The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 390 Are You Good Enough for Scott

The next afternoon.

Edith arrived at the door of Feiteng Bar. Conor and his men came with her.

Because Edith wasn’t sure if this was a trap, she called Conor to come with her, just in case.

“Do you know if Scott has other girlfriends before he came to J City?” After hesitating, Edith looked at Conor and asked.

Conor was stunned when he heard Edith’s question, and then he laughed and said, “I came to J City later than him. How could I know his past? He never mentioned his past, but I think he is a dedicated guy. If he falls in love with a woman, he will love her forever. So I feel that he hasn’t had any girlfriends before.”

Edith nodded, then took a deep breath and said, “Then I will go in first. You only need to pay attention to the situation on my side.
Don’t be too deliberate.”

Hearing Conor’s answer, Edith turned to walk in Feiteng Bar.
Not long after Edith went in, Conor also walked in with some of his men.

Feiteng Bar was a bar with soothing music. People here enjoyed the music. Each of them was sitting in their own place and drinking.

After Edith went in, she found the third booth. She saw that there was already sitting a woman with a slim figure and outstanding temperament. This woman wore a black veil on her face, which covered the upper part of her face, making others unable to see her face clearly. Because of this veil, it made others have a hazy feeling.

All the men in the bar would look at this side from time to time. There were appreciate looks in their eyes.
Although Edith was the most beautiful in J City, when she saw this woman, she was also amazed by this woman’s temperament.

The woman looked so elegant. Ordinary families couldn’t cultivate such an elegance. Edith was just a child of a second-rate family in J City. Naturally she couldn’t compare with that woman.

Carefully staring at the black veil on the woman’s face for a while, Edith suddenly felt ashamed of herself. Although she couldn’t see the woman’s face, she could know that there must be a stunning face under the black veil.

Maybe the woman chose to cover her face with a veil just to not attract too much attention, but even so, no one could take his eyes away from her.

Edith sat down directly opposite the woman. When Edith saw the woman, she felt that she was weak in momentum. Everyone in the bar looked towards the two of them. Edith felt a little uncomfortable.

Even if she was lack of some confidence, she had no way to shrink back. Now, she could only bite the bullet and dealt with this woman in front of her.

“Hello, I’m Edith. I have received your letter…” Edith stretched out a hand, planning to say hello to her politely.

The woman just sat there, motionlessly. She didn’t want to shake Edith’s hands. The corners of her mouth also curled up slightly.
Under the veil, there seemed to be a pair of clear eyes carefully looking at Edith.

Edith’s hands froze in midair for a while. She was so embarrassed. She didn’t expect the other party to give her a slap in the face.

Then Edith thought, ‘Since the woman claimed to be my rival in love, she doesn’t have to be polite to me.”

Edith took her hand back to relieve the embarrassment, and then tried to make herself look more natural. She said, “I have never heard Scott say that he has the first love. I also checked with him, so I want to know who you are and your true purpose.”

“He didn’t tell you, but it doesn’t mean it is not important. Scott didn’t tell you, because he was afraid that after thinking of me, he could not help but leave you to come to me.” The woman said softly. Her voice was very pleasant to ears.

Edith frowned, feeling a strong hostility.

“You are too narcissistic. I don’t think Scott will do that. Maybe it’s just because you are insignificant to him that he will forget you.” Edith countered.

The woman smiled and said, “Are you deceiving yourself? Do you think that how bad a person’s memory is, so that he might completely forget someone who has slept with him for so long? He didn’t tell you. It only shows that I still have a pivotal position in his heart.”

Edith’s chest was ups and downs. She felt that she was not the woman’s match. What she said just now was indeed a bit self- deceitful. The words “sleep with him for so long” almost drove her mad.

‘Scott, you really hide a lot of things from me.”

“What is your purpose? If you just want to show off in front of me, I don’t think we need to have the talk anymore.” Edith became a little gloomy.

The woman changed her posture. The smile on her face indicated that she had achieved her goal.

“The purpose of my coming here is very simple. Just let you leave Scott. You don’t deserve to be by his side. The person lying on the bed with him should be me.” The woman said her own purpose without hesitation.

By this time Edith felt that she had no need to be polite in front of this woman. She felt that this woman was a self-righteous guy.

“You think too much. Scott and I are a legal couple. He loves me very much. You want me to leave him just because of your bullshits? Are you insane? Even if Scott hasn’t told me about you, it’s impossible for him to have anything to do with you anymore.” Edith said angrily.

“Oh? You sound very confident, but I want to ask you, do you really think you are good enough for Scott?” the woman said.
Edith only felt that her body was like struck by lightning. She froze.

