The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 399 Cooperation

Then the night fell, and Scott went to Eliana’s in the old downtown.

After Scott had known how to get to Guanling, he didn’t have to return here. However, it occurred to him that the local guides always threw them in jail on the fifteenth day of every month. He didn’t have to worry about it.

Plus, he had to assure whether Freddie told him the truth. He didn’t want it to be a wild goose chase.

After couple of days of deliberation, Scott decided not to return to the J City but to stay at the S City for a while. He wouldn’t return until he was sure he’d have a chance to get into Guanling.

There were daily necessities and the old Santana in Eliana’s house which was near the outskirts, so Scott chose to stay there.

The door was open when Scott got there. Eliana and Ophelia walked out and stared at Scott nervously like two servants welcoming their master.

Ignoring their reactions, Scott went right to the staircase.

Ophelia took a deep breath and walked up to Scott, sincerely apologized, “I’m…I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like that.”

Without saying a word, Scott walked ahead, leaving Ophelia with regret and disappointment.

Eliana just silently stood there, dare not to say a word. Ophelia had told her what had happened in the hospital. Of course she could find the unusual air of Scott as she thought of Walter’s showing up at her place.

After two steps ahead, Scott stopped and turned around, looking over his shoulder.
Hopefully, Ophelia thought Scott was about to forgive her when she found his eyes land on Eliana.
‘lll stay another two days here. How much should I pay for you? I’ll give you later,” Scott said.

Eliana hastily answered, “It…it doesn’t matter. You’ve paid enough, and you can stay here as long as you need to. If it hadn’t been you, Walter wouldn’t have paid for his rent. I owe you.”

Scott didn’t reply as he walked upstairs.
Ophelia was like the air, ignored by Scott.

A strong disappointment coursed through Ophelia’s body as she never thought that Scott could resis her pretty face, even worse, showing no interests at all.

Then she sadly whined to Eliana, “How could he just walk away from my pretty face without saying ‘Hello’?”

Eliana sighed, “Just get off your high horse. If he was that powerful as you said, he must have seen tons of pretty girls, much more than the boys you’ve dated. Plus, you were too mean to him, you know?”

Taking a deep breath, Ophelia argued, “No way! After all, he’s just a male. I don’t believe he can actually leave out the chance of banging the only beauty in this house.”

It was ten at night. Lying in the bed, Scott was thing about the stuff of entering Guanling. He wondered if he’d be lucky enough to get out of the place after entering it.

Why did Terence go there? If Guanling is really dangerous, is it possible that Terence is alive now? He’s got too many questions in his head, and all he needed were answers which he’d obtain after entering Guanling.
Then someone knocked at his door. Scott was confused and got up to open the door.

It was Ophelia who was standing at his door with wet hair. Wrapped in a towel, she came off quite charmingly s*xy. She was trying hard to flirt with Scott with s*xual body languages.

“Well…there’s something wrong with my hair dryer. May I come to use yours to dry my hair?” Ophelia said gently. She was so experienced that she must have tempted many men in this way.

Scott just shot her with a cold glare and slammed the door.

Obviously, Ophelia didn’t see it coming.

Frozen and shocked, she found herself alone and pathetic.

Eliana sat in her room, imagining how happy she’d be if Ophelia successfully hooked up with Scott.

Ophelia was too beautiful to resist. Scott would definitely get a crush on her.

While she was thinking about their bright future, Ophelia came in with a gloomy face.

Eliana couldn’t believe Ophelia has left for only five minutes, asking, “How come you show up in my room?”

Ophelia hugged Eliana and cried, “Am I not beautiful enough? How could he slam the door in my face?”

The truth was Scott only loved Edith.

In a café located in the J City.

Amara walked in and looked around. Then she sat by the window.

Across from her was an elegant lady, whose face was hidden in a black veil, mysteriously beautiful.

Amara was amazed by the impressive air of the woman. She asked vigilantly, “Who the heck are you? Why do you wear a veil in the day? Are you a terrorist? For the record, I won’t help you with illegal stuff.”

