The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 387 I Call Him Mr. Scott

Nancy took a small step towards Georgia, with an incredible expression on her face.

At that time, in front of everyone, she yelled at Scott and asked Scott to kneel down and apologized to her. After such a short while, her father even asked her to kneel down to apologize to Georgia.

Besides, she didn’t have any excuses to refuse. Jeremiah was watching her. If she didn’t do this, the whole Murray family would be affected by this incident.

Georgia looked at Nancy with a calm face. If it was in the past, she might forgive Nancy. When things came to this point, everyone knew who was the one to be embarrassed tonight. Maybe she would just forgive Nancy.

But she did not say anything. When chatting with Scott this afternoon, she learned that if she showed mercy to those vicious people, they would not realize their mistakes, instead of indulging their arrogance.

Obviously, Nancy was such a person. If she forgave Nancy so easily, Nancy would retaliate against her in the future.

So Georgia thought that she had to let Nancy keep it in the mind. Nancy did something wrong, so she had to apologize.
Nancy looked at Georgia’s eyes. She felt Georgia was mocking herself. She wanted to pounce on Georgia to knock her down.
But Jeremiah was here. She didn’t have the guts at all.

Seeing that Nancy didn’t move, Elijah was anxious. He shouted, “If you don’t kneel down and apologize to her today, in the future, you won’t be my daughter. The Murray family will have nothing to do with you! ”

The people around were surprised. They didn’t expect that Elijah would have to sever ties with Nancy because of this incident. It was enough to show that Elijah paid much attention to this matter.

Nancy couldn’t bear the pressure in the end. After staring at Georgia for a while, she slowly knelt down and said to Georgia, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t treat you that way. It’s all my fault. I will never do you in that way again in the future.”

Seeing Nancy knelt down to apologize, Elijah was also relieved. He turned his head to look at Scott, and said, “Is it okay? If you have any dissatisfaction, you can tell me. I will definitely let my daughter try to satisfy your requirements.”

At this time, Jeremiah turned his head to look at Scott, and said, “Mr. Scott, can I have a talk with you for a sec? I have something to tell you.”

Scott nodded. He followed Jeremiah to a corner not far away. When Elijah saw the two people whispering, he suddenly became nervous again.

It could be seen that Jeremiah attached great importance to the ordinary person. If this person made Jeremiah give up cooperation with the Murray family, the hope of the Murray family’s rise would be shattered.

“Mr. Scott, it is my negligence. I didn’t expect that Elijah’s daughter would treat your sister like this. I should give up cooperating with the Murray family now.” Jeremiah explained to Scott, “But this cooperation is also a huge opportunity for Davies family’s industry in S City. The Murray family is a big family in S City and has a decisive say in some areas of S City. This time it seems that the Murray family is eager to cooperate with us, but in fact, we also get a lot of benefits from them.”

This was why he was willing to agree to sign a 50-50 contract with the Murray family.

“So how about giving the Murray family some penalties? I would reduce the share that I promised to give them. Just give him 10 percent of the profit. If they disagree, the cooperation can be over. Even if I don’t make this money, I will never increase any profit to them. Mr. Scott, what do you think?”

Hearing Jeremiah’s words, Scott smiled and then he said, “You are planning to use the incident to take advantage of the Murray family. If the Murray family agrees, it will have endless benefits for you. Even if the Murray family doesn’t agree, you won’t have any loss.”

Being seen through by Scott, Jeremiah also showed a trace of embarrassment on his face. He quickly said, “Mr. Scott, I am also for the development of Davies family in S City. If you do not agree, I will refuse to cooperate with the Murray family.”

Jeremiah was right. Everything he did in S City was for Davies family. Even if he could get some benefits from it, he deserved it.
“No need. Just do as you said.” Scott said.

Hearing Scott saying yes, Jeremiah also showed joy. If he could really get the Murray family to sign this contract with 10% of the profit, he would really make a lot of money.

If Elijah did not agree, Jeremiah would at most lose one opportunity for cooperation. As the best entrepreneur in S City, he was not lack of opportunities.

After discussing, the two walked back to Elijah’s side.

Elijah’s face was tense, as if he was waiting for the trial of fate.

Jeremiah’s face turned cold again. He looked at Elijah and said coldly, “Elijah, do you know who my important guest is?” Elijah was stunned for a moment. How did he know who Scott was? In S City, he had never heard of Scott.

“I just remind you. I call him Mr. Scott.” Jeremiah continued.

When the people around heard Jeremiah’s words, they were all shocked. They immediately began to wonder about the identity of Scott. Why could Scott make Jeremiah call him Mr. Scott?

