The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 389 Scott’s First Love

In J City, at CZ Community.

Jennifer was cleaning the room. At this time, the doorbell rang. Jennifer put down the stuff and then walked to the door. After opening the door, she found that there was no one outside.

She poked her head out to look outside puzzledly. There was still no one outside.
“Which kids are doing pranks again?”

Jennifer murmured. Then she was about to close the door. At this moment, she noticed an envelope on the ground. She stooped to pick it up and then saw Edith’s name on it.

It should be a letter to Edith, but she didn’t know who sent the letter. Besides, mobile phone communication was so advanced nowadays. A call or a text message could solve everything. It was very rare to send letters like this secretly.

Although Jennifer was so puzzled, she did not open the envelope to read the contents. After all, this was Edith’s letter. Jennifer respected the privacy of others very much.

After taking the letter in, Jennifer walked to the table and put the letter on the table.
At this time, her mobile phone rang. It was Georgia’s call. Jennifer was very excited, so she quickly picked it up.
“Georgia, how is the situation on your side? Have you seen Scott?” Jennifer asked anxiously.

“Mom, I’m okay here. Scott helped me settle all the troubles. I don’t need to pay 300,000 dollars anymore. What’s more, the school also gave me a full scholarship. You don’t need to give me money anymore in the future. Now, my current scholarship is enough for me to live for a long time.” Georgia was in a good mood, so her tone sounded a lot easier.

“Really? That’s really great. I knew that Scott would definitely help you settle the trouble. You have to thank Scott. He helps us a lot. He is our benefactor. You should keep it in the mind and express your gratitude to him.” Jennifer became excited when she heard that the trouble was resolved. As long as her daughter’s trouble was resolved, that would be a great thing.

“Got it, Mom. I will remember Scott’s favor.”

“Okay, I have to hang up. I have to cook some soup for Scott’s wife. She should be back soon. She is also busy these days, so I want to make some delicious food to let her relax.” Jennifer said.

“Ah? Is Scott married?” It was obvious that Georgia was surprised by Jennifer’s words.

“Yes, Scott’s wife is very beautiful. Scott just re-hosted a wedding with her not long ago, and the whole J City was in uproar.
The wedding was really fantastic. Many big shots attended that wedding.” Jennifer experienced the wedding personally, so she was a little proud of it.

It seemed that Georgia was a little lost on the phone.
“Georgia, why don’t you speak anymore? I feel you a little weird.” A suspicion appeared on Jennifer’s face.
“I’m fine, Mom. I have to hang up. Say hello to Scott’s wife. Go ahead your own business.” Georgia said quickly.

Jennifer didn’t say much, but felt relieved. After hanging up the phone, she went to make soup.

After a while, Edith came back, looking tired.

She stretched herself. Smelling the aroma of the food scent, she relaxed a lot.

“Jennifer, you are making soup again.” Edith said.

When Jennifer heard Edith’s voice, she immediately responded, “You’re back. The soup is almost ready. Go to the break first.” “By the way, there is a letter to you on the table.” Jennifer paused and then said.

Edith put down her handbag. Hearing what Jennifer said, she was a little confused. She didn’t expect someone to send her a letter.

She walked to the front of the table, saw the envelope on the table and then picked it up to have a look. Except her name on it, there was no other information, and no stamps. It seemed that the letter was not from a distance.

At this time, Jennifer came out with a bowl of soup. She put it on the table, and said, “Drink while it’s hot. It can keep your health.
You don’t look good recently. You must be very tired at work, right? Drink some soup. It can relieve your fatigue.”

Edith smiled at Jennifer, thanked her, and then asked, “Jennifer, where did you get this letter? There is no stamp on it.”

“There was a knock on the door at that time. I opened the door but I didn’t see anyone. I just saw this letter. I don’t know who put it. I saw your name written on it, so I took it in.” Jennifer explained.

Edith nodded, wondering who sent this letter.

She opened the envelope directly. There was only a thin piece of paper inside. There were not many words written on it, only a short sentence.

“If you can, tomorrow afternoon, come to the third booth of Feiteng Bar to find me. I will be there all afternoon.”

