The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 401 Kill Marshall in One Move

After hearing what Scott said, Aarav and those men immediately burst into laughter.

“Guy, don’t you know where it is? Didn’t you hear what I said? He is the boxing champion of this underground boxing field. Even if you’re good at fighting, can you defeat him? Otherwise, why do you think I will come to ask him to help me?” Aarav said with disdain.

The boxing champion, who was called Marshall, came to stand directly in front of Scott. He was a head taller than Scott and had very strong muscles, looking intimidating.

“Hey, I don’t care who you are. Although that f*cking director of the hospital doesn’t dare to offend you, you’re nothing to me.
Aarav is my friend, and he lost his job because of you. If you don’t apologize to him, I’ll break your legs.” The Marshall said arrogantly.

Scott raised one hand. He didn’t want to fight with them now. However, they were blocking his way, so he had to.

However, just when he was about to start a fight, a security guard came over and spoke to them, “Here, you can’t fight unless you’re on the ring. If you want to fight with each other, you can go to the ring. Marshall, you should know the rules.”

Marshall turned his head and gave that person a glance. Finally, he could only gritted his teeth and spoke to Scott, “Hey, dare you go to the ring and have a fight with me?”

Seeing that someone came to stop them, knowing they weren’t allowed to fight when they weren’t on the ring and that Marshall had to abide by this rule, Scott ignored Marshall and headed straight towards the office of the person who was in charge of the boxing ring.

Seeing that Scott left, Marshall, Aarav and their companions all put on a disdainful look on their faces.

“You’re such a coward that you even dare not agree to fight with him. It seems that you are but a paper tiger!” Aarav shouted at Scott.

“It’s so funny! Hearing that Marshall offered to fight with him on the ring, he was so frightened that he ran away without even daring to speak.”

“Humph, people like him can only bully others by abusing his power. If they fight with me, I’m afraid that I can defeat them easily.
They’re so weak.”

They all laughed at Scott as they like.

Obviously, Marshall also believed that Scott was frightened by him. He cast a glance at Aarav and said, “According to the rules of the boxing ring, we can’t start a fight with Scott here unless we’re on the ring. However, we can do it after we leave here.
Later, when he leaves, we’ll follow him. Then, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Aarav nodded. Then, they all sat down again at the table and continued to drink.

Scott walked straight to the office of the person who was in charge of the boxing ring. There was a small window. After Scott knocked on it, the window was opened. Inside, a strong bearded man was sitting.

He looked at Scott and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m looking for treasure.” Scott said.

That man cast a glance at Scott and said, “There isn’t any treasure here. You’re in the wrong place.” “So I should go to the right place.” Scott answered.

Scott was giving passwords given by Freddie. According to Freddie, Scott should speak it without emotion. Besides, he had to say every words correctly. If he failed to do so, he wouldn’t be able to get any message.

After hearing the correct password from Scott, that man put on a playful smile, picked up a piece of paper from the table and handed it to Scott.

Scott found that there were many such pieces of paper on the table. He guessed that the condition of entering Guanling should be written on this paper by the staff of Guanling.

According to Freddie, people would be given a task. Only people who had completed the task would be eligible to enter Guanling. If someone failed, he or she would never be eligible to enter Guanling.

Scott unfolded the paper in his hand. It read “Challenge the boxing champion Marshall and kill him.”

Reading the paper, Scott raised his eyebrows. He was sure that that man had chosen this paper at random. It seemed that Marshall was a bit unlucky.

Judging from this task, Scott guessed that only people powerful enough could enter Guanling. If someone failed to complete the given task, he or she would not be eligible to enter Guanling, even if he or she was an outlaw.

Freddie had told him that the rich people of Guanling loved to watch the experts fighting with each other. Considering this, he guessed that the staff of Guanling gave such tasks to pick someone to fight in such shows.

Sure enough, such an intense fighting program would always be so popular.
“Shall I finish this task today?” Scott asked that man.
That man cast a glance at Scott and said, “What nonsense are you talking about? I just wrote that for fun when I was bored.”