Some of the people present who had a pivotal position in S City knew the connection between Jeremiah and Davies family in B City. Some knew that Jeremiah and Davies family were closely related. Some even knew that Jeremiah was the person in charge of Davies family in S City.

So after hearing what Jeremiah said, those who knew something about it immediately connected Scott with Davies family. Their faces showed deep horror.

Those who didn’t know about it all had doubts on their faces. They really couldn’t figure it out. He was Jeremiah! Who else could make him so humble? Could it be that Jeremiah was just a member of a big family?

If so, the family was too terrifying.

After Elijah heard Jeremiah’s words, he immediately thought of Davies family. Immediately, his face became pale.

His daughter actually offended Davies family. Davies family could crush the Murray family to death so easily!

The reason why Jeremiah said that was mainly to frighten Elijah, so as to pave the way for what he said next.

“The person your daughter provoked this time is his sister. Logically, I shouldn’t continue to cooperate with you, but Mr. Scott let me spare you this time. Our cooperation can proceed normally, but you can only get 10% of the profit.” Jeremiah continued.

When Elijah heard Jeremiah’s words, he immediately hesitated. There was only 10% of the profit. Then the Murray family would not get much benefit from this cooperation, at most he was just Jeremiah’s helper.

But he knew very well what this cooperation meant. He had been preparing for this cooperation for a long time. If he just gave up like this, he would not get anything.

Everyone could clearly see the current situation in S City. If he didn’t cooperate with Jeremiah, he could only face the result of being eliminated by the wheel of history.

Even if it was only 10% of the profit, there was at least some benefits. If he really gave up cooperating with Jeremiah, there would be really nothing left.

Elijah gritted his teeth and nodded to Jeremiah. He said, “Deal. It is indeed my daughter’s fault. I should bear the consequences.” Hearing Elijah saying yes, Jeremiah immediately laughed secretly. But he didn’t show it out. It was really a good deal for him.
Elijah gritted his teeth and sighed. Staring at his daughter who was kneeling on the ground, there was a burst of resentment in his heart. If she didn’t cause this trouble, the situation wouldn’t be like this!

Nancy really harmed the Murray family by herself.

Apart from Jeremiah, the head of the Lee family was the happiest one. The Murray family’s cooperation with Jeremiah this time could only get 10% of the profit, which was almost negligible.

This change would make the Murray family no longer able to catch up with the Lee family in the future. Soon, the Murray family would lose the equal opportunity to dialogue with the Lee family.

After the matter was settled, Jeremiah turned his head to look at the people around him, and said, “Enjoy yourselves, everyone.
This is just a small episode. I hope it won’t affect your mood for attending the dinner.”

Everyone nodded, and continued to chat in groups. But now what they were talking about became Scott.

After guessing Scott’s identity, many people wanted to come over to curry favor. Jeremiah glanced at the people around him, and then introduced Scott to them one by one.

“Mr. Scott, this is the dean of Jiren Hospital, Blake Barnes. Jiren Hospital is the best hospital in S City. Besides, he is also an excellent surgeon.”

Blake Barnes immediately bent over and shook hands with Scott, showing a respectful attitude.

Nancy kept kneeling on the ground. Scott didn’t say to let her get up. Elijah didn’t get Scott’s instructions, so he didn’t dare let her get up at all.

Nancy knelt like this until the end of the dinner. Her both feet were numb. Although Elijah felt sorry for his daughter and wanted to ask Scott several times, when he thought of that Nancy got the Murray farnily lost a lot of benefits, he felt that she deserved it. So he ignored Nancy.

Until the dinner was over, after everyone left the hotel, Elijah walked over and helped Nancy get up.
Nancy burst into tears all of a sudden. It was the first time that she had suffered such a grievance since she was a child.
“Dad, you just let me kneel down like this? My leg was about to break. Am I your biological daughter?” Nancy blamed her father.

Elijah glared at Nancy. He said coldly, “You still dare to say this to me. Because of you, our entire Murray family will not have any competitiveness in S City in the future. The Lee family will definitely take the opportunity to suppress us. The situation of our family is now precarious.”

Nancy was dumbfounded. She immediately stopped crying, and asked, “Dad, who the hell is he? Why is even Jeremiah so afraid of him? Georgia is just a nanny’s child. How could she have such a great brother?”

“Only people from Davies family can let Jeremiah be so humble. Whether Georgia is his sister or not, as long as she has something to do with him, we can’t offend her.” Elijah said seriously.

“Davies, Davies family!” Nancy stood there blankly, as if she was struck by thunder. Her whole body froze in an instant.


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