The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 397 Tell You What You Want to Know

Everyone stared at Scott scolding Blake. Scott looked like a superior who was scolding his servant.
The attitude the dean showed to Scott just now shocked everyone. They had never seen the Blake so polite to anyone.

After Aarav came back to his mind, he glared at Scott, and said, “How dare you talk to our dean in such a rude manner? Who do you think you are? Are you qualified to criticize our dean here?”

Blake turned his head directly and shouted at Aarav, “Shut up! There is no place for you to speak!”

Aarav was taken aback by the dean’s sudden roar, and quickly closed his mouth, his face was full of puzzlement, and he didn’t understand why the dean would be so polite to a construction worker.

Ophelia originally wanted to explain Scott’s identity to the dean, but after seeing the dean’s reaction, she suddenly dared not say anything, and cast a suspicious look at Scott.

Freddie was a little stunned. The dean of Jiren Hospital acted like a servant in front of Scott, which made him have a lot of doubts. No wonder Scott said that they did not dare to drive him out. Did he really have some support?

After the dean roared Aarav, he turned to look at Scott again, showing respectful expression on his face, and said, “Mr. Scott, you are right. There are many problems in the hospital. It is indeed my responsibility. Please tell me the problems you know about our hospital, I will try to correct it.

Scott didn’t talk nonsense, and told him that Aarav wanted to drive Freddie’s daughter out of the ward.

When Blake heard that Freddie was a person who had contributed to Jiren Hospital, and Dean Tristan allowed his daughter to stay here, but Aarav insisted on kicking Freddie’s daughter out, his look became extremely gloomy.

Aarav listened to in the side with a guilty conscience, and unconsciously moved his gazes away to avoid looking directly at Blake.

After listening to Scott’s recount, Blake showed a guilty expression to Scott and said, “Mr. Scott, this is indeed my fault. I shouldn’t have made him the director.”

Then he walked up to Freddie, bowed deeply to Freddie, and apologized, “Dean Tristan told me about your affairs before. I know you have contributed to the hospital and let your daughter is supposed to live in this ward. What happened this time is my negligence. For this, I express my deep apologies to you and promise that your daughter can live in this ward for free in the future, and she will be able to receive the highest level of care in the hospital.”

When Freddie heard the dean personally apologized to him, he couldn’t react for a while. He turned his head and glanced at Scott, and a trace of self-blame suddenly arose in him. He understood that he had misunderstood Scott before.
After talking with Freddie, the dean turned his head and looked at Aarav. His look suddenly turned gloomy and angry.

“I really didn’t expect you to be such a person. You did this kind of thing when you first took office. The conflict between you and Dean Tristan shouldn’t involve the patient, let alone the family of the patient who has made contributions to the hospital! ”

“Do you think that I don’t know what you think? You want to send her to the general ward, don’t you just want to put the money saved in your pocket?”

“Aarav, no matter in terms of character or medical ethics, you are not qualified for the position of director. From now on, you will no longer be an employee in my hospital. Go and find another job!”

After Aarav heard what the dean said, he immediately became anxious. He had just become the director for a few days. He didn’t expect that he would be dismissed so soon, and he would still be fired directly. There was no room for negotiation.

He hurriedly walked to the dean and pleaded, “Dean, you can’t expel me because of this. Anyway, I have been working for the hospital for so many years. And even if I want to transfer this patient to the general ward, it’s just to save the hospital’s expenses.
I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong”

The dean snorted coldly and said, “Even if you did nothing wrong, I still can’t keep you in the hospital. Don’t intercede with me here. No matter how you intercede, it will be of no use.”

Aarav suddenly felt weak. It seemed there was no room for maneuver.

“Dean, even if you really make up your mind to expel me, you have to give me a reason. Did Dean Tristan tell you bad things about me, or do you hate me for a long time? You just just take the opportunity to fire me?” Aarav asked unwillingly.

“If this is really the case, then I wouldn’t fire you. You made the mistake of provoking someone who you shouldn’t offend!” Blake said coldly.

“Provoked someone who I shouldn’t offend?” Aarav quickly turned his head to look at Scott over there, feeling even more dissatisfied, and said, “How could he be the person I shouldn’t offend. Isn’t he just a construction worker? What can’t I mess with him?”

Blake immediately stared, and said, “Who told you that he is a worker? Tell you, Mr. Scott is the one who even Jeremiah has to dance to his tune. Can you offend him?”

Aarav only felt a thunder exploding in his ears, his scalp began to numb, and the muscles on his face twitched slightly.
“Jeremiah dances to his tune ? This…how is this possible? Didn’t Ophelia say that he is just a construction worker?”

Aarav muttered, turned his head and glanced at Ophelia beside him, his heart was full of resentment, he was really in trouble because of this stupid woman this time.

Ophelia was also in shock at this time. She didn’t even notice Aarav’s gaze towards her. She couldn’t understand how Scott became the person who even Jeremiah had to listen to.

Jeremiah was the number one entrepreneur in S City. He even had to listen to Scott. How terrifying was Scott’s identity?

Aarav clenched his fist, turned his head and shouted at Ophelia, “Ophelia, I’m all murdered by you. Didn’t you say that he was just a construction worker? Why now the dean says that Jeremiah has to listen to him?”

“My future has been ruined by you, stupid woman!”

Then he rushed to Ophelia and slapped Ophelia directly on the face.

Ophelia covered her face, still not recovering from the shock just now.

After that, Aarav planned to beg Scott for mercy, but Scott didn’t want to see him again, so Blake hurriedly asked the security to drive Aarav out.

Ophelia stood there for a long time before realizing that she was slapped by Aarav, and she was angry. The bastard Aarav dared to hit her.

It was a pity that Aarav had been taken out by the security guard, and she had no chance to scold Aarav.

She took a deep breath, walked a few steps towards Scott, and said, “Scott, I was wrong before. I don’t know you still have such an identity. Please forgive me. I apologize to you.”

After knowing that Scott had such a terrifying identity, the first thing that came to Ophelia’s mind was to find a way to restore the relationship with Scott.

Scott was the one who Jeremiah had to listen to. If she could get close to him, then she wouldn’t have to worry in her life from now on.

“The patient needs a quiet environment, you should go out quickly,” Scott said coldly.

Ophelia wanted to keep talking again, but the dean glared at her, and she was so scared that she couldn’t speak immediately. As a result, she could only leave the ward in a desperate manner.

The dean put the bed back, and then turned on the instruments beside the bed again to restore the ward to its original state.

He apologized to Freddie several times, and promised to Freddie that he would invite the highest level expert team to conduct a consultation on his daughter’s condition, and strive to wake up his daughter as soon as possible.

Freddie was a little excited and didn’t know what to say, but he knew that he should thank Scott instead of the dean.

After packing everything in the ward, Scott asked the dean to go back to work. He and Freddie walked out of the ward. Freddie stood at the door and looked inside for a long time.

“This time… Thank you very much,” Freddie said.
Scott smiled and said, “It’s just a little work.”

Freddie took a deep breath, turned and walked to the other side of the corridor, “Come with me. Go and find a quiet place, I will tell you what you want to know.”


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