The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 386 Kneel Down

“Kneel down and apologize to me!” Nancy shouted at Scott again.

“It seems that I need to teach you a lesson. Do you really think you can say this to me casually?” Scott’s tone also became cold.

Georgia came over and glanced at Scott with some worry. She wanted to persuade Scott. But after another thought, she felt Nancy had really gone a little too far this time. So Georgia didn’t say anything.

“Huh, who do you think you are? Even if I yell at you, so what? Do you really think that I am afraid of you just because you are a bit fierce?” Nancy said coldly.

At this moment, someone in the crowd shouted, “Mr. Jeremiah is here!”

Everyone immediately turned their heads to look over there. The people who were in the crowd immediately gave way to Jeremiah.

Nancy saw Jeremiah approaching while her father was following Jeremiah, her eyes lit up suddenly.

She immediately yelled at Scott, “Mr. Jeremiah is here. The one next to him is my father. Today is a charity dinner held by Mr.
Jeremiah. If you provoke me, Mr. Jeremiah will definitely help me. You’ll be screwed up today!”

“Oh? Really?” Scott showed a playful smile.

Seeing Nancy approaching, Georgia didn’t worry at all. She knew very well that Jeremiah would definitely be on Scott’s side.
But the people around didn’t know it. After seeing Jeremiah’s arrival, they all felt that Scott was going to suffer.

“This guy is really stupid. He dared to provoke Miss Nancy. The Murray family is going to cooperate with Jeremiah. The Murray family has a high status in S City. He dares to offend Miss Nancy. I think he will be dead today!”

“He doesn’t seem to be a powerful person. He even dared to talk back Miss Nany. If Mr. Jeremiah helps Miss Nancy, he will be a dead meat.”

“I really don’t know how this guy got in. Logically, he shouldn’t be let in. If Mr. Jeremiah knows about it, he probably wouldn’t let him go.”

Nancy ran towards Jeremiah and Elijah and said, “Dad, Mr. Jeremiah, you finally come here. Here are two people sneaking through the dinner party. They even robbed my mobile phone and yelled at me. Mr. Jeremiah, you must help me.”

When Elijah heard Nancy’s words, he immediately said, “There is such a person? Don’t worry. Mr. Jeremiah will definitely help you.”

Jeremiah frowned because he had just seen Nancy yelling at Scott.

“Mr. Jeremiah, it’s him, and the woman. That woman is a b*tch. She is not qualified to appear at your dinner party.” Nancy pointed at Scott and Georgia.

After hearing what Nancy said, Jeremiah’s face sank immediately. He hurriedly shouted at Nancy, “Shut up. Where’s your manner? I don’t think you are qualified to appear at my dinner party!”

After speaking, he quickly walked towards Scott, with a guilty expression on his face, “Mr. Scott, I’m late. I’m causing you trouble.”

Nancy was dumbfounded at once. She didn’t expect Jeremiah to yell at her and even showed such a respectful attitude towards Scott.
If she heard it right, Jeremiah called Scott Mr. Scott?

Elijah was also frightened by Jeremiah’s sudden anger. He hurried over, frowned and looked at Nancy, and then asked Jeremiah, “Mr. Jeremiah, my daughter may have done something wrong. I will apologize to you. But I don’t know what my daughter has done so that you are so angry.”

Jeremiah snorted coldly, stared at Elijah, and said, “This is the most important guest at this dinner today. The one over there is his younger sister. Your daughter dares to call her a b*tch. Do you know what mistake she made?”

Elijah was shocked. He almost couldn’t breathe. He didn’t expect that his daughter had offended this kind of big shot and even insulted the big shot’s sister like that. This was really a disaster.

He turned around directly, slapped Nancy and shouted, “Who made you talk nonsense? Hurry up and apologize to them!”

Nancy covered her face. She didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this. Jeremiah actually said that Scott was the most important guest at the dinner today. But he wore such an ordinary and drove such a shit Santana. How could he have such a high status?

Jeremiah glared at Nancy. Seeing that she was still there, he said in a cold voice, “Why are you still standing here? Come over and apologize!”

At this time, Scott stepped forward and said, “Don’t hurry to apologize. Since you are his father, I have to tell you what your daughter did to my sister in school.”

Then Scott told them about Nancy’s bullying of Georgia. Elijah stood aside and listened. His face gradually became gloomy and his fists were also clenched. He couldn’t wait to beat up Nancy immediately.

Jeremiah didn’t expect that Elijah’s daughter would do such things to Scott’s sister. He was also shocked.

The people around looked at Nancy in surprise. They were not surprised that Nancy would do such things. They were only surprised that the person who offended Nancy was backed by Jeremiah. It seemed that Nancy was going to be screwed up today.

When Scott finished speaking, Elijah was ashamed. He wanted to find a hole to hide in right now.
He looked at his daughter angrily. He had never known that his daughter would be so arrogant in school.

“Elijah, I really didn’t expect your daughter to be this kind of person. Like father, like daughter. I don’t think you are a good guy.” Jeremiah said coldly to Elijah.

Elijah hurriedly turned around, bent over and said to Jeremiah, “Mr. Jeremiah, I really didn’t know that my daughter is so hateful in school. I will ask her to apologize to this gentleman’s sister.”

After speaking, he turned his head and glared at Nancy. Then he shouted, “What are you still doing here? Come over and apologize to her!”

Nancy was already frightened by Jeremiah at this time. So after hearing what Elijah said, she did not dare to refute. She walked up to Georgia and said in an extremely low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Scott stared at her and said coldly, “Is this your apology?” Elijah gritted his teeth, knowing that if Scott and Georgia were not satisfied today, his cooperation would probably be over.

He pushed Nancy a bit, and said, “Didn’t you hear what he said? Since you have to apologize, you must be sincere. Kneel down!”


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