The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 398 The Way to Enter Guanling

Downstairs of Jiren Hospital, beside a bench, Scott and Freddie were sitting here.
Freddie told Scott what he knew about Guanling, basically the same as Scott heard from Logan.

Over the years, although Freddie had inquired about many things about Guanling, he had never really been to Guanling. The news he knew about Guanling was sorted out bit by bit from others.

And Freddie had a deep fear of Guanling. The more he investigated Guanling, the more he felt the horror of Guanling. He even suspected that his daughter’s car accident was caused by the people of Guanling.

“Last point, I want to know how to enter Guanling,” Scott asked while staring at Freddie.

Freddie turned his head and looked at Scott with a complicated expression. After a while, he said, “Although I don’t know why you want to go to a place like Guanling, I can tell you responsibly that none of those who entered Guanling could come out alive.
Don’t take any chances to yourself. That will only harm yourself.”

A smile appeared on Scott’s face and he said, “I’ve heard these many times. I know what I’m doing. If I really give up because of these rumors, I’m afraid I won’t come to you.”

Freddie sighed helplessly, and said, “I do know one way to enter Guanling. This is the only clue I have obtained since I searched Guanling for more than 20 years. The others are just rumors. What kind of Guanling really is, you will know only when you go in.
None of the people who went in came out, so I guess that many of the rumors about Guanling were made up by people themselves.”

“After getting the way to enter Guanling, I used to pay a very high price to commission a person who also has a great interest in Guanling and is willing to go in and take risks. I asked him to bring communication equipment and enter Guanling by the way I got, and try to pass back the information inside.”

“There must be many people who want to goin and explore, and then pass the information back. However, the outside world has not received any information about Guanling for so many years, so I am sure that there must be means to interfere with communication equipment in Guanling.”

“So I paid a lot of money to ask someone to get a set of communication equipment that can avoid interference. I was silly when I think about it now. The people in Guanling can definitely think of what I can think of. However, for so many years, there is still no news coming out, which only shows that Guanling is not afraid of any anti-interference equipment.”

“It may be to replenish new blood. Guanling actually has a lot of strongholds in the outside world. They will have special people to look for targets in the outside world. At the same time, they will accept those who want to enter Guanling. Of course, if you want to enter Guanling, you also need to meet certain conditions. Not everyone can meet the conditions. Those people who want to go to Guanling would be screened according to certain conditions by the staff.”

“The people of Guanling will send a group of people into Guanling on the 15th of every month. There will be this opportunity every month. Before that, you must find the staff of Guanling and pass the screening. On the 15th, the staff will gather these people and take them to Guanling together.”

“The stronghold I know is in a bar on the outskirts of S City. There is an underground boxing arena and all kinds of people. If you want to find the staff of Guanling, you must have a secret sign with the boxing ring manager.”

“The person I worked with went to the bar, and the code was right. Our communication equipment was normal until he found the clerk. However, the staff of Guanling will not disclose any information related to Guanling. From the feedback, I can only infer that he was communicating with people in the ring.”

“And he seemed to have passed the screening, but since then, our contact has been broken, and our communication equipment no longer plays any role.”

“Later I went to the bar and checked it, but I didn’t find any information, and finally I couldn’t muster the courage to check the code. For many years after that, I never saw the person who worked with me again.”

After listening to Freddie, Scott probably understood the way to enter Guanling. Go to a bar on the outskirts of S, after checking the secret codes and pass the screening, they would be taken to Guanling.

Any communication equipment was useless in Guanling. Once people entered it, it was equivalent to being isolated from the outside world. There was no way for the outside world to know whether it was alive or dead.

So it sounded, Guanling was indeed a very dangerous place.
Just to find his father’s whereabouts, Scott would go no matter how dangerous it was.

Guanling may be extremely dangerous for others, but for Scott, he might be able to get out. After all, he also had special features, otherwise he would not have the guts to find a place where there was a one-way ticket to hell.

“Tell me the specific location and secret code of that bar. It’s the end of the month, half a month before the 15th. I hope I can catch up,” Scott smiled.

When he saw that Scott insisted on asking for an address and a secret code after hearing his clear explanation, he realized that his persuasion had no effect on Scott.

He told Scott the address and secret code of the bar, and wished Scott good luck.

After a few more conversations with him, Scott left the hospital.

Now that he knew the way to enter Guanling, he should prepare to enter this mysterious place.

However, before entering Guanling, Scott planned to return to J City first. In any case, entering Guanling this time was a very dangerous thing. He had to consider the possibility that he would not be able to come back and arrange things in J City properly..

Of course, he definitely couldn’t go back today. At this time, it had turned dark, and he could only wait for tomorrow to go back.
old town, Eliana’s house.

After getting off work, Ophelia rushed back as fast as she could. After opening the door, she rushed directly to Eliana’s room, looking very excited.

Eliana, who was playing phone, was taken aback by Ophelia, then sat up, took a look at her, and asked, “What are you doing? Are you robbed?”

Ophelia’s chest was ups and downs, she tried to calm herself down, and then asked, “Has…Has Scott come back?”

Eliana shook her head and said, “No, what’s the matter?”

There was a trace of loss on Ophelia’s face, and then she said to herself, “Could it be because of me, so he won’t come back to live?”

Eliana stared at Ophelia with a strange expression, and said, “What’s wrong with you, don’t you think Scott is a loser, don’t you look down on him? Why do you care about him now?”

Ophelia hurriedly covered Eliana’s mouth, and then said in a very serious tone, “You must not say that he is a loser in the future.
Itis all you fault. If you hadn’t told me he was just a construction worker, what happened today could be avoided.”

“What’s the matter? Did you run into Scott today? Tell me quickly,” Eliana said quickly.

Ophelia sat down by the bed, sighed, and then told Eliana what happened in the hospital today.

When Eliana listened, her eyes widened, as if she had heard some shocking news.

“What are you talking about! Scott is the bigwig whom Jeremiah has to listen to!” Eliana exclaimed directly.

“Just keep your voice down. If Scott happens to be back and he hears it and gets angry, we will be in trouble,” Ophelia said hurriedly.

Eliana couldn’t calm down for a while. The person who rented a house here would be such a bigwig. Didn’t he say that he was just a construction worker?

Was it to avoid trouble for him? “Scott seems to be very upset with me, Eliana, do you think I still have a chance?” Ophelia asked.

Eliana laughed and said, “You had such a bad attitude towards him before, and this kind of thing happened again today, I guess itis very hard to change his attitude towards you.”

Ophelia also knew that Eliana was not joking, but she made her mind and said, “No matter if there is hope or not, I have to give it a try. Tonight, let’s watch my performance.”


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