The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 391 Why Do I Have to Pay It Back

In the old town of S City, in front of a house that looked a little dilapidated.
Standing at the door of the house, Scott narrowed his eyes, looking at the rusty house number.

Logan told Scott that the person who knew the news about Guanling lived here. After two days of observation, Scott had confirmed that someone lived here.

Moreover, with Jeremiah’s strength in S City, Scott found out the information of the person living here.

The owner of this house was named Freddie, who moved to S City 20 years ago. Before coming to S City, Freddie used to be a well-known businessman in a first-tier city in the south.

At that time, Freddie was very excellent and got married with a very famous actress in the entertainment industry at that time.

But the good days didn’t last long. Not long after the two got married, one day, the actress finished filming and went home. Then she died in a car accident on the way home. Because the car was on fire, Freddie didn’t even get his wife’s body.

Later, based on the situation at the time, someone speculated that the actress might not have died in the car, but was taken away. Because nothing like ashes was found on the car, which basically proved that there was no one on the car at that time.
The accident was deliberately forged.

At that time, the incident became a hot spot in society. The police dispatched a lot of people to look for the whereabouts of the actress. They searched for half a year but still didn’t get any clues. Many people would rather believe that the actress was burned in the car. No ashes were found at that time just because the technology at that time was not so good enough.

Of course, some people suspected that this actress was abducted into a poor place by human traffickers. But the surveillance technology and detection technology 20 years ago were not good, so the possibility of finding this actress was slim.

As the husband of this actress, Freddie was naturally anxious. He deeply loved his wife. He had always believed that his wife was not dead but was arrested. He spent a lot of money searching his wife’s whereabouts.

It was precisely because of the search regardless of the cost that the originally rich Freddie faced a break in the capital chain.
His company’s business was unable to continue. He had to sell his company and all his property to come to S City. Then he bought a decent house in this area and used the remaining money to continue looking for his wife.

It was a pity that after 20 years, Freddie still had not found any clues about his wife. Because of this incident, he had become grumpy, which was quite different from the previous him.

This was the information about Freddie that Jeremiah collected. This information was not different from what Logan told Scott at the time, but was more detailed.

At that time, Logan said that Guanling was like a paradise for the rich. There were various entertainment methods to satisfy these rich people. There must be many people who were very interested in those famous female stars. It was normal that they sent some people to catch a few female stars.

Freddie searched for so many years. He should know something. At least what Logan knew about Guanling was that he heard from Freddie.

As long as these were not made up by Freddie himself, he should have been to Guanling or had contact with people in Guanling.

But Scott was more inclined to the second possibility. After all, Logan also said that none of the people who entered Guanling came out alive. Freddie was still alive now, which clearly showed that he had never been to Guanling.

In any case, Scott must see Freddie and communicate effectively with him. Only then did Scott know whether Freddie knew where Guanling was.

Scott walked up to knock on the door. After a while, a low and hoarse voice came from inside.

“Who is it?”

“I have something to ask Freddie.” Scott said.

“Get out of here. Don’t use your clumsy acting skills to fool me. I won’t open the door. You are loan sharks and are not protected by the law. I borrowed it by myself. Why do I have to pay it back?” The person inside seemed to be fearless.

After Scott heard this, he was a little bit dumbfounded. He didn’t expect to be treated as a loan shark.

Why did this person sound cheeky?

“I think you have misunderstood. I’m not a loan shark. I heard about you from my friend. I want to ask you about something.” Scott said.

There was a hole in the door. Scott noticed that there was one eye looking outside from the hole, and then the door was opened.

Inside stood a sloppy man with messy hair and beard. It seemed that the man hadn’t shaved his beard for months. He looked haggard, but his eyes shone with shrewd light.

“Are you Freddie?” Scott asked.

“It’s me. What’s up?” Freddie took a look at Scott and said impatiently.

“Hear is the thing…” Scott was about to speak.

At this moment, a group of people rushed out of the alley nearby and rushed towards the door of Freddie’s house.

When Freddie saw this, he was so frightened that he wanted to close the door. At this moment, a man who ran quickly held the door and shouted at the people behind, “Come here. I get the door. Damn it! He can’t run away this time!”

The people behind soon followed and rushed into Freddie’s house.

Freddie hurriedly turned around and ran towards the back, but those people immediately pressed him to the ground. Several of them took out the rope and directly tied him up.

“Fuck off. Let me go. You broke in my house. I’ll call the police!” Freddie shouted hysterically.

“You f*cking have a face to call the police? You owe us 300,000 dollars. It’s us who should call the police, right?” A man slapped Freddie on the face.

“You are loan sharks. I’m just collecting evidence for the police to expose you. I tell you that I have become an informant for the police. If you don’t let me go, just wait to be a dead meat!” Freddie exclaimed.

“Bluffing. Become a police informant? So funny. They will only think that you are crazy!”

Scott looked at the situation inside and guessed that these people should be loan sharks.

