The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 394 Mend My Way

Eliana opened the door and saw Walter and others outside the door. He was a little scared and involuntarily stepped back two steps.

“Obviously, you are in arrears with my rent. Is it wrong for me to go to the police? Why are you so arrogant? You’re being utterly unreasonable,” Although afraid, Eliana summoned up the courage to shout at the bald man.

Walter and his men laughed immediately, as if they thought Eliana’s words were funny.
“Don’t you know how great our boss is? Do you reason with us? Aren’t you funny?”

“In old town, everyone has to give compliment to him. It is your honor that we rent your house. Dare you ask our boss for money.”

“I advise you to give our boss money as soon as possible to express your respect for him, otherwise no one will dare to rent out your house in old town.”

Eliana was even more angry when she heard the words of Walter’s. He didn’t expect these people to be so shameless and even want her to give them money.

“You rent my house and ask me for money, you are really too much!” Eliana shouted at Walter.

“I am too much? You may…” A sullen smile appeared on Walter’s face.

At this time Scott walked to the door, and Walter saw Scott, the smile on his face stopped abruptly.
‘Fuck! How could he come out from inside?”

‘Could it be that he has something to do with this landlady? No matter what the relationship is, as he can enter Eliana’s home, he must be very close to her.’ Walter thought.

Scott was the one Dylan didn’t dare to mess with. Yesterday in KTV, Dylan clearly told him not to provoke this person, otherwise he might die.

He originally thought that Scott came here yesterday to find Freddie, and today he didn’t come to trouble Freddie, but a weak landlady. He didn’t expect to run into Scott again.

Leaving aside the words Dylan warned him, the man in front of him could beat up a group of people. People came with him yesterday were still lying on the bed, and he was okay as he was strong.

Scott didn’t expect that the one who came to trouble Eliana was Walter. It seemed that Walter was an active figure in old town.
Walter stared at Scott, swallowed, then bit back the words he would like to have said, and then quickly changed his tone, “You are right. We are a bit too much, and even I feel sorry for you.”

Eliana was taken aback for a moment. She originally thought that Walter would say something cruel, but she did not expect him to admit that he was wrong.

The men came with Walter also didn’t understand what was going on. They weren’t the people who came with Walter yesterday, and they didn’t know how powerful Scott was.

“Boss, why are you so polite with her? In ald town, no matter how much we are, no one else has the right to blame us,” a little boy beside Walter said.

Walter guy kicked him directly, and cursed, “Get the hell out of here, there is no place for you to talk. If you dare to say something nonsense, I will sew your mouth!”

When the rest of the people saw Walter suddenly get angry, although they didn’t know why, but they dared not say anything.
Walter finished teaching his subordinates and turned to look at Scott and Eliana again, with a smile on his face.

“I’m really sorry, my subordinates were so rude. To be honest, the main purpose of my coming here today is to make up the rent owed to you. My previous attitude may be a little bit bad. That’s because I was in bad mood at that time, I hope you can forgive me. Tell me how much the rentis, and I will give it to you,” Walter said to Eliana.

Seeing Walter’s reaction, Scott guessed that Walter should have called the Dylan, and knew that he was not easy to mess with, so after seeing him, he quickly changed his words.

Eliana looked at Walter with a stunned expression, wondering why he suddenly wanted to pay the rent to her? Didn’t he even threatened to give her a hard lesson?

Could it be that she pricked his consciences?

At this time, Eliana noticed that Walter glanced at Scott, and she also glance at Scott, thinking that Walter’s attitude had only changed after Scott came out.

Was Walter afraid of Scott? Eliana was confused. Wasn’t Scott just a worker in construction site? Why was Walter so afraid of him? “Are you sure you want to pay me the rent?” Eliana confirmed with Walter again.

Walter nodded quickly and said, “Yes, yes. If I don’t pay the rent to you, I can’t sleep well at night. I’ve already planned to mend my way, and I won’t do such shameless things in the future.”

Eliana rolled her eyes and said, “You can pay the rent, but there must be a reason. You must first tell me why you suddenly change your attitude.”

Walter glanced at Scott again and saw Scott making a look at him. He immediately understood what Scott meant and said, “I was primed with good advice yesterday, which made me understand the meaning of being a human being, so I decided to mend my way.”

“Girl, what I am giving you is rent, not something harmful to you, how come you question me instead?”