Seeing this, Edith was still a little confused. She thought, ‘I don’t know who you are. If I just go there like this, what if it is a trap?” Edith, who had experienced many troubles, was alert. Now, she generally ignored this kind of invitation.

However, when she saw the signature under this sentence, she was shocked.

“Your rival in love, Scott’s first love.”

“How is it possible? Scott told me that he has never been in a relationship before. This guy has no experience in love. If he had been in a relationship before, he would definitely not be what he is now.” Edith muttered. She thought this should be a prank.

Her gaze continued to move downward. There was a sketch drawn below. It was a little man sleeping in bed.
After seeing this man’s sleeping posture, Edith was completely stunned. Wasn’t this exactly what Scott looked like when he was sleeping?

There was also a line of small words next to the painting, “You may doubt me, but ordinary people shouldn’t see that guy’s sleeping posture. I hope he has not changed this habit in the past few years.”

Edith’s face suddenly sank. Countless thoughts suddenly popped into her mind.

The sleeping posture of the man painted above was indeed unique to Scott. It may be due to Scott experience some things when he was a child. So when he was sleeping, he would always cross his hands on his chest unconsciously, as if he was on guard.

Before, when Edith got up to go to the bathroom at night, she found Scott would maintain this posture, which looked very funny.

Later, she gradually found that although Scott would not maintain this posture all the time, it appeared a lot of times. She had never seen anyone keep this posture while sleeping.

Later, when she heard Scott tell her his story, she realized that Scott slept like this, probably because some experiences in his childhood made him remain vigilant even in his dreams.

So after seeing Scott sleep in this posture, Edith felt a little distressed.

Logically, only those who slept with Scott in the same bed would know Scott’s sleeping position. Edith had always felt that only she knew Scott’s habit, so she regarded it as a secret between her and Scott.

But now there was a second person who knew Scott’s sleeping position and claimed to be Scott’s first love, which naturally made Edith guess a lot.

Did Scott lie to her? It turned out that he had the first love. He just lied to her when she asked him.

This guy was really bad! ‘Why did he lie to me? Does he think that I will be angry with to him just because he had the first love?’ ‘Or is there a lot of things between him and his first love that he can’t tell me, so he concealed it?’

If Scott didn’t sleep with her, how could she know Scott’s sleeping posture?

As a woman, Edith’s imagination was also extremely rich. In an instant, she imagined many possibilities why Scott did not tell her about his first love.

‘He didn’t tell me that, which means there are some things he can’t tell me. Is there something that Scott hides from me, right?’ “Edith, what’s the matter? You seem to be worried. What did that letter say?” Seeing Edith didn’t move, Jennifer asked.

Edith came to her senses. She hurriedly put the letter away, cleared her throat slightly, and said, “Nothing. It’s just a friend’s greeting.”

Jennifer nodded and didn’t ask much.

Until the evening, Edith had been thinking about the letter. She felt that the other party didn’t lie to her. As for why that woman wanted to see her, based on women’s first instinct, Edith could easily guess it just.

Scott’s first love wanted to get Scott back.

Edith took out her mobile phone and called Scott.

“Scott, tell me honestly, are you hiding anything from me?” Edith said irritably.
“No, what’s the matter?” Scott, who was sleeping, looked dumbfounded.

“Are you sure?” Edith asked.

Scott suddenly felt a little guilty. He didn’t tell Edith about his father’s entry into Guanling. This was a kind of concealment. Did Edith know that he was investigating Guanling?

“No…no, what’s the matter with you?” Scott asked.

“Nothing. I just had a dream. I dreamed of your first love.”

“How come? My first love is you…”

Before Scott had finished speaking, Edith had hung up the phone.

Scott, who was in S City, didn’t think too much. He believed that Edith was just having a dream, so she was a bit grumpy.
This guy fluttered! Did he really have the first love?

Edith clenched her small fist angrily, wondering why Scott’s first love suddenly came to her.

It was probably because of the wedding in the crystal castle.

Taking a deep breath, Edith made a decision. She decided to meet Scott’s first love tomorrow to see what the woman wanted to do.

If she didn’t go, wouldn’t it mean that she was afraid of the woman?

In this regard, Edith did not want to lose to anyone.


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