The woman smiled and slid a cup of coffee to her, saying, “Relax. I just want to tell you something about your daughter.” Amara’s face was filled with confusion as she asked, “What are you talking about?”

“If I’m right, I don’t think you want your daughter to marry Scott, do you?” The woman asked Amara with a smile.

“So what? It’s none of your business. Just so you know, Scott was a f*cking jinx. Powerful as he might be, he’ll bring endless hardships to my daughter. No one can talk me into marrying my sweetheart to him.” Amara thought the woman was another helper of Scott.

“Nice. Actually, we want the same, and that’s why I want to cooperate with you,” said the woman.

Amara was dumbfounded and asked, “Why do you want to separate them?”

“Because Scott is mine, and I’m the only one he will marry in the world,” the woman claimed.

Amara didn’t understand how a jinx like Scott could attract a beauty like the woman. Had Scott cast a spell on her?

Anyway, as long as the woman could help her daughter get rid of Scott, she was more than willing to cooperate with the woman.

“You’d better help us get rid of him. Pray tell, what’s your plan?” Amara asked.

The woman smirked devilishly and said slowly, “But first, you have to tell me where he is now and when he will come back.”

‘I don’t give a shit about his stuff, but my daughter told me he had gone to the S City, not knowing when he’d come back.” After deliberating for a while, the woman said to herself, “He won’t come back soon.”

“Well, my plan is quite simple. If you want to separate them, you have to make your daughter become the other man’s woman.” Amara suddenly widened her eyes and stared at the woman with shock, yelling, “What the heck! Don’t you dare ruin my daughter’s reputation!”

“Relax. I don’t mean it,” the woman explained, “I can get you an unmarried man of the high society to marry your daughter. And we should make sure they’ll have a coincidental s*xual relationship.”

‘I’ve talked to your daughter and reminded her that she’s not good enough for Scott. Luckily, she seemed to hold the same view as I did. If she loses her virtue to another man, she’ll absolutely get away from Scott.”

“Then you’ll make her divorce and tell her to marry the rich man I prepare for her. Don’t you think it perfect?”

After deliberating, Amara asked, “Tell me more about the man of the high society.”

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s unbelievably filthy-rich. Moreover, he has a crush on your daughter.”

A bright smile lit up Amara’s face as she heard “Unbelievably filthy-rich”. She said, “Count me in.”

In Edith’s office.

After work, Edith stretched and glanced at the clock. It was time to go home. She stood up to leave the office.

When she opened the door a little bit, she heard her other colleagues gossiping.

‘I can’t believe Scott could be so f*cking romantic. How I love the his idea of holding the wedding ceremony at Crystal Castle!”

“You bet. It turns out that the garbage Scott is powerfully resourceful and connected. Lots of men of the high society showed up at his wedding. That was really awesome!”

“Now I think that our chairwoman is no good for Scott. Compared with Scott’s ability and business value, our company is nothing.”

“Right. Edith is nothing but a pretty face. As far as I’m concerned, Scott deserves a better wife.”

“But Edith will never let it happen since she’s known how capable Scott is. Now Scott is her precious belongings she’ll never let go. If I were she, I would do that.”

“So what? After Scott realizes she’s nothing but a pretty face, he’ll abandon her and marry his true love…”

Their bitter speculations were like sharp knives, hurting Edith’s heart. It seemed that her marriage was not blessed, due to the gap between her and Scott.

Plus, what Scott’s ex-girlfriend had told her made her begin to question herself. She wondered if she was the perfect match for Scott.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open and walked out of her office. The annoying gossiping instantly came to a stop.

Edith ignored all the eyes on her and walked straight out of the company. She didn’t show her desperation until she slid into her car.

“Is it true that I shouldn’t be with Scott? Why are they all gossiping about it? Maybe I should leave him before he dumps me.”

Finally, Edith couldn’t help but to cry over the steering wheel.


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