The question the woman asked was also the question Edith had been asking herself during this period of time. After experiencing the events of this period of time, Edith had realized the gap between herself and Scott.

Although she had been working hard and wanted to make herself better, after knowing Scott’s various identities, she knew clearly that no matter how hard she tried, she would not be able to catch up with Scott’s pace.
She had been comforting herself from the bottom of her heart that identity was not important in a relationship. But whenever she

thought about this question, she actually knew the answer.

Now for the first time someone asked this question in front of her. The woman claimed to be Scott’s first love. She seemed to have an unusual family background and she was so stunning.

“I heard about the wedding in the crystal castle some time ago. Since Scott has held such a wedding for you, you should also have some understanding of his identity. Those big shots who appeared at the wedding can be invited by you? Your relatives are all petty townspeople, right?”

Seeing Edith didn’t speak, the woman continued talking.

“I think you should be aware of the term ‘rank’. It does not mean that you’re as rich as him. At the very least, you have to be the same level with him in terms of knowledge and vision. You think you’re the same level with Scott? After all, you have been living in a small place like J City for so many years.”

“Those people over there should be here to protect you. They are Scott’s men, right? You are just a poor worm in my eyes now.
You don’t even have the ability to protect yourself. Your everything depends on Scott. Do you really feel qualified to stay by Scott?”

The woman’s words made Edith lower her head unconsciously. Edith didn’t know how to refute the aggressive woman.

“I came to you this time just to make you understand that you are not good enough for Scott. I am his best choice. If you really love Scott, you should leave him as soon as possible. Don’t put him under too much pressure. You think it is love for him to let him protect a woman who needs him to worry about everything every day?”

“In addition to getting from him, what else can you give him?”

The smile on the woman’s face was getting bigger. She didn’t seem to take Edith seriously at all. This time, she came to Edith purely to pronounce Edith’s crime. It was a crime if Edith still stayed by Scott’s side.

“Enough!” Edith finally couldn’t bear the woman’s mocking words. She directly reached out and smashed the table.

The woman did not go on, but showed a smile and said, “As a woman of an excellent man, itis the most basic cultivation not to get angry.”

Edith looked up at the woman, with resentment in her eyes. She said, “I won’t leave Scott. You wish. I don’t allow anyone to snatch him away from me.”

After speaking, Edith stood up and walked towards the entrance of the bar.

Upon seeing this, Conor hurriedly led his men out.
The woman didn’t move. She took a sip of wine with a mysterious smile on her face.

Outside the bar, Edith’s emotions were obviously out of control. She walked quickly toward the front. Her face was gloomy. Her fists were clenched tightly.

Conor noticed Edith’s abnormality, so he hurriedly stepped forward and asked what had happened just now.
Edith told Conor that she was okay and wanted to be alone for a while. She let Conor go back first.
Hearing Edith saying this, Conor didn’t ask too much. He and his men just followed Edith, instead of going back directly.

When Edith saw that Conor was still leading his men to follow her, she became even more irritated. She felt that Conor followed her in this way, which proved the woman’s words even more.

In front of Scott, she was a person who needed protection. She couldn’t even stay alone for a while.

She secretly speeded up, trying to get rid of Conor and his men. But unfortunately, she found that it was impossible to get rid of these powerful guys.

She walked to the edge of the moat and stood in front of the guardrail. After being blew by the wind, she only felt that her emotions eased a little.

At this time, there were many lovers by the moat. These people walked by Edith hand in hand, looking very happy. Edith could clearly feel from these people that they were all good match.

“Look at it, isn’t that Edith, the bride of the crystal castle wedding? I didn’t expect to meet her here.” “That is Edith! She is really beautiful. She deserves to the prettiest in J City.”

“What’s the use of being beautiful? There are more beautiful women in the world. Haven’t you heard about the wedding of the crystal castle that day? There were quite a few big shots. Even some people from Davies family in B City attended the wedding.
Many people doubted Scott is from Davies family. From this point of view, Edith doesn’t deserve to be Scott’s side.”

“If it is true, Scott will be too good for Edith. The person in Davies family actually married a woman from a second-rate family in J City. Edith is really lucky.”

“Yeah, luck is something that makes people envious and enviable. Without this, Edith would have never met someone with a powerful background like Scott.”

The comments of the people around reached Edith’s ears. She could not help but clenched her fists and clenched her teeth, not allowing herself to behave abnormally.

Even the people in J City felt that she didn’t match Scott? Edith took a deep breath, lowered her head, turned around to walk towards the home.

This time, she really didn’t know what she should do.


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