Scott couldn’t help but feel funny. Freddie really dared to say anything in order not to repay the loan shark.

At this moment, a bald guy with a scar on his face came here, halding a machete in his hand.

When the bald guy came to the door, he gave a glance at Scott. But he just walked directly inside without say anything.
“Boss, this idiot still refuses to repay the money. Just chop off his arms directly. He is so crazy. I’m afraid he won’t repay our money in this life.”

When the people inside saw the bald guy coming in, they immediately began to talk.

“Why are you asking me to pay back the money? I have already given the money to the hospital. They charged me with the money. If you want the money, I will give you the receipt and you can go to the hospital to ask them to repay you the money.” Freddie shouted again.

Hearing what Freddie said, the bald guy sneered. He directly put the machete on Freddie’s neck.

“Freddie, everyone thinks you are insane, but I know you know it clearly. You just don’t want to pay back the money, do you? There is no need to make up so many excuses. You gave the money to the hospital, because your daughter is sick, right? Come on, do you think it is difficult for me to find out which hospital your daughter is in?” The bald guy said with a smile.

Freddie’s face sank abruptly. He couldn’t help but tremble. The expression on his face became more serious.

“If you dare to do this, I’ll really call the police. The worst situation is that I have to go to jail, but I’ll let you go to the jail with me!” Freddie gritted his teeth and said.

The bald guy snorted and said, “What do you think I rely on for daring to do this business? Is it timid?” “If I don’t see the money today, not only will your daughter be in trouble, but your two arms will break!” The bald guy frightened Freddie with a machete and waited for Freddie to speak.

At this moment, someone patted him on the shoulder. He turned his head to look over. Then he found that it was the person standing outside.

“Let him go.” Scott said lightly.
The bald guy turned around, pointed the machete at Scott, and said, “Who the hell are you? Mind your own business.” “I can repay the money he owes you.” Scott continued.

Freddie did not expect Scott to say such words, so he was a little surprised. But since there was someone who was willing to pay back the money for him, he was of course happy. He hurriedly shouted, “Have you heard it? This guy is willing to help me pay back the money. Let me go!”

The bald guy took a look at Scott. He felt Scott didn’t look like a rich man, so he said, “Are you sure you can pay back? He owes us 300,000 dollars.”

“Just three hundred thousand. I’ll give you a phone number. You can get the money after you give the call.”

Scott said, handing a note to the bald guy.

This note said that a phone number of one of Jeremiah’s men. His nickname was Dylan. He was Jeremiah’s helper in dealing with some issues in the underground of S City. Jeremiah gave this phone number to Scott. He said if Scott was in trouble, he could call this guy.

The bald guy took the note, had a look, and said, “What if I can’t get the money after giving the call?” “I won’t lie to you. You can leave now. I still have something to ask him.” Scott said.

The bald guy felt that Scott was playing tricks on him, so he waved his machete in front of Scott and cursed, “Holy shit! Do you think you can fool me with a phone number? Tell you, I must get money today. Otherwise, neither of you can get out of here!”

Scott suddenly became a little impatient. Seeing that the bald guy all wanted to hit him, Scott just took a move directly and threw all of them out of the door.

Those men were thrown out one by one. They were quickly piled up into a small hill.
The bald guy was at the bottom, almost out of breath.

“The phone number I gave you is real. You only need to say that Scott owes you money, and let him pay it back.” Scott said to the outside, and then closed the door.

A group of people got up from the ground, staring at the door of Freddie’s house with angrily faces, wishing to rush back again.
But this time everyone knew that Scott was good at fighting, so no one dared to step forward.
“Boss, what should we do? We can’t just let it go, right?” a man asked.

The bald guy also gritted his teeth, and then said, “The man inside is too powerful. We are not his match. I’m afraid I have to find Dylan to solve this problem. You go back first. I’ll go to Dylan and talk about this thing.”

When those men heard the bald guy’s words, they nodded and turned back.
The bald guy took a taxi and rushed to the city.

In a KTV, Dylan and the bald guy were sitting together. Dylan was singing, and the bald guy was sitting on the side with a respectful face and didn’t dare to interrupt.

After waiting for a long time, Dylan finished singing a song. The bald guy found the opportunity to tell Dylan about his affairs.

“That person gave me a phone number and said that I could get money after calling it. I think he must be fooling me, so I can only come to you for help.” The bald guy said, and handed the note to Dylan.

Dylan stared at the note carelessly, and then his both eyes widened. ‘Isn’t this my personal phone number?’

“What else did the person who gave you this note say?” Dylan asked quickly.

“The man said that as long as we said it’s Scott who owed us money, we could get the money.” The bald guy said again.
Dylan stared at the bald guy, and then said, “You don’t need to make this phone call. You can’t get the money.”

“Huh?” The bald guy immediately widened his eyes. He looked puzzled, and then he asked, “Why?”

Dylan glanced at him and said coldly, “Because this is my phone number. Do you want me to repay the money?”

The bald guy was astonished, and did not respond for a long time.


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