The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 392 Rent A House

In Freddie’s house.

Scott untied all the ropes from Freddie. Freddie rubbed his face and said, “I didn’t expect you would be so great. The bald guy has so many people, but they can’t defeat you.”

“Since you saved me, I won’t kick you out, but I don’t know you or what your purpose is. If you want to ask me something, you have to give me money. As long as you give me money, I am willing to tell you everything.”

Scott laughed. He really couldn’t think of how the powerful boss had become such a rogue step by step.

“Are you sure you will tell me everything as long as I give you the money?” Scott asked.

“Of course, I am very short of money now. How could I dislike money?” Freddie looked like a miser.

“Okay. I want to know about Guanling. As long as you are willing to tell me, money is not problem.” Scott said.

Freddie, who was still staring at Scott as if he was a miser, suddenly stiffened after hearing what Scott said. After that, his entire face sank. There was an indescribable cold feeling from his body.

He stared at Scott indifferently, then directly pushed Scott directly out of the house.

Scott looked at Freddie with a confused expression on his face, and said, “Didn’t you say you will tell me everything as long as I give you the money?”

Freddie gave Scott a cold look and yelled, “Get out of here, I don’t know Guanling. Don’t come to me anymore.” After speaking, Freddie slammed the door closed directly.

Looking at the closed door, Scott stepped forward again, and knocked twice. But this time, there was no sound from inside.

Scott shook his head helplessly. It seemed that it was not easy to ask anything about Guanling from Freddie.

“I can only try again after two days.” Scott muttered, then turned around to walk towards the places in the old town where the houses could be rented.

He had to live closer to Freddie these days, lest Freddie run away. Otherwise, he couldn’t find Freddie.

When Scott was on the way to Freddie’s house, he saw the two-story house in front of Freddie’s house with the notes on it, saying the second floor could be rented. So Scott wanted to ask.

Although the houses in this old town were a bit dilapidated, and many of them were similar to those in the village, Scott didn’t mind living conditions. His main task now was to ask Freddie about Guanling. So he could accept to live in this kind of place for a few days.

As he walked toward the front, his cell phone rang. It was Edith who called.
“Honey, what’s the matter?” Scott asked.
“I can’t call you?” Edith seemed to be very angry. She was irritable now.

“You can. Of course you can. But I still have something to do. You see…” Scott said with a smile, not knowing what happened to Edith.

“You are implying that all your things are important, and that I am the only idler who has nothing to do, right?” Edith said irritably.

Edith was greatly discouraged by what the woman said in the bar. After leaving the bar, Edith could always hear people in various places saying that she was not good enough for Scott.

Originally, she could still stick herself. But after listening to other people’s words, even she herself began to wonder whether she could match Scott.

Scott felt that Edith’s mood was very unstable, so he cautiously asked, “Honey, are you having any trouble? If so, I will call Conor and ask him to help you. ” Edith was almost about to burn up. In her opinion, no matter what Scott said, it was implying that she was useless and that she

needed someone else to help no matter what.

“I’m okay, okay, okay! Did you hear that? I am not a person who needs you to take care of everything. I have the ability to solve the problems that I encounter by myself!” Edith shouted directly at Scott.

“Then…what’s wrong with you?” Scott was a little confused, not understanding why Edith yelled at him.
“Nothing. I’m on my period.” After speaking, Edith hung up the phone directly.

Scott suddenly figured it out. No wonder she would have such a bad temper for no reason. It turned out to be because she was on her period. Now, he knew that the girls who were on their period would always lose their temper for no reason.

After thinking about it, Scott did not call Edith back. Calling her back at this time would only make her more irritable.
So he called Jennifer and asked Jennifer to make some body-warming food for Edith and to sooth her emotions by the way.
After finishing the call, Scott continued to walk towards the house in front.

He walked up to knock on the door. After a while, a girl with an ordinary appearance in her twenties came out.

“Can I rent the second floor? I plan to stay here for a few days.” Scott asked.

The girl nodded immediately and said, “It’s still renting, but we want a person who can rent it for a long time. If you only rent for a few days, the price will be high.”

Scott smiled and said, “It’s okay. Can I go in and have a look now?” The girl nodded, then led Scott into the house and took a look on the second floor.

There was a room on the second floor facing Freddie’s home. A window was opened over there. He could see the door of Freddie’s house from the window at a glance. If Scott lived here, he could observe Freddie’s actions well.

After taking a look at the room, Scott signed a simple agreement with the girl. Then he paid the money, and bought some simple daily necessities from the girl.

When the agreement was signed, Scott knew that this girl was named Eliana. She had several houses in the old town. She made a living by renting out these houses. By the way, she also made short-term rentals and sold daily necessities.

After getting everything done, Eliana glanced at Scott and asked, “What do you do for work?”

Scott thought for a while and said, “I’m a worker on a nearby construction site. Now the construction site is closed and I have no place to live, so I came here to rent a house for a few days.”

Eliana nodded. She was not worried about what would be wrong with renting the room upstairs to a man. The old town police station was a dozen meters ahead of this house. She didn’t think anyone would commit crimes in such a place.

Of course, she thought Scott looked not bad, so he shouldn’t be a bad person.

The next afternoon, Scott kept observing Freddie’s house in the room. Freddie did not come out all afternoon, which made Scott feel a little bored.

In the evening, he went downstairs to go to the toilet. There was only a toilet on the first floor in this house, which was connected to the bathroom. He could only go downstairs if he wanted to go to the toilet.

When Scott walked to the door of the toilet, he pushed the door directly in. At this moment, he noticed that there was an undressed girl inside who was taking a shower.

The girl was not Eliana. But she was much more beautiful than Eliana. When she saw the door being pushed open, she was taken aback. Then she screamed and shouted, “Bastard! Catch the bastard!”


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