Eliana obviously didn’t believe the Walter’s words, but she had already determined that this matter must have something to do with Scott. Since he didn’t want to say it, she shouldn’t want to ask too much.

She told Walter the amount of rent, and Walter took out the money without hesitation and gave it to Eliana.
After that, Walter left here as soon as possible. When he left, he secretly glanced at Scott a few times.

When Walter left, Eliana was also relieved, feeling that what happened today was a bit dreamy. She turned to look at Scott on the side and asked, “Did you know Walter? I always feel that he gave me money readily because of you.”

Scott smiled and said, “I just stood there without talking. How could it be because of me? I’m just a worker.”

Eliana thought so. But thinking about it from another angle, Scott made Walter so scared without saying a word. Didn’t it prove his power?

Scott didn’t explain to Eliana again. Seeing that the so-called trouble was solved so easily, he walked directly towards Freddie.

He went and knocked on the door again, Freddie came over and asked who was it. As soon as Scott spoke, a voice came from inside, “Get out!”

Scott had no choice but to return to the rented house.

In the afternoon, Freddie went out once, and Scott quickly followed up, but found that Freddie was only going out to buy things needed for cooking.

Freddie found Scott following him, and said to Scott specifically, “It’s useless for you to follow me. I won’t tell you anything.” In the evening, when Ophelia came back from work, Eliana directly dragged her into her room.

“Why are you so excited, did Walter bother you today?” Ophelia asked Eliana when she saw Eliana’s appearance.

“What I want to tell you is about it. Walter not only didn’t trouble me, but also made up the rent owed to me,” Eliana said.

Ophelia was taken aback for a moment, and said with some suspicion, “Impossible, isn’t Walter very arrogant? How could he make up the rent for you? Eliana, have you promised him certain conditions, then he pay the rent to you.”

“What do you think about? Walter really paid me the rent, and he was very respectful today, and he left after giving the money,” Eliana said.

“It is reasonable. It stands to reason that Walter is not such a person. Does he have any conspiracy?” Ophelia frowned.
“Probably not, if I’m right, Walter should be afraid of Scott,” Eliana said.

“Scott? That’s loser? How could it be possible that Walter would be afraid of construction worker,” Ophelia retorted immediately.
Eliana told Ophelia what happened today, and mentioned to Ophelia what she felt puzzled.

After listening, a scornful smile appeared on Ophelia’s face immediately, and she said, “Eliana, I think you really think too much.
No matter who Walter is afraid of, he can’t be afraid of that loser. Maybe it’s because you called the police, the police went to educate Walter, and Walter came to pay you.”

Eliana felt that it was not unreasonable, but the attitude of Walter was obviously changed because of Scott. Otherwise, how could he look so scared when he saw Scott.

Forget it, stop thinking. Anyway, nothing terrible happened.

“Eliana, don’t think about the loser upstairs, he has nothing special. You think too much.” Ophelia sat next to Eliana, with a hint of excitement on her face and she said, “Our hospital has a new director. Although he is more than 40 years old, he is very masculine. I think he must be very handsome when he was young. I tell you, I have already planned to seduce him. He seems to be interesting to me according to his attitude towards me.”

“I think you think that the director is handsome because of his high authority. In my impression, Those people who are at a higher level in the hospital, are bald. Your director is no exception, right?” Eliana smiled.

Ophelia snorted and said, “Well, what’s wrong with baldness. Bald men are masculine. I don’t care, the important thing is that he has money and status.”

Eliana looked helpless, and she didn’t know what to do with her good friend.

Scott observed Freddie’s house for two days, knocking on the door every day, and following Freddie when he went out, but Freddie didn’t pay attention to him, and scolded him every time.

This morning, Scott was sitting in front of the window, looking at Freddie’s house, thinking that he should keep waiting and he must ask Freddie about the location of Guanling as soon as possible.

At this moment, Freddie came out, and Scott noticed that he had changed into clean clothes, his hair was also taken care of, and the messy beard on his face was shaved.

Seeing Freddie’s changes, Scott came up with a thought and quickly got up and went downstairs.

Freddie, a sloppy person, would even think about taking care of himself, which only showed that the place he was going today was important.

Scott didn’t know what Freddie was going to do. But he thought he may be able to find opportunities to let Freddie tell the things about Guanling from this view.


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