The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 395 You Have No Medical Ethics

After Freddie went out, he took a taxi. When Scott saw it, he quickly took a taxi and followed.

Not long afterwards, Freddie’s car stopped at the door of a hospital. Freddie got out of the car, and his expression was a bit solemn.

Scott followed and got out of the car, staring at the hospital, and found that it had four characters “Jiren Hospital” written on it.

He immediately remembered that at Jeremiah’s charity dinner that day, Jeremiah introduced him to a man named Blake, who seemed to be the dean of Jiren Hospital.

Jiren Hospital could be regarded as the best hospital in S City. Freddie should come to this place to visit patients.

Scott thought of Walter going to Freddie to collect the debt that day, as if he had said that Freddie was borrowing usury to get her daughter to receive treatment .

He quickly followed Freddie in, and followed Freddie all the way to the front of a ward. Freddie stood at the door of the ward and looked inside through the glass with a melancholy expression.

This was a single patient room with only one hospital bed. Various instruments were placed on the side of the bed. On the bed lay a girl who looked like her in her twenties. The girl’s eyes were tightly closed. Except that her chest was slightly undulating, there was no sign that there was a living person lying there.

Scott glanced into the ward, confirming that this girl should be Freddie’s daughter, and if he guessed correctly, the girl should have been at a vegetable state.

“What happened to her?” Scott walked to Freddie’s side and asked.
Freddie was not surprised. His eyes were fixed on the poor girl in the ward, and his look was full of affection.

“A car accident a few years ago,” Freddie said coldly, “You shouldn’t come here with me. My daughter got into a car accident because she was looking for the shit place you mentioned, and she became what she is now, so I won’t tell you anything about that place.”

Scott sighed helplessly and felt Freddie’s resentment towards Guanling. It turned out that not only his wife was arrested by people in Guanling, but even his daughter became a vegetable because of this place.

Just when Scott wanted to comfort Freddie, several people in white coats suddenly walked over not far away. These people directly ignored Scott and Freddie, opened the door of the ward, and walked in.

“Stop the equipment here, and later find a few people to send this vegetative girl to the ordinary three-person ward. Her family only paid her for the ordinary ward, and she lived in a single room and received the treatment of advanced equipment. Do they regard the hospital as a welfare institution? We also need the cost. This kind of situation will not be allowed to happen again in the future.”

The person who took the lead was directing the few people who followed, as an arrogant leader. There were not a few hairs left on the top of this person’s head, and he had a big belly, as if he was pregnant.

This person was the new director of the hospital, named Aarav. He was in charge of the hospital’s finances, and all the money approved was distributed by. In order to get some benefits from it, he began to allocate the hospital’s finances as soon as he came. He wouldn’t let go of anything that could save him money.

Freddie saw that these people were actually going to send his daughters to the general ward, he was immediately anxious, he rushed into the ward, and shouted at those people, “What are you doing, I have paid the money. Why do you send my daughter to the general ward!”

Aarav stared at Freddie and said, “You paid, but you only paid for the general ward. Don’t we need money for our advanced instruments? The record says that you have always paid for the general ward, but your daughter has been lying in this single room for three years. It’s good that I didn’t ask you for the money you owed before!”

“Go and ask Dean Tristan to come over. I am friends with him. He promised that he will keep my daughter in this room,” Freddie said angrily.

Aarav gave Freddie a sneer and said, “So this is why your daughter can live in this single room when you just pay for the general ward. It turned out that Tristan allowed it. Tristan has retired. Now the finances of the hospital are under my control, so where your daughter lives, you have to listen to me!”

He had some problems with Dean Tristan. When Dean Tristan had not retired, he would often suppress him. Now that Dean Tristan had retired, he certainly wouldn’t be polite to Dean Tristan’s friends.

Freddie was stunned all of a sudden. He didn’t expect Dean Tristan to retire. When he was on his sell-by date, he spent a lot of effort to help Dean Tristan. Therefore, after Freddie’s daughter had an accident, the hospital was willing to give her a single room.

A large part of the money that Dean Tristan took from Freddie was used by Dean Tristan for the construction of the hospital, so Dean Tristan felt that giving Freddie a single room was not too much.

However, now that Dean Tristan was retired, Aarav, the new director, didn’t care about Dean Tristan at all. He even had a tendency to avenge Dean Tristan’s friend through this.

Freddie immediately didn’t know what to do.

“I have funded a lot of construction for your hospital at the beginning. Dean Tristan must have a record. Some of the credit for Jiren Hospital’s good development goes to me. Now although I am down, you can’t treat me this way. My daughter should live in this room!” Freddie said to Aarav anxiously.

Aarav snorted coldly, and said, “That is between you and Dean Tristan. It has nothing to do with me. Your support for the hospital has nothing to do with me. I am the owner of the hospital now. I only know that I have to do my job well. I can’t spend any more money. Your daughter is not qualified to live here!”

“Hurry up, get his daughter to the general ward.” Several people immediately pushed the hospital bed in the room.
Freddie was so anxious that he went straight up to fight with these people.

At this moment, a hand was placed on the armrest of the hospital bed, and those who were about to push the bed out realized that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t move the bed.

“If anyone dares to move this bed, don’t blame me for being rude,” Scott said coldly.

His voice seemed to have magical power, as soon as he spoke, everyone in the ward was quiet.

Aarav stared at Scott and said coldly, “Who are you? What qualifications do you have to take care of the affairs of our hospital? I am the director of this hospital. Get out of the hospital quickly. You can’t make trouble in the hospital!”

Scott sneered, and said, “You keep telling you are the director of the hospital all the time, but you didn’t even care that there was a patient in this room. You have no medical ethics!”

Aarav’s look turned to be quiet gloomy when Scott said this. He gritted his teeth and glanced at Scott, and said, “Dare you be so rude to me, I don’t think you know who I am! What are you guys doing here? Hurry up and call the security guard to drive this arrogant and ignorant guy out!”

The people in white coats glanced at each other, and for a moment they didn’t know what to do.

In fact, they all knew the situation of this ward. When Dean Tristan retired, he also told them that the farnily member of the patient in this ward had made contributions to the hospital, so they only needed to pay the money for the general ward.

But the newly appointed director, Aarav, didn’t care about this at all. H insisted to transfer the patient to the general ward.
Moreover, a new broom swept clean, so no one dared to oppose Aarav at this time.
However, what Scott said was right. If they really wanted to do so, they would really be against medical ethics.

“This hospital shouldn’t be under your management, right? If you really want to find someone here, go find your dean and see if he dares to drive me out,” Scott said coldly.

Hearing Scott’s words, several thoughts flashed in Aarav’s mind. Did he mean that he had some support? Was it possible that the dean knew this kid? Just when he hesitated, a nurse ran over here, it was Ophelia who lived in the same house with Scott.

Ophelia was here to deliver the report to Aarav. As soon as she came in, she saw Scott and immediately said with a puzzled look, “Scott? Why are you, a loser, here?”


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