The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 402 Don’t Kill Me with One Kick

“What are you talking about?” After hearing that, Aarav was the first person to understand what he was saying. With his eyes wide open, he stared at Marshall in disbelief.

“He is dead. He has stopped breathing. Besides, his heart has stopped beating. Even if we send him to the hospital now, we won’t be able to save him!” That person shouted loudly. Then, he looked at the ring with some horror, unconsciously taking two steps back.

Originally, after Scott kicked Marshall out of the ring, it was quite in the underground boxing field. Now, it became chaotic again.
After it was found that Marshall was dead, some people was so scared that they rushed to the outside of the boxing ring. Others became excited. They liked to watch someone being killed on the ring most because it brought them the feeling of excitement.

At this moment, it was noisy and chaotic in the underground boxing field.

Quite a few people ran towards the ring and looked at Scott with adoration. Many girls even shouted, saying that they were willing to give birth to child for Scott.

Marshall was the boxing champion of this boxing ring. He was almost invincible. Before, nearly no one could defeat him ina fight. Therefore, he enjoyed great popularity in this boxing ring.

People all considered Marshall to be a very powerful expert, which was also the reason why Aarav asked Marshall to deal with Scott for him.

Now, the boxing champion was killed with one kick by Scott. They were deeply shocked. Besides, they came to know what real experts were like.

After being stunned for a long time, Aarav finally realized what had happened. He put on a panicky expression first. After gathering his wits, he shouted, “He killed Marshall! Catch him! Quick!”

People were looking at Aarav as if they were looking at an idiot. As a matter of fact, it was allowed to kill someone in the boxing ting here. Besides, after seeing Scott killed Marshall with one kick, no one dared to catch him now.

Seeing that no one came to catch Scott, Aarav turned his head, looked at the boxers who drank with him before, and said, “Quick! Catch him. Isn’t Marshall your friend? Could it be that you’re not going to do anything about it?”

Those boxers all looked at Aarav. One of them looked at him with a look of disdain and said, “It’s f*cking easy for you to say so.
Since you want to catch him, go and do it. You’re not afraid of being killed by him, but we are!”

Hearing it, Aarav was speechless. If he dared to deal with Scott on his own, he wouldn’t have asked others for help.

After kicking Marshall out, Scott came down from the boxing ring. It was chaotic around the ring. Wanting to see what the people who could kill a man with a kick was like, many people were walking to him.

However, they dared not get too close to him. After all, they were afraid that Scott would kicked them. If that happened, they would die.

Scott came straight close to Aarav and asked, “Do you still want to take revenge on me?”

Seeing that Scott came close to him, Aarav was so scared that he couldn’t help shivering. However, to cover his timidity, he deliberately looked at Scott with his eyes wide open, pretending that he was not afraid of Scott.

Unluckily, he looked funny when he acted in this way. It was obvious that he was deliberately acting like that.

“You… You’ve killed someone. Do you think you can get away with it?” Aarav got up the courage and asked.

“Before, after I asked him, he told me that it was allowed to kill someone on the ring.” Scott said.

Knowing that it was meaningless for him to say so, Aarav didn’t know what to say at this moment.

“If you still want to take revenge on me, I can go to the ring and have a fight with you now. In this way, I can put an end to this issue now.” Scott said without much emotion.

Hearing it, Aarav was so frightened that he almost fell to the ground. If he really agreed to have a fight with Scott, he would probably be killed by Scott, just like Marshall. It was possible that he would suffer more than Aarav. After all, he was but a lazy and greedy doctor, instead of a boxing champion.

Hearing Scott’s words, people around immediately began to shout. They would be very glad if someone started another fight with Scott.

“Have another fight! I want to see more. Fight with him with more moves this time!”

“Accept his challenge. We want to see more. He is so good at fighting. Have one more fight!”

“Go to the ring! Go to the ring! Go to the ring!”

Seeing that people around all asked him to fight with Scott, Aarav became more frightened. His teeth were chattering.

At this moment, someone pushed Aarav to Scott. Aarav was so scared that he almost cried out. Then, he directly knelt down before Scott. He was so frightened that he nearly shed his tears.

“I’m wrong. I don’t want to take revenge now. Spare me, please. I won’t make trouble for you in the future. Don’t kill me with one kick!”

Seeing that Aarav was so frightened, people all immediately laughed.
“You’re such a f*cking coward. Before, you were so pretentious. Now, why are you so scared?”

“Rubbish! If you want to take revenge on him, you shouldn’t be so cowardly. He offered to fight with you openly, but you were f*cking so scared.”

“If you’re a man, go to the ring and have a fight with him. Don’t act like woman!” At such a moment, Aarav didn’t care about other people’s opinions about him at all. Compared with that, his life mattered more.

Seeing that Aarav knelt down before him, Scott lowered his head, gave him a glance, and then turned around, walking towards the exit of the underground boxing field, instead of the office of the person in charge of the boxing ring.