Hearing this, Scott hesitated for a moment. Soon, he understood why he said so. It seemed that the staff of Guanling were also very careful even when they weren’t in Guanling. They wouldn’t have any effective communication with others except giving this paper to others.

After a thought, Scott had already made a decision. Then he put that paper away, heading straight towards Aarav and his friends.

Aarav and his friends were drinking. At the same time, they were staring at the exit, waiting for Scott to leave here.

At this moment, Aarav saw Scott walking towards them with a strange smile. Then, he directly stood up.

“Hey, weren’t you very powerful when you were in the hospital? Why dared you not accept a challenge now? Don’t expect that you can get away with it today. If you dare to leave here, we will certainly make you regret!” Aarav gritted his teeth and shouted.
Ignoring what Aarav said, Scott came close to the table, looked at Marshall, and said, “I accept your challenge.”

The Marshall, Aarav and their friends were all stunned. They didn’t expect that Scott would accept the challenge.

However, soon, Marshall put on a mocking smile, saying, “Great. After we’re on the ring, I’ll let you know what strength is.”

Aarav also sneered and said, “It seems that you’re not that coward. However, you will know how weak you are sooner. Marshall, don’t show mercy later. It will be best if he can never stand up again.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I should do.” The Marshall cracked his knuckles with a malicious smile on his face. Then, he went to make arrangements for the fight between him and Scott.

Before long, Marshall waved to his friends and Scott, motioning for them to come close to him.
Scott walked towards the ring. The Marshall was standing on the ringwith contempt on his face.
After coming close to the ring, Scott jumped onto it, standing opposite Marshall.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today, it’s this thin and powerless guy that challenges me. One of my friends lost his job because of him.
Today, I’ll teach him a lesson on the ring!” The Marshall shouted at the crowd around them.

Immediately, a great cheer went up from the crowd around the ring.
“Kill him! The Marshall is invincible!” “The Marshall is the best fighter! Kill this reckless fellow. Let him know how powerful you are!”

“Marshall! Marshall! Marshall!

Seeing their reaction, Aarav sneered and said, “In this boxing ring, Marshall is invincible. People who fought with him were unable to leave here by walking. You took the initiative to challenge Marshall. If he broke your legs, don’t blame him.”

The Marshall was enjoying the cheers given by the audience as if he were the master of the ringand that no one could defeat him here.

“Hey, see it? People are cheering for me, but you’re just a poor guy who is going to be beaten. I’ll beat you hard.” Marshall said to Scott.

Scott gave him a glance and asked, “Is it allowed to kill someone on this ring?”

Hearing it, Marshall was stunned. Then he laughed, asking, “Why, could it be that you are afraid that I’ll kill you? Let me tell you.
It’s commonly seen that someone is killed in underground boxing field. You had better pray that I don’t beat you too hard.”

Scott nodded. He was glad that it was allowed to kill someone on the ring.
Hearing his words, the audience also laughed. They thought that Scott was worrying about his safety.
“Does this guy come here to amuse us? Did he ask this question out of the hope that Marshall won’t kill him?”

“In underground boxing field, they have to try to kill each other, otherwise it will be boring. I hope that Marshall will kill this reckless guy, so that he will know the consequence of being reckless!”

“Judging from his figure, it’s highly possible that he will be killed. I hope that he has been insured.”

After the whistle sounded, the fight began. Most people began to cheer Marshall.

Marshall put on a cruel smile and rushed directly towards Scott.

It could be seen that he was very confident.

Scott stood still. After finding out how Marshall was going to fight, he had figured out how to fight with him.

He didn’t want to waste his time, so he must kill Marshall in one move.

When Marshall came close to Scott, Scott jumped, made a 360-degree turn in mid-air and then kicked Marshall in the chest.

Before realizing what had happened, Marshall fell out of the ring and fell heavily on the ground. After spitting a mouthful of blood, he no longer moved.

People present all quiet down, looking at Scott with astonishment.

Immediately, two people ran towards Marshall. One of them examined Marshall and touched his chest. Then, he leaned forward and tried to listen to the heartbeat of Marshall. After that, there was a look of horror on his face.

“He…He is dead!”


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