edith, mom is really doing this for your own good, don’t blame mom for this. It is all because of Scott. If it wasn’t for letting you leave him, mom wouldn’t have made such a mistake, it was all Scott’s fault.” Amara came near to Edith and said.

“If you keep saying that, I’m afraid that the mother-daughter relationship between me and you will end today.”

Edith frowned and said to Amara, after which she directly got up and walked towards the outside.

Amara saw Edith left the office, her gaze became sinister, obviously this matter still did not teach her a lesson, but let her hate Scott more.

In the center of J City, in front of a famous high-class apartment.
Conor and Scott were standing there, looking inside.

“Yesterday my men asked people all the way and found out that the mysterious woman came here after leaving the TC International Hotel, this apartment is gated, there is no way to get in if you are not a resident here, so there is no way to check where that woman is now.” Conor said.

Scott narrowed his eyes and said, “Since you said that woman is very charming, then with her looks, she will definitely attract the attention of the people here, let’s go in and ask, we should be able to know where she is.”

Conor nodded, after which he walked in the building together with Scott.

When they arrived at the entrance of the apartment, two security guards immediately stopped them and gave them an unkind look and said, “What are you doing?”

“We’re going in to look for someone.” Conor said.

“Looking for someone? Looking for who? This place is only for rich people to live, how could you two losers have friends here? If you have friends living inside, they would tell me long ago, but people like you usually don’t have rich friends.” The security guard said with a face full of disdain.

Scott was now anxious to find out the woman who was behind the matter, so he was not in the mood to talk nonsense with this security guard.

He intended to use force to make the security guards behave, but before he could do so, Conor had already kicked the security guards to the ground.

Just now Conor wanted to make friends with the security guards, handing them cigarettes, and talked to them, and asked them if there was a very beautiful woman in the apartment.

But they treated them as losers, and just talked nonsense to them. Conor lost his patience and released his anger first.

The security guard looked at Conor with a frightened face, not expecting he could be so unreasonable and barbaric, he hurriedly picked up his walkie-talkie and said, “Send more people to the front door, there are two men wanting to break in, I can’t stop them both alone!”

“Damn it, how dare you call someone for help, do you want to die now?” Conor cursed, then slapped the security guard twice heavily.

“With you two bastards, you still want to beat me down, later on our security team will come over, you two don’t want to run away!” The security guard shouted at them.

At this moment, a man in a suit came out from the front of the apartment, this man was the person in charge of this apartment.

When the security guard saw the man coming out, he said, “Manager Chang, there are two punks here who want to break into the apartment and beat me down, please do help me.”

Manager Chang glanced at Scott and Conor, and his face changed quickly when he saw Conor.

Manager Chang had the honor to meet Conor at a gathering party before, so naturally he knew the power of the underground emperor of J City. When he heard the security guard said that he was a punk, he was so scared that he even trembled his whole body.

He hurriedly took a step forward, bent down and said respectfully, “Brother Conor, why are you here, this fool didn’t hurt you, right?”


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