The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 396 He Doesn’t Deserve Me to Apologize

Several people in the ward were all staring at Scott IN CONFUSION at this time. From what Scott had just said, they could guess that Scott should have something to rely on, so he dared to say such words.

He even felt that the dean of Jiren Hospital was afraid to kick him out. He should be no ordinary person.

Freddie also looked at Scott a little strangely, thinking that since Scott knew about Guanling, he must not be an ordinary person. If he could really help his daughter get the right to live in this ward today, he would tell Scott something about Guanling.

In his mind, the daughter was more than everything. He had no wife, and the daughter had become a vegetable. What he could do now was to provide his daughter with adequate medical conditions. Only in this way could she have a chance to wake up again.

However, at this moment, Ophelia arrived in the ward and said that Scott was a loser, which immediately stunned everyone present.

Aarav turned his head and glanced at Ophelia, then asked, “Do you know this person?” Ophelia nodded immediately and said, “He rents a house where I live. He is a worker who works on the construction site.” After hearing Ophelia’s words, Aarav immediately showed a sneer, and his gaze at Scott became contemptuous.

“I thought you were capable. I didn’t expect you were just a worker. How dare you say that our dean dare not drive you out? I think you are insane. Who do you think you are? Get out quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!” Aarav said viciously.

He is the director of the hospital, and naturally has a considerable sense of superiority in front of a moving brick.

The men in white coats around were also full of mockery. They thought that Scott was a bigwig. It turned out to be just a worker.
This person was probably reading too many novels and thought that the dean of Jiren Hospital would be afraid of him, a worker.

There was also a trace of disappointment on Freddie’s face. He didn’t expect Scott to be a construction worker, but he didn’t understand why a construction worker would know about Guanling.

Ophelia saw the reaction of the people in the ward, and vaguely guessed that Scott might have pretended to be powerful just now. Since she and Scott were living in the same house anyway, she was obliged to prevent Scott from making a fool of himself in her hospital.

Otherwise, when people mention Scott in the future, they might think of her. This was a pretty shameless thing.
“Scott, did you offend our director? Jiren Hospital is the best hospital in S City. The director here is not someone you can

provoke. You quickly apologize to our director and get out of here, and the director will forgive you because of me. Apologize quickly,” Ophelia shouted at Scott.

Scott looked at Ophelia and smiled, and said, “He doesn’t deserve to make me apologize.” Ophelia frowned suddenly, thinking that Scott was a foolish fool.

“Ophelia, you have seen his attitude, even if you know him, today this matter can’t be settled so easily. I will now let people get him out, send him to the security room, and fix him severely,” Aarav said coldly.

“Director, this guy and I just happen to live in the same house. I don’t know him well, and this guy is a pervert, and he wants to peek at me in the bath. Since he is so ignorant, you don’t have to care about me. You can beat him up as you want.” Ophelia hurriedly got rid of the relationship between herself and Scott.

Several people all around laughed. They didn’t expect a pervert who was peeking at others to take a bath now pretending to be coercive in front of their director. They really didn’t know what Scott thought.

After Aarav listened to Ophelia’s words, he no longer had the slightest fear of Scott, and completely regarded him as a fool who was not qualified to negotiate terms with him.

He turned his head and glanced at the few people next to him, and said, “You grab him and send it to the security room. Ask the security guard to teach him, so that he can be polite in the future.”

The men in white coats also looked at Scott rather unpleasantly. After hearing Aarav’s order, they immediately moved towards Scott.

Scott shook his head helplessly. There was still a patient lying in the ward, but Aarav seemed to have never noticed her from beginning to end, not only yelling, but also wanting to have a fight in the ward.

He didn’t want to disturb Freddie’s daughter, so he turned and walked outside.

Seeing this, Aarav laughed immediately and said, “I didn’t expect him to be a cowardly wimp. After being dismantled, he became so timid, and he ran out before we started.”

He still gave the three men in white coats a look. Scott dared to provoke him just now, of course he wouldn’t let Scott off so easily.

Those men in white coats followed Scott out, and within a few seconds, there was a scream from outside. Then, Scott walked in again from outside and patted himself on the shoulder.