Just now, when he came down from the ring, it was chaotic. At that time, someone put a piece of paper in his hand. Needless to give it a thought, it must be the staff of Guanling that put it in his hand.

It had to be admitted that everything about Guanling was strictly confidential. In Scott’s view, it was unnecessary. After all, no matter how well they kept everything secret, someone would still know it.

Of course, people of Guanling might do so because they didn’t want the public to pay too much attention to Guanling. After all, it was inappropriate for such a place to be noticed by the public.

After Scott left, Aarav hurriedly stood up, patted his chest and breathed a long sigh of relief.

People around all looked at him with cold eyes. Then a person took the lead in spitting on him and cursed, “You’re a coward.” The rest of the crowd all did as he did. Before long, Aarav was covered in mouth water.

Leaving the underground boxing field and entering the bar, Scott wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he went to the bar counter and ordered a glass of wine.

He unfolded the paper in his hand. There were a few words written on it.
“Come to the alley behind the bar on the 15th of next month. If you miss it, you’ll never have another chance.”

“I should have a feeling of being chosen. If I don’t go to Guanling this time, I’ll never have another chance. Unfortunately, Guanling is a place where people is apt to get into trouble there. Is the staff of Guanling afraid that people will regret after being chosen?” Scott put on a playful smile.

He put that piece of paper away and drank a mouthful of wine. Gradually, he was lost in thought.
In the evening, after coming back to that house, Scott told Eliana that he was going to leave tomorrow.

After Eliana told Ophelia that Scott was leaving, Ophelia was very anxious. She put on s*xy clothes, going to knock on the door of the bedroom of Scott. Scott just asked who was knocking on the door inside. After knowing that it was Ophelia, he even didn’t open the door.

In CZ Community, J City. Edith was lying still in bed, staring at the ceiling.
She had been thinking about other people’s comments on her. She looked calm, but she was actually in a turmoil.
After a long time, she turned her head, looked at her mobile phone and made a phone call to Scott.

After answering the phone, Scott immediately asked, “Darling, is your period over? These days, do you like the food Jennifer cooked for you?”

Edith was stunned for a while. Then she realized something. Last time they talked on the phone, she lost her temper. Scott thought that it was because she was in a period.

“I’m not in a period. You’re silly. I can’t communicate with you!” Edith said unhappily.

“Darling, what happened?” Scott asked with care.
Edith took a deep breath, calmed herself down a bit, and then asked, “Scott, do you think it right to be with me?”

“Yes, of course. If I didn’t marry you, I can’t show all the good qualities I have. If it wasn’t for you, I won’t be willing to work so hard.” Scott said.

There was a slight change in Edith’s expression of eyes. Now, she didn’t know what to say.

“Darling, why did you ask this question?” Scott asked.

“Nothing. I just miss you a bit.” Edith answered.

Hearing that Edith missed him, Scott was very happy, completely ignoring the unusual performance of Edith.
After chatting casually for a while, Edith hung up the phone. She stared at the bedside, wondering something.

Previously, Scott planned to leave in the morning of the next day. However, after knowing that Scott was leaving, Jeremiah strongly insisted on having a meal with Scott.

Seeing that Jeremiah was so enthusiastic, Scott agreed. By the way, he asked Georgia to come over and had a meal with them two.

They didn’t finish the meal until it was in the afternoon. Both Jeremiah and Scott had drunken some wine. Scott was unable to drive back on his own, so Jeremiah asked someone to send Scott back by driving his old Santana car.

On the way, that person looked at Scott in the rear-view mirror from time to time. He couldn’t figure out the reason why such a powerful man should drive such an old Santana car.

Possibly, the more powerful a person is, the less he cares about these things. That person thought.
In the evening, Amara arrived at the gate of TC International Hotel with Edith.

“Edith, you should put on a makeup and get dressed up. Although you still looked pretty, it’s disrespectful to him to come here without makeup.”

“Mom, I come here to see a doctor, not to have a blind date. Why do you ask me to put on makeup? Could it be that you really arrange a blind date for me?” Edith looked suspiciously at Amara.

Afraid that Edith would find something, Amara hurriedly explained, “I just want you to leave a good impression on him. After all, he has studied abroad. He is different from common doctors.”

“It also has nothing to do with seeing a doctor. Mom, don’t make trouble for me.” Edith said.

They went into the hotel together. Thinking about what Amara had done, Edith found that there was something strange about her.

“Mom, why do you take me to here to see a doctor? You lie to me and arrange a blind date for me, right?” Edith asked.

“It’s convenient to see a doctor here. Besides, how is it possible that I will arrange a blind date for you? There aren’t many men who are like Scott. How is it possible that I want you marry someone else?” Amara hurriedly explained.

Hearing it, Edith’s face was immediately dark and no longer spoke.

Not long after they entered the TC International Hotel, a woman dressed in a black classical dress appeared. She wore a black veil and had remarkable temperament. It could be vaguely seen that she wore a playful smile.


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