The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 388 In the Name of Georgia

The next morning,Scott came to the SC University again.
Last night Jeremiah arranged an accommodation for Scott, while Georgia went back to the school dormitory.

When Scott saw Georgia, he found her more spirited than yesterday, so he smiled and asked, “How was it in the dormitory yesterday? Did Nancy bully you again?”

Georgia shook her head immediately and said: “Nancy did not go back to the dormitory last night, and our instructor notified in the chatting group this morning that she had dropped out of school.”

“Drop out of school?” Scott was a bit surprised, but he was relieved immediately. He didn’t expect Elijah to be so sensible.

This was a good thing for Georgia. She won’t feel comfortable living in the dormitory with Nancy. And now that Nancy had dropped out, Scott didn’t need to worry about Georgia being bullied again.

They walked towards the school playground together. Today, the principal was going to prove Georgia’s innocence in front of the teachers and students and expose the black deeds of Joey and Rufus.

All the teachers and students had been notified to gather for a meeting on the playground before ten o’clock in the morning.

On the way to the playground, while seeing Scott and Georgia walking together, many people still showed contemptuous.
expressions and said something bad to belittle Georgia.

“That slut is still with the man. I saw them walking together yesterday. I heard that the man was a guest picked up by Georgia.
What a cheek! She even took this kind of person to school.”

“I heard that today’s school meeting was going to talk about her. I guess she will be criticized by the principal in front of the school.”

“This kind of person who discredited our school should be expelled directly. I hope the principal can expel her directly and mercilessly.”

When Georgia heard that the people around her still bore the same attitude towards her, she was a little disappointed, but she dispelled her worry by taking a deep breath, because the principal would help her clarify soon.

Before long, when they arrived at the playground, Scott and Georgia walked directly towards the high platform, and the principal was already waiting there.

It could be seen that the principal looked dreadful. What happened yesterday was the worst decision in his life. He regretted it all night, but regretting was useless.

Standing behind the principal with pale faces, Joey and Rufus were nervous when they thought of being exposed to the whole school about what they had done.

If this was exposed, they would be too ashamed to stay in school in the future.

When Joey returned home last night, he did not tell his wife about this. If his wife knew that he had done such dirty things with his nephew, then he would not be allowed to go home.

At this moment, the playground was full of people. All the teachers and students had gathered here, and were talking about what was going to talk about in the meeting today.

Among the students, there was a group of people who were hostile to Georgia, and most of them were girls. The basic reason for their hostility was the same as Nancy, out of jealousy.

So when Rufus spread the negative news about Georgia in school, they became the right-hand assistants.

They were eager to see Georgia get into trouble. The more disgraced she was, the more delighted they would be.

Some people just couldn’t bear to see others live well. Once they found a chance to slander someone living better than them, they would often take the chance to maltreat him or her.

“Look, Georgia is coming with a man, and they are walking towards the principal. It seems that the meeting today is really going to talk about her.”

“Look at the principal’s face, so terrible. He must have known Georgia’s dirty deeds. She discredited our school so much. I’m sure she will be expelled in the meeting.”

“This kind of slut should have been expelled a long time ago. Although she got high scores, it was shameless to do the dirty work.”

Scott and Georgia walked towards the principal, and the principal came over to greet them respectfully.

“All has been arranged. Joey and Rufus will clarify wnat happened in front of the whole school, and then apologize to Georgia, Mr. Davies, do you have any other requests?” the principal asked.

“Since they are going to apologize, let them apologize sincerely on their knees.” Scott said.

The principal was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t dare to refute, and he walked to Joey and Rufus immediately to tell them Scott’s requirements.

After hearing what the principal said, both of them went pale, but they didn’t want to go to jail, so they could only agree to kneel.

After a while, Jeremiah arrived at the playground. Today he came not only to announce the establishment of the fund and but also to do Scott a favor.

“Look! Jeremiah is here. My God! What shameless thing has Georgia done to bother him to come!”