When Aarav saw Scott walk in again, he was surprised, and he asked, “Why did you come in again? Didn’t they take you to the security room?”

Scott smiled at Aarav and said, “You may need to prepare a few more beds.”

Aarav’s expression froze, and then he hurriedly walked towards the outside of the ward. As soon as he got into the corridor, he saw the men in white coats lying on the ground, rolling constantly, all looked painful.

There was a horror in his heart. Scott went out just now, but in less than two minutes, he returned to the ward. These were four strong men who were knocked down by Scott so easily.

He turned around and walked to the door of the ward, staring at Scott in anger and fear, raised a hand, pointed at him in anger, and said, “You… dare you to beat the people in our hospital. Wait here, I will call the dean. Not only will you have to pay for your behavior, the patient in this ward will never be able to enter our hospital again!”

After speaking, he ran away quickly.

Scott looked indifferent. The matter had reached this point, it was a good thing for him to call the dean over. In this way, he did not have to explain.

Ophelia in the ward didn’t know what was going on. She looked outside in confusion. After seeing the few people lying there, she looked at Scott in shock and said, “Scott, you are crazy. You actually beat people at Jiren Hospital. Don’t you know how horrible our dean is?”

“When the time comes, don’t say that you have anything to do with me. I don’t want to be involved by you.” Scott glanced at her and said, “I have nothing to do with you.” Ophelia felt that Scott’s words made it as if she was trying to get close to Scott. She gritted her teeth angrily, then sneered,

thinking that Scott was too arrogant. When the dean came later, he would be in trouble.

Freddie didn’t care that Scott could easily deal with those few people. He had seen Scott’s skill before, but Aarav’s words made his heart trembled. If it was because of Scott, his daughter could not continue to be hospitalized in Jiren Hospital, he would definitely not forgive Scott.

He walked up to Scott and said to Scott with a gloomy look, “Do you know that your behavior has affected my daughter. If my daughter can’t stay here in the hospital, I will kill you!”

“Don’t worry, they didn’t dare to do so, and I was to protect your daughter at that time,” Scott said.
How could Freddie not worry at this time, he almost went violently.

“I don’t care what the hell you’re doing. I only know that the director said that because of you. If something happens to my daughter, you have to bear the main responsibility!” Freddie’s forehead violent bruised. Obviously, when it came to his daughter, he had no sense at all. Ophelia also sneered and said, “What an arrogant man, who do you think you are? When the dean comes later, he will definitely help the director. Do you think he will help you, a useless worker? Stop dreaming here.”

Scott didn’t say anything more, and when the dean came later, they would know if he was pretending .

Soon, there was a sound of footsteps outside the ward, and then Aarav rushed into the ward, followed by a group of men in security uniforms.

After these people came in, they drew aside, and then the dean with glasses, Blake, walked in with an ugly expression.

“Boy, our dean has already been here, now let’s wait and see! You are the first to come to my Jiren Hospital to make trouble!” Aarav shouted at Scott.

Then he turned around and wanted to tell the dean about how hateful Scott was. However, after turning his head, he found that the dean was frozen in place, his expression was full of panic, and looked very cautious.

Ophelia sneered at Scott, thinking that the dean would definitely let the security guards clean up Scott.

Freddie was worried. If his daughter was really kicked out of Jiren Hospital, then he would no longer be able to find such a good hospital for his daughter.

Before Aarav spoke, the dean hurriedly walked towards Scott, then stretched out his hand nervously, and said, “Mr. Scott, I didn’t expect you to be here. I’m really sorry. I don’t know what happened here. If the hospital staff irritates you, I will definitely get even with them for you, Mr. Scott.”

Everyone in the ward was stunned, looking at Blake in surprise. They never expected that he would have this attitude after seeing Scott.

Scott ignored Blake’s outstretched hand. Instead, he gave Blake a cold look, pointed at Aarav over there, and said, “How did you become the Dean, and how did a person like him who didn’t have any medical ethics get to the position of director?”

“Is this the level of Jiren Hospital?”


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