“It’s really humiliating. Even Mr. Jeremiah knows about Georgia’s dirty deeds. If this gets out, the reputation of our school will be ruined. It might also have had influence on our school’s enrollment.”

“What a slut she is! It’s so troublesome that draws Mr. Jeremiah’s attention. She should be driven out of our school as soon as possible!

Those hostile to Georgia tried their best to pour oil on the fire to make everyone around attack her.

They didn’t expect that the incident would be so serious to attract Jeremiah here, so far more delighted.

With Jeremiah here, the principal would definitely not cover for Georgia, and he might even regard her as a negative example for students. Her previous achievements would become worthless.

The principal and Scott went up to the platform together. Joey and Rufus began to tremble, with their faces as white as sheet.
“Today, I’m going to make an announcement. I never thought that such kind of person would appear in our school.”

The principal spoke in gloomy tones.

“I mistook him as a promising talent, and was confused by his appearance. I didn’t know how disgusting he was until I saw through him.”

“I won’t allow anybody like him to stay in our school, and he is too disgraceful to stay here anymore.” The principal didn’t target on anyone. But people off the stage guessed that he was talking about Georgia.

“I don’t expect that the principal hates Georgia so much. It is so funny. The previous merit student could also come to no good end.”

“She deserves it. No matter how well she studies, and how beautiful she looks, she will finally be expelled. Although I am not as good as her in study and not as good-looking as her, I don’t have to worry about being expelled.”

“I really want to laugh now. Inevitably, Someone as outstanding as her will not end well.”

Those who were jealous of Georgia were all looking forward to her exclusion.
“It’s turn for them to state their crimes.” The principal continued.
Many eyes were focused on Georgia.

However, in the next second, what happened made everyone dumbfounded.

Both Joey and Rufus took a step forward, and then knelt down in front of all.

The whole playground became silent!

No one expected that Joey and Rufus would kneel down directly at this time.
“What…what are they doing?”

The principal handed the microphone to Joey directly.

As Joey took over the microphone, he trembled and said, “I’m sorry for the school, for the principal, and for Georgia. I’m guilty, and so is my nephew. He is the real damned one!”

Everyone was shocked by his words, and they all listened to his crimes with ears pricked up.
Because Jeremiah was aside, Joey didn’t dare to conceal anything, and told what happened honestly.

And in order to make everyone believe that he didn’t do anything too nasty, he even exaggerated Rufus’ crimes to set off his insignificance.

Rufus’ face turned purple with rage, but he couldn’t haggle with Joey right now. If he had a fight with Joey now, it would become a joke in everyone’s eyes.

After Joey finished speaking, the principal glanced at Rufus and asked, “Rufus, do you have any problem with what he said?” Rufus gritted his teeth and finally shook his head helplessly.

There was uproar among the people off stage, and none of them expected that the truth would turn out to be like this.

After hearing what Joey said, those who were very jealous of Georgia put on gloomy expressions.

“Georgia suffered a lot in the school because of Joey and Rufus’ slander. The main purpose of today’s meeting is to clarify what actually happened. Georgia, as an outstanding student in our school, is a good example for you all. I hope everyone can learn from her and strive for a better future.”

“And Joey and Rufus will be expelled from our school forever, and they will never be allowed to return!”

Then the principal switched the topic and said: “Today we are honored to have Mr. Jeremiah here with us. Because Mr. Jeremiah has seen our school’s attitude towards the sinister ones, he is willing to set up a fund in our school to support students with excellent grades and poor family conditions. Now I’ll give the floor to Mr. Jeremiah to announce the results of the fund.”

Jeremiah walked to the stage, took over the microphone, and said loudly: “I will set up a fund in your school in the name of Georgia. The amount of this fund is 200 million. I hope that all students can study hard and strive to become an excellent student like her.”

The people present became astir.
Two hundred million…in the name of Georgia…

Those who were jealous of Georgia felt a sense of powerlessness. Inevitably, jealousy couldn’t change anything. Only those who worked hard would become more and more shining.


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